Remote Learning – Shadow Puppets

Puppets can make a book come to life. They are also a great tool for teaching rhyme in early literacy development. Acting out a story with puppets captures children’s attention to help them focus on the story. Children can invent and perform their own plays giving the puppet a character voice. It can talk or sing high, sing low, sing loud, sing soft. Get your puppet helper to lead the singing with a favourite song or rhyme.
Mrs Silvester has been having fun at home making shadow puppets and putting on a shadow puppet play.
She used a piece of paper to create shadows with her phone’s flashlight.
Next she used a bed sheet with a light source.
Can guess and match objects to their silhouettes?
 Find out how to make your own shadow puppet theatre with the CBeebies Let’s Go Club here:  Let’s Go Club
You can get some more tips on putting on a puppet show here:
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