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Effective Contributors – Sand Bowls

The class were Effective Contributors when they played a team game of sand bowls. They worked in pairs to try and land nearest to the jack. I think the scores were even by the end of the rounds. We may have got a bit carried away and one ball escaped from the school grounds. Fortunately there was a pokey stick to hand and we got it back!


Effective Contributors – Group Games

The boys were Effective Contributors as they  continued their trials of different group games, trying out sand bowls on different surfaces. We found out that the sand bowls run a lot further on the playground surface compared to the grass! We also found out that Mr Nicoll may have had a lot of practice growing up! The boys also consolidated their kick rounder skills for fielding by practicing their throwing and catching. The boys seemed to take great delight in stumping out the staff!

Effective Contributors – Kick Rounders

The Transition boys were outside practising their skills with the football. The boys took turns at kicking the ball and gave support to others with clapping when someone hit the target. This made the boys Effective Contributors. They applied their kicking skills to the game to try and send the ball away from the fielders to try and get a home run.