Remote Learning – Rainbow Science

Have you enjoyed looking at all the rainbows in the windows near where you live?

Did you know that real rainbows are a trick of the light? The white light of the sun is split up into a whole spectrum of colours by the water in the raindrops.

Have a go at making your own rainbow – you will need: a small glass of water, some white paper and a sunny day.


Then hold your glass above the paper – you may need to move it about until you can see a rainbow.



Can you see all the different colours?

How about making a rainbow you can keep using a scientific technique called chromatography?

You will need: kitchen towel, felt tip pens, scissors, paper clips, string, water.



First cut out a rainbow shape and use the felt tips to colour the ends. Mrs Husbands used the colours of the spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Use the string and paper clips to hang your rainbow so that it just touches the water.

Watch what happens next…

Can you get your rainbow all the way to the top?

Remember to Tweet your rainbows @GlenwoodFC  #Glenwoodlearningathome

Here are some of the rainbows that the adults from Glenwood have put in their windows…

Mrs McGregor
Mrs Ross
Mrs Shields
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Clark

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