Remote Learning – Patterns

Patterns are everywhere.  Looking for patterns helps us discover and learn new things about the world around us.

Mrs Wilson went on a pattern hunt in her house and garden.  Here are some of the patterns she found.

Can you find any of these patterns?

Maybe you can find some different patterns in your house or when you are outside.


Activities to try at home

Pair socks by looking at their patterns to help develop matching skills.



Print a pattern using fruit and vegetables.



Look at the patterns on the soles of your shoes and wellington boots.  How many different patterns can you find?



Design your own tartan pattern using paint and toy car wheels.

Support your child develop their understanding of repeated patterns by providing simple patterns for them to copy using loose parts.  Saying the pattern out loud as it is made can really help children as they decide what item is next.  Making their own patterns also helps children develop their decision making skills as well as learning how to make logical connections.

Collect some leaves to peg a leaf pattern on a washing line or piece of wool or string.

Explore the different patterns that animals might have by watching a clip from CBeebies about animals with spots and stripes:

Remember to tweet to let us see the patterns you find or make.  Have fun!  @Glenwood FC  #Glenwoodlearningathome


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