Remote Learning – More PE at Home

Exercise keeps us healthy and taking part in fun games can improve our coordination and movement skills. Here are some more fun ideas for keeping active…

Animal Actions

Pretend to be different animals. Can you….

Jump like a frog

Prowl like a tiger (crawl on hands and knees)

Walk like a bear (crawl with your hands and feet on the floor)

Bounce like a Kangaroo

Balance like a flamingo

Slither like a snake

Gallop like a horse

Walk tall like a giraffe

Stomp like an elephant

Walk sideways like a crab

Flap your wings like a bird


Obstacle Course

Can you build an indoor obstacle course? Don’t forget that building and tidying up the course is also part of your exercise! Here are some ideas to get you started but we’re sure you can use your imagination to think of more!

  • Something to crawl under – a tunnel, a row of chairs, a cardboard box.
  • Something to balance on – a plank of wood, a line of masking tape
  • Something to throw – A ball, a teddy bear, rolled up socks
  • Something to throw into – a bucket, a basin, a toy box
  • Something to balance on your head – a bean bag, a teddy bear, a cushion
  • Something to jump over – a rope, a cushion, a teddy bear
  • Something to dribble a ball around – cushions, chairs, teddy bears





Mrs McGrory has put together some other ideas of games you can play with your family in this Sway.

Fun ways to exercise
During our gym sessions we like to do a warm-up game called the bean game. To play this game you have to run around until someone calls out one of the types of bean. There are many differen…
Go to this Sway

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