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Sungazers at Rebound

Jayden bouncing in sitting position
Jayden waiting his turn on the bigger trampolines


Jayden looking at his legs; to make a wide stance for open and close jumping.
Lewis choosing relaxation on the trampoline
Lewis trying 1/2 turns


Lewis trying a star jump


Ryan trying a 1/2 turn starting to make 1/4
Ryan focussing on moving his feet wide and close
Ryan team bouncing with Mrs Coulter
Leo showing his fantastic balance in the air
Leo landing in sit after standing look at the indentation”! He has some height.
Leo having a rest from bouncing on the trampette while waiting his turn on the bigger trampolines

FAOL Enterprise- Halloween Apple Decorating

We have been very busy in the last few weeks planning our own enterprise afternoon.

We designed invitations, bought supplies and helped our friends as we welcomed them to our class to decorate their own chocolate apples for Halloween.

We were very Confident Individuals when we showed our peers what to do, collected money, and restocked supplies.



FAOL Eco/ Sustainable Development- Recycled Houses

We have been Responsible Citizens and have been collecting recyclable items from home and bringing them into school so that we can use them as part of our theme work. We have been turning our ‘junk’ items into our own model village, complete with a church, a supermarket, and a few different styles of house too.

We worked very independently coming up with our own ideas and making our own choices!




This was our class assembly. We had been reading the story “The Enormous Turnip” in class and it was about working together to complete a  task, as the farmer could not pull the turnip out of the ground on his own. We all sat at the front of the assembly hall facing our friends. We were able to hold up the different characters in the story. We also made our own enormous turnip to show all of our friends.