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Successful Learners – Healthy Eating

Some of the Transition class had their cookery time this week. They were Successful Learners when they chose a healthy way to prepare potatoes. They chose to make low fat potato salad. Skills on show were using the microwave, chopping spring onions and mixing ingredients together. As usual Mr Nicoll didn’t even get a tiny wee bit to taste. Good skills everyone.

Confident Individuals – Healthy Eating

Bacon and eggs were the order of the day when half of the Transition class took part in their practical cookery lesson. There were all Confident Individuals when they chose a healthier way to prepare bacon (grill) and eggs (scrambled). They used the hot grill very safely and microwaved the eggs. Some pupils used the switches to help start and stop the microwave so that the eggs were cooked to perfection. Only one complaint – Mr Nicoll never saw a scrap of bacon or eggs!

Effective Contributors – SQA Healthy Eating

As part of the Healthy Eating unit, the Transition class were all Effective Contributors when they worked together to discover where common fruits and vegetables grow. The class had to chose different fruits or vegetable and match them to trees, bushes, vines or under the ground. The class completed the task and their own sheets. Well done!