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Climate Change Conference

All school in East Ayrshire took part in a Climate Change Conference.  The Transition and Oak class had their own Climate Change Conference.

We had lots of successful learners and effective contributors throughout the full day.  We meet virtually to discuss our day and enjoyed sharing a video on climate change.  We had an action and got stuck straight into bringing our action plan to life.

Work will continue over the next few weeks and preparations are under way for our whole school assembly on how Willowbank are going to do their bit to help towards climate change.

We looked at energy, waste and the natural environment.  The oak class were responsible for making new bright attractive posters for each classroom within the school.  These are to remind everyone about turning off all electrical devices when not in use.

Our classes enjoy walking outings, so we are proposing that on each class walking outing, we take part in a ‘clean up my community’ by litter picking whilst out our walks.

Willowbank will be making use of old materials and turning them into a festive decoration surprise, that can used again each year.

Responsible Citizens – Climate Change Conference

The Transition class had a wonderful Climate Change Conference day on Thursday. We joined with Oak class online to discover what Climate Change is. We then shared some tasks to do throughout the day to help prevent Climate change. Transition class were responsible for issuing an Energy Audit using our literacy and numeracy skills. We also discovered the food miles involved in our lunches using our numeracy skills.  Our last task was to prompt upcycling where we made some templates for a forthcoming whole school project. We met again in the afternoon to share our progress with Oak class. What a fun and busy day.

Delivering our Energy Audit

Online with our Oak friends

Placing food miles on our number line

Creating our Energy Audit

Starting our Upcycling project

Discovering food miles using Google Maps


More Google Maps