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Our Weekly News – October 11th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

  School News  

A reminder that we go on holiday this afternoon and we return for our new term on Monday 28th October. 

Achievement Assembly We shared an Achievement Assembly today and a big thank you to the learners who shared their out of school achievements. We heard about Threave Rovers football, Stewartry Rugby Club, Fund-raising Fashion Show, School Triathlon, Go Wild Outdoor activities, Street Dance, Swimming and Lego Building – what a lot of different things our pupils get up to! 

Congratulations and well done to all the P3 to P7 pupils who have achieved their Accelerated Reading target for the term – thank you for this great effort. We also found out this week that Chloe, Oscar, Isla D, Jazmin, Curtis, Veronica and Rudy who entered a Scots Poetry competition when in P5’6 last year have had their poems published in a book called ‘Once Upon a Dream’ 😊 

We also shared some class photographs from this term introduced by our CDPS Newsreaders – Tommy and Abi. Excerpts from their news report can be viewed on today’s school website post – Achievement Assembly News Clips – click here for link.

Our Pupil Councillors had a very hard job today choosing the Bronze, Silver and Gold designs for this year’s House Points competition. Well done to Lucy, Ellie and Jessica whose designs were chosen.


 We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 


Primary 2/3 

This week in art we were marbling using primary colours to create secondary colours. 

Kaci – I liked putting the paper in it.
Miley – I liked when we put the foam in the tray.
Leigha – I liked when it made pretty colours. 

We had a short visit from a barn owl and his owner.
Lots of the children liked the owl.
Eva – It had nice patterns on its feathers. 

In maths we have continued to work on counting and ordering numbers.
Dorota – I like doing numbers before and after to 100. 

Our group challenge this week was to work together to create a marble maze.
Benjamin – I liked solving the puzzle of how to get it through the maze.
Miley – I liked testing it because it was hard to get it through the corners.
Owen – I liked building it.
Skye – I liked making the mazes because it was tricky to put in the bits where you can’t go. 

Please remember PE kits for the first day back as we have our hall time on Monday. 

Primary 3 

Last Friday, we went to Threave Castle with Mr Tyson as part of our ‘Our Town’ topic. We learned lots of new information about the history of the castle and some of the people who lived in it. We used our ‘History Detective’ skills to locate the different rooms and parts of the castle. We talked about what they would have looked like years ago and compared them to the rooms in our houses today.
Thank you very much to our helpers.  

Nell – ‘It was dark going up the spiral stairs. It was really fun. We saw lots of different rooms’.
Abbie – ‘Mr Tyson told us lots of stories’.
Noah -’We went across the river on a boat. I liked it’.
Fern – ‘The boat was my favourite part’.  

Happy Holidays!  

Primary 3/4 

Alba – “I loved going on our autumn walk. I liked looking at all the different leaves we could find in autumn. I collected lots of different colours of leaves”.
Darcie – “I enjoyed the autumn walk because we went to play at the park and me and Zane and Lily were kicking the leaves. It was fun”.
Brooke P. – “I enjoyed making a picture with all the different leaves and conkers I could find”.
Brooke L – “I liked playing at the park during our autumn walk”.
Rose – “I enjoyed going to the park because we got to collect lots of conkers. I got one big conker and one tiny one. I liked playing on the swing too”.
George – “I got 81 conkers on the autumn walk”.
Cooper – “I liked doing the autumn walk because we got to play at the park”.    

Taleah – “I liked painting”.  

Ferne – “I liked using google to find a chocolate recipe. I liked playing on Sumdog too”.  

Primary 4 

Please check out our P4 visitors video :0


Wider Achievement
Cara and Struan took part in the M&Co fashion show on Wednesday 1st of October to raise money for Castle Douglas Toddler Group at the community centre. The money raised will go towards redecorating and updating the toddler room. Well done. 


 Primary 4/5 

Alex – This week we learned how to use a calculator to add and subtract.
Fern – We have been learning how to lay out our sums correctly in our jotter.
Jake – I started off by forgetting to carry, but now I can do it.  

Ben – In writing this week we were doing our assessment. I wrote a story about a flood in Castle Douglas.
Ruby – I wrote a story about a girl called Ruby. She met an elephant and they became friends.
Fraser – In writing setting I wrote a story about pirates. Two of the characters were trying to chase a ship that was owned by cursed pirates.
Zak K – My story was all about a scary haunted maze. 

Emma – We finished our class novel and then did an Accelerated Reading test on it. I got 10/10. 

Lydia – In our book the characters tried to visit the Queen.
Leo – At the end of the book, they found Ahmet’s mum and dad. Everyone was happy. 

Wider Achievement
Alex took part in a street dance performance at the weekend called Raise the Roof. He danced on stage in front of hundreds of people. Fab!
At the weekend, Ben went to a football tournament. He played three matches and won them all! Well done! 


Children are invited to dress up in their favourite costumes for a day of spooky fun, on Thursday 31st October. This is optional.
Happy Holidays 😊  


Primary 5 

We’ve had a hoot in P5 this week!
On Thursday morning we welcomed Margaret and her barn owl ‘Bonnie’ to our class. We learnt all about owls and had an interesting question and answer session. We all learnt something new including facts like owl feathers are not waterproof, they can hear 10x better than humans and that due to the shape of their feathers they are silent when they fly. Bonnie coped very well with the attention! The visit was a fitting very enjoyable finale to our ‘Living Things’ topic.  

We have been completing writing assessments, rounding to the nearest 100 and 10 in maths,  At the start of the week an exciting Sumdog maths challenge on rounding and place value has been undertaken, already some members of the class have succeeded in winning 250 coins!  

We are increasing confidence and skills in cricket. The sessions continue to be enjoyed by everyone.
During art we have been creating some wonderful pieces of pastel ‘owl face’ art.
We have also been working hard to achieve our accelerating reading targets. 

Keighla – “I learnt that owls can turn their heads 270 degrees”.
Sam – “Owls have predators like goshawks”.
Elle – “Owls have either yellow, orange or brown eyes”.
Amelia – “To find an owls gender you have to take their DNA”. 

Wider Achievement
Isla McF and Holly will be training to compete in a gymnastics competition in February. They will be part of team representing the school.
Holly has been selected to join the gymnastics talent development quad – Well done! 

Happy Holidays! 


Primary 5/6  

Here are some areas that we have been learning this week: 

“We have been talking about Fairtrade and the importance of it” – Skye and Charlotte
“We learned lots of different things about fairtrade” – Mckenzie S

“We finished our French alphabet sheets with Miss Wright” – Emma  

“We have been working on hundreds, tens and units with Miss Hart”
“We have been looking at and naming different shapes” – JL
“We were revising what we had already covered and looked at how to add easier” – Skye 


“We were learning that people were digging up the trees to find the gold and diamonds under the trees”- Charlotte and Skye
“We completed a place value autumn puzzle which we coloured in at the end” – Mckenzie C
“Our movie was a success and we raised £339 for the Amazon rainforest”- Emma
“We sold out on our tuckshop” – Harvey. 

 Wider Achievement 

“We spoke at the whole school assembly” – Skye, Lily and Charlotte
“I landed my front handspring” – Emma
“I finished building, painting, carpeting and furnishing a shed in 3 days” – Harvey
“I can now do a front flip” – Harrison 

 Primary 6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news 


Primary 6/7 

This week has passed in a flash! The P6/7 class have been very busy.   

We all finished our Big Writing assessments, and have enjoyed completing these, being creative with our narrative stories.
Everyone has been working very hard to try and complete their Accelerated Reading Targets. 

In Maths we have been moving on to decimals and talking about how decimals are used in the world around us.
The children have enjoyed the challenges on Sumdog.
We have also been looking at 2D shapes, drawing and learning about the properties of circles. 

In our Novel Study we have been thrilled with the Artwork we produced on Grandpa’s Great Escape, as well as completing writing too. 

PE has been so exciting, – Boys v Girls. Very tense, competitive and lots of fun! 

In ICT work has been completed on Internet Safety, as well as recording our wider Achievements on My World Of Work. 

Fraser – ‘’ I have had fun in PE playing cricket – Boys v Girls!’’
Keira – ‘’ We added our Achievements in My World of Work’’
Curtis – ‘’I enjoyed looking at Decimals in Maths!’’
Amy – ‘’ I have loved doing handwriting this week.’’ 

Wider Achievement
Jessica has made a pillow at Stitch Club – fantastic!
Jessica has been enjoying her role as Reading Ambassador by sorting out books in the Library – great work!
Jonathon has worked hard as Pupil Councillor. 

We have had a very busy, hardworking, enjoyable term – HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news    







Achievement Assembly – Autumn News Clips





Our Weekly News – October 4th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

 Apples Galore! 

We have had a large crop of apples this year from the playground trees and have used as much as we will need for the school. Parents are welcome to collect any that you could use at home. 

Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a and Primary 1b
It’s been another busy week in Primary 1! This week we have been working on consolidating our sounds – s a t p I n. We’re working really hard on this! We have been thinking of objects beginning with the sounds, and also starting to put sounds together to make simple words! 

Olivia: “Apple begins with a.”
Kaelib: “Snakes begins with s.”
Fraser: “P for pig.”
Daniel: “N. Nose.” 

We’ve been continuing to work on patterns. We’ve been making our own patterns and completing given patterns. This has been really fun!
Alfie: Purple, blue, yellow, purple, blue, yellow!”
Leland: “Mine was blue, blue, green, blue, blue, green.”
Sam: “It was yellow, blue, purple, yellow, blue, purple.” 

We can’t wait to see all the patterns we’re making for homework! We’ve been talking about the types of patterns you could make: 

Fraser: “Green, green, blue, green, green, blue. Out of sticks.”
Marcel: “I drew red, black, red, black.”
Chloe: “Knife, fork, knife, fork.” 

We’re loving our time at PE. We’re playing lots of game like Tig, What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? and number games. We’ve also been playing with the big parachute – lots of fun! 

We have been enjoying having reading books to read at home and school. Thank you for all your hard work at home! 

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our Storytime sessions! We loved reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Squirrels Who Squabbled with you. Don’t worry if you missed it! There will be more Storytime sessions throughout the year! 

Pattern Homework Challenge due Thursday 10th – feel free to either send in a picture via the email address or send in your pattern on paper in the homework bag. Can’t wait to see them! 


Primary 2    

We have made apple crumble this week with the apples we picked in the school playground. 

 “That was the nicest apple crumble I’ve ever tasted.”
Jacob – “The crumble was good. I liked the apple the apple the best.”
Ziya- “I liked making the crumble. I liked mixing in the butter.”
William- “I only liked the custard not the apple crumble.”
Zach – “ I liked the apple crumble and custard” 

Please remember to wear PE clothes to school on a Monday and bring school clothes to change into. PE clothes will stay in school until Friday. Thank you. 


Primary 2/3 

We have been enjoying our yoga at PE and this week we went on a dragon adventure. 

We have been doing lots of team challenges this term and this week’s was a paper chain challenge. 

Finlay M – We’re making them thin to get them bigger and bigger.
Dorota – We’re working as a team.
Olivia – We’re taking turns.
Eva – It’s almost the size of me.
Lola – I think we’re going to make it as a tall as a house.
Ethan – Benjamin is quick at cutting he’s so excited.
Cara – Ours is super long.
Kaci – This is massive. 

When we finished we measured them against each other to find the longest. Abby, Jillie and Miley had made the longest snake. They were all very long but not as long as the anaconda we read about in one of our reading books this week. Everyone worked very well in their teams making sure they all had a job and took turns at each part. Well done! 

PE kit for Monday please and outdoor clothes for Forest Friday. 


 Primary 3 

We have had a really busy week learning lots of new information about Castle Douglas. 

On Wednesday, we became History Detectives on our town walk with My Tyson. We used our detective skills to look for clues about what Castle Douglas used to be like many years ago. We found it so interesting to compare what the town is like now to how it used to be. Thank you to our parent helpers.  

Evie – ‘The old railway bridge is still at Tesco. We stood beside it.’
Oona – ‘Burghfield means ‘Town Field’. People used to keep their animals there’.
Caitlyn – ‘There are huge big doorways that the carriages used to go through’.
Emma – ‘There’s a gap in the hedge for the old school’.
Morgan – ‘There used to be a steam train where Tesco is now’.
Arran -’The old school was near where Wilko is now’.
Zoe – ‘There was a cotton factory on Cotton Street. That’s why it is called that’.
Angus – ‘The old market was where the park on the Market Hill is now’. 

We also had a visit from PC Ellis, our community police officer, on Wednesday afternoon. We asked her questions about Castle Douglas and she told us about her role in the town and the different parts of her job. It was really interesting and we loved trying on parts of the uniform! 

Fern – ‘She told us about her job. She does lots of different things.’
Oliver – ‘PC Ellis told us about how many police officers we have in Castle Douglas and she showed us the handcuffs!’ 


Primary 3/4 

 Cooper – “This week we have been working on our ball skills in PE. We have been passing the ball with our feet and dribbling whilst keeping good control of the ball”.

Jack – “I liked the creating a picture of autumn leaves. We were using line and patterns to create an effect”.

Darcie – “I learned that white chocolate isn’t actually a chocolate because it doesn’t have cocoa solids”.

Ferne – “I am excited because this afternoon we are doing some chocolate tasting”.

Alba – “I loved it when Gillian from Inhouse came into our classroom because we learned so much about chocolate. Inhouse make a chilli chocolate which sounds unusual”. 

Alexander – “I liked doing the autumn leaf pictures because we got to make different patterns”.  

Eamon – “In maths we have been learning to round to the nearest 100”.  

Taleah – “I liked writing about my favourite place”.  

Rose – “I’ve enjoyed it when Gillian came in because we got to taste and smell lots of different things and she brought in a cacao pod and cacao beans”.   

Maisie – “I liked doing the autumn leaves because I got to use my imagination”.  




Primary 4 

Please have a look at our African animal video posted on the school Facebook page earlier in the week. 

 P4 took part in Sumdog’s Maths Week Scotland Contest. They finished in 669th with a score of 262. In total 3,394 classes took part from all over Scotland. 

 Wider Achievement 

Coby, Kahlen and Connor took part in the Threave Rovers football festival in Dumfries. Kahlen won 4 games drew 2. Coby and Connor won 3 games and drew 2. 

Alexander, Struan and Rhys played their first contact rugby tournament for Stewartry Sharks this weekend in the P4/5 team. They really enjoyed it and played well as together as a team. 



 Primary 4/5 

Lucca – We have been learning how to carry when completing chimney sums.  
Leo – You start at the right and add the units and then add the tens and so on. 
Nikola – When we carry we have to add one to the tens column or to the hundreds column.  

Adam P – This week in writing we learned about alliteration, metaphors and similes and how we can use them in our stories.  
Lydia – We made notes and a plan to help us with our story.  
Fern – In writing this week, Mr Tyson made up a story and we had to write an ending for it. Everyone had different endings.  
Emma – I met my target in accelerated reading this week. 

Autumn Art 
Fern – I enjoyed making our autumn leaves because I liked thinking of new patterns. 
Emma – We used one colour of pen to make different line patterns.  
Ruby – All our leaves turned out a little bit different. 
Nikola – We learned how to draw a leaf with veins and a stalk. 

Wider Achievements  
Max swam 12 lengths of the swimming pool, well done! 
Lucca has also been trying hard with his swimming. He can swim 72 lengths in one session.  


Primary 5 

Primary 5 have had another busy week. We have been presenting our ‘Living Things’ PowerPoint presentations to the class. These have been very informative, and we have been a quality audience, displaying good listening skills and asking some very good questions. 

In maths we have been continuing with place value.  
We have a weekly News round quiz which is helping us to improve our note taking skills and the we are getting much better at successfully answering challenging questions! 


Isla McC – “I am getting better at hitting the ball in cricket”.
Alannah – “I enjoyed doing fractions”.
Lexi – “I enjoyed listening to the Power Point presentations and learning new facts”. 

Wider Achievement – Alfie, Dylan and Shea played a football tournament against team in Dumfries.  They won two games and drew in one.
Freya G played in a football festival in Dumfries. It was lots of fun.  


Primary 5/6 

We have been continuing our learning on the rainforest this week. We have also been learning about Fair Trade and exploring which countries we get our food from. In preparation for our assembly, we have received our words that we need to practise. We are getting very good at our rainforest songs in music. Here is some of the learning that we enjoyed this week.  

“We made tribal masks out of bottles” – Harvey.
“We looked at pictures of different rainforest tribes to help with our art” – Mckenzie C.
“I have learned about the Mayans in the rainforest” – Harrison.
“We have created posters and fact files about all the ways that we can save the rainforest”- Emma.
“I was interested by the routines completed by tribes” – Kerys.
“We discussed the importance of biodiversity and realised without biodiversity we wouldn’t be thriving” – Mckenzie. 


WritinSets – narrative
“We are planning for our piece of writing” – Skye.
“We are starting writing our narrative” – Emma.
“We have been learning about the importance of wow words to make our story more interesting” – Skye. 

Maths – Place Value and Shape
“I have been learning to work with decimals in maths” – Lily.
“we have been working with hundreds, tens and units” – Jesse-Leigh.
“we have been working with 2D and 3D shapes” – Chloe. 

 Wider Achievement
“I achieved ‘one of the best in the world’ on one of my games” – Mckenzie.
“Callum, Alexander and I finished our recycling badge at cubs” – Maxi. 


Monday 7th – We are going on our class walk to deliver our posters to local businesses.
Monday 7th – Movie night. Tickets are still on sale. 


Primary 6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news 


Primary 6/7 

This week has been another busy one! We have had a very productive week with everyone in the class contributing and getting involved in our Learning.  

In Maths we have been consolidating multiplication and division and are ready to move onto decimal fractions next week. In our 2D and 3D shape topic we have enjoyed building 3D shapes, sharing what we know and drawing nets to help our understanding.  

In PE we have loved Kwik Cricket with an exciting game on Tuesday, lots of fantastic batting and ball skills and we have also done Volleyball.
Logan loved Volleyball, ‘’We did volleyball games and cricket in PE, it was really fun!’’ 

 In ICT we have learned about keeping safe online with Mr Tyson.
Amy and Isla D – ‘’ We loved developing our own websites in ICT with Mr Tyson.’’
Jazmin enjoyed learning about Internet Safety as ‘’it helps to keep us safe.’’ 

 In HWB we have learnt about positive relationships and creating a Compassionate Classroom. 

 We have enjoyed reading Grandpa’s Great Escape, researching and making posters about Spitfires and creating wonderful Artwork about the story. 

We had a fantastic trip to the Library and had a very informative talk from the Librarian.
Kacey – ‘’ We went to the Library and it was lots of fun!’’ 

We are carrying on with Big Writing too.
Lotti – ‘’ I liked Big Writing because I like making up my own scary stories!’’ 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news    






Our Weekly News – September 27th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

  School News : 
 Rag Bag Collection – Please bring all bags of wearable clothing, shoes, handbags and belts to school on the morning of Tuesday 1st October. Thank you. 

 School App – a reminder that you can download the School App from both Apple and Android platforms and filter messages to receive whole school and individual class messages too. Search for School App for Parents. 

 Sumdog – pupils from P3 have a ‘Sumdog’ login – and can also log in at home to practise and have fun at home with numeracy and maths activities. 


Class News : 

Primary 1a and 1b 

 This week we learned our sixth sound ‘n’. To help with this we used our Smelly Station where we were able to identify and discuss a variety of different smells using our NOSE. We then made bar graphs to see which were our favourite and least favourite smells.  

Lewis: I like the sweets. None of the others are nice at all.
Finlay: salty crisps. You know the ones.
Anna B: that is DISGUSTING!
Maisie: I think you maybe get that in soup!
Ayla: Its like chicken feed!
Emily: That last one is so bad, just so bad-its awful. I think I need to wash my nose out!!
Miss Potts: boot polish! 

Photos taken by P1a- Halle, Ellie, Alfie and Oscar. 

We now know 6 sounds and are beginning to put them together to make some words!
We made some great patterns in the nature garden and have learned that a pattern is when something repeats again and again. 

Most of us now know our key words really well and are almost ready to get some reading books with words in them. It’s really exciting. We’ve also done our very first writing challenge and made a great job of it!  

By using a lot of different materials we’ve also been learning about the different ways we can make up 2, 3, 4 and 5 and that these are called sums. We can make ourselves into different sizes of groups really quickly now! 

This week we have also started to go independently into the playground at playtime and lunchtime and to make our way back to class afterwards. We know the rules to keep us safe. 

Storytime on Tuesday 1st October at 2.30pm. 


 Primary 2 

 This week we were learning about flat shapes. We found out that
Tiffany: A circle has one side.
Zach: A square has four sides.
Joshua: A squares sides are all the same.
Darla : A rectangle has different sides.
We also had to decorate a pizza using different shapes.
Eryithsyai : I liked colouring in the different shapes.
Beth : I liked colouring in the pizza sauce. 

In Art we made a Mr Potato Head to help us remember the five senses
William : We had to stick everything and then we said what the senses were. It was fun.
Ayla : We got to spell the senses words to help our spelling. 

Primary 2/3  

We enjoyed our first forest Friday last week in the lovely sunshine.
Floyd, Ollie, Ethan and Owen all enjoyed helping dig the pond with Eddie.
Kaci – We played fairies and climbed the trees.
Hannah – I liked when me and Lexi played in the nature garden.
Charlie – I liked making the pond with Brodie. 

Eva – I like when the Circles were counting over 100.
Leigha – I liked getting a pet fox in Sumdog
Dorota – I got a pet rabbit from my treasure (in Sumdog)
Cara – There are loads of games to play on Sumdog 

Finlay – I like reading my books with my group.
Olivia – We heard someone play a saxophone at music, it was good. 

Please bring in PE kits on a Monday as we have our hall time on a Monday and Tuesday morning. 


Primary  3 

This week, we have been continuing to explore different ways to learn our weekly spelling words. Have a look at the photographs to see what we have been up to! 

In preparation for our visit from PC Ellis, we have been developing our questioning skills. We have been thinking about what we would like to find out and exploring what, why, who, when and how questions. We look forward to finding out more about her role in Castle Douglas next week.  

Mr Tyson visited our class this week to share some of the history of Castle Douglas and what it used to be like before we were born. We learned lots of new facts and we are looking forward to seeing the places we discussed and learning more on our walk next week. 

As part of the ‘CD Rocks’ craze in the community at the moment, we have painted our own rocks to hide during our walk next week. As we are learning about the town and how we can contribute, we thought it would be a kind gesture to hide some rocks for other children in the community to find. Good luck!  

Town Walk  – Wednesday
Threave Trip – Friday

Primary 3/4

Darcie – “I had so much fun at the disco this week.” 

Ferne – “When I was at the disco I had so many sweets!” 

Gregor – “I enjoyed doing art. We made a picture of autumn leaves using a wax resist techniques” 

Rose – “I have enjoyed making the leaves in art and playing with the money during maths” 

Brooke L. – “I enjoyed making a poster to advertise the chocolate bar I designed” 

Brooke P. – “We have been learning about grid references in maths. I found it a bit tricky to begin with but then I got really good”. 

Alba – “I enjoyed making a rap up about my chocolate bar. We had to make our beat”  

Jack – “I liked making the poster for the chocolate bar and making my rap song”.  

Eamon – “In Sumdog I only need one more skill until I get a new pet”.  


Primary 4

Please have a look at our  P4 Forces video which shares what we have been exploring and learning in our science activities.



P.E kits every Wednesday and Thursday. You are more than welcome to bring your P.E kit in at the beginning of the week to leave in school until it is needed.


Primary 4/5

Fern – “In maths we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 100. At first, I thought it was tricky, but now I understand.”
Emma – “I have enjoyed the rounding games this week.”
Alex – “I have been learning how to round to the nearest 1000. We have also been rounding decimal fractions to the nearest whole number”

Jake – “In our writing groups this week we were thinking about adding in good adjectives to make our stories more interesting to read.”
Devlin – “We have been learning how to write good endings to stories.”

Nikola – “We have been talking about people who need some extra help to have their needs met. We made some braille, which helps people who can’t see, read. We also learned how to use sign language to sign our own name.”
Leah – “We thought about what we would pack in a bag if we had to leave our home quickly, like Ahmet, the refugee in our class novel.”


Primary 5

Isla McC – ‘I liked Samson Maths’.  

Kacie – ‘I enjoyed preparing the power point presentation’. 

Dylan – I enjoyed playing ‘Three Bat’ cricket. I am getting better at hitting the ball’. 

Lexi, Alfie and Ria also enjoyed learning new skills and rule in cricket.  

Isla McF – ‘I liked doing the power point presentation’. 

Ollie- ‘I liked the class place value game.’ 

Emily Rose enjoyed working in a team to do the power points. Callum liked maths this week. 

Wider Achievement
Freya L has managed to complete ‘Old McDonald ‘on the guitar. Elle, Becky and Kianna are enjoying stitch club on a Wednesday night. 


Primary 5/6

“We have been learning about hundreds, tens and units” – Jesse-Leigh

“We have been learning about conjunctions and trying to use them in some of our work”

“I went to my first reading ambassadors meeting on Monday” – Emma

“We have been learning about the Amerindian tribes” – Harvey

“We have been learning how to make our own tribe member” – Alper

“We presented our tribal person to the class” – Harvey

“We practised our rainforest assembly” – Mckenzie

We have had to postpone our class assembly on the 9th of October. This has been rescheduled for Wednesday the 6th of November.

Please can you bring in a plastic bottle or milk carton for our art activity on Monday (30th September)


Primary 6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6/7

The Sharing Morning for our Outdoor Learning/Kingswood was a huge success – well done to everyone. 

Primary 6/7 have been enjoying their learning this week in all aspects of the curriculum. We have been focusing on division in Maths, carrying on with estimation and rounding, and introducing 2D and 3D shape. 

 In Science we are learning about Materials in the World Around Us.
Amy and Logan said ‘’ I enjoyed programming in ICT using Scratch.’’
In Literacy we are busy creating our stories for our narrative writing.  

In HWB we have learnt about the importance of sleep to keep our bodies and minds well.  

We are excited about our Novel Study – Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams and looking at the role of Spitfire pilots in WW2. The children have been doing some wonderful artwork on this.  

In PE we are keeping fit and having fun with Cricket, improving our catching and throwing skills.
Isla M ‘’ enjoyed the Volleyball this week and playing games.’’  

We have also been learning about the instruments in the orchestra in Music.  

Everyone had a great time at the Disco! Thank you to the PTA for organising this. 

Reminders- Unfortunately our Library visit had to be postponed this week. It will now take place on the 3rd October at 11am. Please remember to bring in a warm, waterproof jacket that day. Thankyou. 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news

September Art Gallery

Here are a few of the super displays around the school since we returned to school in August. A great way to share our learning 🙂


Stewartry Triathlon

A group of our P4 and 5 pupils took part in a triathlon at Kirkcudbright. After a swim in the pool it was off on to a cycle circuit and then a run to finish.

Super determination and effort!  Thank you to everyone who took part and helped with transport so our pupils could enjoy this challenge.

Our Weekly News – September 20th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 

School News – P6 and P7 Residential Visits

On Monday (23rd) at 6:30pm P5 and P6 families are invited to come to the hall to hear about proposed plans for future residential visits when pupils are in P6 and P7. The meeting will last 30-45 minutes.


There are more photographs of this week’s school activities on our website.


P1a and P1b 

This week we have been learned the letters and sounds of ‘p’ and ‘i’. We loved making puppets of our reading book characters – Floppy was definitely a favourite! 

Jaxon: My puppet was Floppy! 

Sam: I like Floppy when he’s chasing the apple in the story! 

For ‘i’, we made invitations for our upcoming Storytime afternoon. Our writing was wonderful!  

Olivia: I want Mummy to come! 

We’ve been working so hard on forming our letters and holding our pencils correctly. With the letters we now know, we’ve been thinking about how we can put letters together to make simple words.  

We’ve been reading more Biff, Chip and Kipper stories in class. We’re very excited because next week we’ll be able to bring books home in our homework and share those stories with you at home. We’ve also been practising our keywords from our keyring – please keep practising at home!  

We visited Ten Town again and met Freddy Four and Fiona Five! We loved finding out about the characters and learning how to form the numbers with their special rhymes.  

Joseph: Down, across or in the water! 
Lilly: Down her back, round we go, arms out straight, don’t go slow! 

Last Friday during our Nature Garden visit, we practised writing our names on the stones we brought in. We had lots of fun decorating them! This week we’ll be creating patterns out of natural objects. 

Primary 2 

This week we have been looking at the five senses. We were outside looking, listening, touching and smelling. We are going to taste our snack and talk about it on Monday. 

We have also been working hard doing our acts of kindness. We are all trying to look out for each other 

William – I held the door for Mr.Tyson 

Conall – I got Miss Newall a drink when she was choking. 

Eddie – I helped Flynn up the stairs when he hurt his leg.

We have had fun starting to play Nessie Netball in PE. We were moving around like mice, crabs and frogs. It was fun stopping starting and freezing. 


We are going to the nature garden every Friday. Please remember to wear outdoor clothes. 



Primary 2/3 

This week we worked on another group challenge.
Benjamin -we created obstacle courses using 2 balls, 2 bean bags, 2 hoops and 2 cones. 
Eva – I enjoyed it.
Owen – I liked when we tried the different groups. ( we all had a go at each of the courses) 
Finlay – I liked when I had to bounce the ball in the hoop and run. 


In art this week we looked at an artist who had used lots of 2D shapes to create his work, then we made our own work inspired by these. 
Skye – I liked doing our art. I liked the different colours and shapes and sizes. 
Charlie – I liked all the different colours we used. 


Kaci – I like when we do morning groups, I like the computer. 
Olivia – I like helping others.
Cara – I am enjoying Accelerated Reader, I like doing my quiz. 
Lola – I like sorting out our homework. 
Zofia – I liked the story we read. ( The Rescue Party) 
Miley –I liked the bit when the little rabbit was behind all of them. 

Please remember PE kits on Monday as we have our hall time before break. 
We are going to the nature garden every Friday. Please remember to wear outdoor clothes. 

Primary 3 

This week, we have started our new topic – ‘Our Town’. We gave our own suggestions about the things we would like to find out about Castle Douglas and we are looking forward to getting out and about in the community.  

We have been learning about co-ordinates in our Maths work this week. We have been using the BeeBot to explore direction and finding the correct grid references.  

 Thank you very much for the donations for our outdoor area. It is really beginning to take shape. Please do continue to send in anything that you feel may be useful.  

Wider Achievement 
Frankie entered a competition and was successful – she won a box of Disney Channel goodies. Well done! 

Please return trip letters.  


Primary 3/4 

Alexander – “This week I liked designing my own chocolate wrapper”.
Lewis – “I liked painting Willy Wonka with watercolours and learning about hundreds, tens and units in maths.”
Darcie – “I loved making a new chocolate bar and wrapper. Mine is called rainbow power”.
Gregor – “I liked designing my chocolate bar. I put flakes of white chocolate in with dark chocolate”.
Alba – “I loved inventing my own chocolate bar. Mine was called minecraft secret”.
Ferne – “I liked writing a letter to Mr Wonka”.
Rose – “I enjoyed painting my picture of Willy Wonka and playing at the art table in the classroom”.
Jack – “My chocolate bar is black and red stripes. It has caramel biscuits, sweets and icing on the top. It is called caramel goodness”. 


Primary 4 

In topic we designed and constructed houses for the Maasai tribe. We had to plan and create a house suitable for the tribe and justify our design choices. To do this we learned more about them.  

“The Maasai move their homes from time to time to follow their cattle.  They have to remake their homes each time they move.”
“The women make the homes.”
“They are made of sticks and grass.”
“Small animals, like goats, live with them in the huts. This keeps the animals safe from predators like lions and warm during the cold nights.”
“They still have to watch out for elephants. An elephant could stamp through their village.”  

We completed our planning sheet by drawing our ideas and writing a list of things we wanted to get from the nature garden. We then went to the nature garden to explore and collected leaves, sticks and other interesting things we wanted to use. 

Wider Achievement
Struan took part in a triathlon on Tuesday. He had a great day and got a medal. Well done! 

Primary 4/5 

 “We were painting Ready Respectful and Safe,  it was like a secret message”.
“We were making stencils, so we could paint like Banksy.”
“We were playing the Robot Game and learning about 2D shape”
“We were listening to the Boy At The Back Of The Class.”
“We played a new game in PE called Bench Ball.” 

Alex-I learned to Swim at swimming.
Ben- I went to a football tournament. I was playing for Threave. We played three games, we lost one and won two. 
Fraser is our new Pupil Councillor. Well done Fraser! 


Primary 5 

The week has flown by! We have been busy with Big Writing. The pupils have been undertaking narrative writing and have been creating some imaginative writing pieces of work.  

Becky -’I enjoyed creating posters about endangered animals’.
Amelia – ‘I enjoyed doing PE with Rosy’.
Ollie – ‘I enjoyed doing the dot painting with Miss Gainford’.
Holly- ‘I enjoyed doing my textbook maths’. 

Rylan is our new pupil councillor.

Wider Achievement
Sam did well in Judo competition last weekend. 
Freya G and Emily -Rose showed the class some trophies won at a football tournament. Dylan and Kelvin attended the school’s triathlon event in Kirkcudbright on Tuesday. Isla McF competed in a tennis competition.  
We have a talented class! 


Primary 5/6 

This week we have continued our learning about the Rainforest, and we have been learning all about the Tribes and Plants in the Amazon. 

Hugo “I learned that there is over 180 different tribal languages.”
Harvey “I found it interesting that the Tribes live in one big Yano rather than having their own houses.”
Alper “Tribe members believe in spirits in the forest that is their religion.”
Callum “Some Tribes keep animals as pets like Spider Monkeys and Parrots.”
Emma  “I learned about the religious ritual they perform when a member of their tribe dies and that they believe their spirit goes back into the forest.” 

This week in maths we have continued our learning on Place value with adding and subtracting tens and hundreds and one group have been learning about decimals.
Skye “I liked adding 10s and 100s with HTU it was fun.” 

Wider Achievement
On Tuesday Charlotte, Skye and Lily took part in the Triathlon. Well done girls we are all very proud of you! 


Movie Night to raise money for the Amazon Rainforest – 7.10.19   3pm to 5pm.
Spooky tuck shop available. Tickets go on sale soon!
Class Assembly Wednesday the 9th of October at 9.30am
Please bring in a plastic bottle for our art activity. 


Primary 6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news 


Primary 6/7 

This week has been very busy and exciting working towards our Outdoor Learning Sharing Morning. Models have been created of the activities alongside colourful information posters and PowerPoints. The children have really enjoyed writing about and sharing their experiences and the skills that they have learnt, as well as working collaboratively in their groups. 

We have been working very hard in Maths improving our multiplication skills, as well as continuing with 2D and 3D shape.
In Literacy we have continued with our narrative piece for Big Writing.
Reading groups are now up and running and the children are enjoying the books they have been given.
We have continued to work on Fitness in PE and next week will be starting a block of Kwik Cricket.
In ICT the children have been updating My World of Work as well as learning how to navigate their GLOW account. 


Next week we are hoping to visit the Library, to learn more about books and the services that the Library provides in the Community. Please can I ask if any Parent Helpers would be available next Thursday 26th from 10.45 am until 12.15 pm please can they let Mrs Campbell know by telephoning the school. Thankyou. 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news    







Learning at Home – Maths Topics

During this term classes will be focusing on the topics listed below. Beside each class is a link to learning ideas which families may like to try together at home to support the learning being taught in school. The link will take you to a topic page which will a few activity ideas to choose from.

Primary 1 a and 1b – Numbers to 5 and Days of the Week

Primary 2 – Numbers to 20

Primary 2/3 – 2D and 3D Shape

Primary 3 – Place Value

Primary 3/4 – Place Value

Primary 4 – Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100

Primary 4/5 – Place Value to Th H T U and Rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000

Primary 5 – Place Value and Coordinates

Primary 5/6 – Place Value and Coordinates

Primary 6 – Place Value and Properties of 2D and 3D Shapes

Primary 6/7 – Place Value and Multiplication

Primary 7 – Multiplication and Properties of 2D and 3D Shapes


Our Weekly News – September 13th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

School News 

Parent Zone and GambleAware have launched a new resource to help families and professionals learn about the gambling-like risks that eight to eleven-year-olds may face when playing online games. Please use the link below to go to the Parentzone Website – Link

House Captains

We have four houses (teams) in our school – Deer, Eagle, Hare and Swift. Each year four House Captains are chosen to represent their house and help with other responsibilities around the school. This year P7 pupils completed an application form describing how they would fulfil their duties using our key words ready, responsible and safe.
Thank you to all the P7s who took the time to submit an application form. This year’s captains are

Deer – Abi, Catrina, Logan and Seren
Eagle – Lexie H, Lois, Lotti and Noah
Hare – Amy, Heidi, Mylie and Tommy
Swift – Eilidh, Ellie, Fraser and Lacey


Primary 1a 

We have been continuing to learn our sounds – this week we focused on ‘a’ and ‘t’! We loved printing with apples for ‘a’ and making ties for ‘t’! 
Joseph: “I want to wear my tie!” 
Sophie: “My tie has stripes.” 

We have been working hard on forming numbers 0-3 and have enjoyed revisiting Ten Town. Our favourite story is definitely Thelma Three! 

We have also been working our way through lots of Biff, Chip and Kipper stories. We love hearing about the adventures the family get up to. This week we read ‘The Apple’, whilst learning our ‘a’ sound, and we also read ‘Getting Up’, which was a fun story about Dad’s birthday! 
Jaxon: “Look, it’s a present!” 
Grace: “Maybe it’s a surprise, that’s why they are going ‘shhhh!’. 

A big thank you for all the hard work going into our homework sheets! They look fantastic and we love sharing them in class! 

Target sheets have gone home this week to let you know what we’ll be focusing on in Terms 1 and 2. This is a copy to keep for your own records. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Primary 1b 

P1b have had a busy week learning our new sounds  ‘a’ and ‘t’ -soon we will be able to make our very own words! Everyone has been thinking really hard of words that start with these new sounds- Africa, America, tadpole, terrific! We made trains with our name on to help with this. Thanks to everyone for helping your child with their homework-lovely learning sheets! 

We having been finding out more about our friends Kipper,Chip and Biff and their adventures – one of our stories was about the Apple and we did some apple printing. Most of us are now able to recognise our key words. If you are practising at home try covering up the pictures now!! 

We are loving our Cosmic Kids yoga sessions each week as well. 

Next week we will be particularly focusing on our number formations to 5, and beginning to learn some of the things we can do with numbers. 

Target sheets have gone home this week to let you know what we will be focussing on in Terms 1 and 2. These are a copy for your own records. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Please can we remind you to name ALL items of clothing that children may be removing in class (I.e. uniform and gym kit). A number of items have got mixed up or lost, and there are also some in class unclaimed. Please have a quick check at home in case your child has brought home anything by mistake.  


Please have a look at our P1 Outdoor Learning webpage which has lots of photographs from our outdoor learning activities – click here.


Primary 2

Primary 2 have been busy investigating and learning lots of different things.
Brodie – I have enjoyed playing the target game on the computer and practising my sums.
Zane has enjoyed creating adventures with the duplo.
Beth said that spelling new words has been the best thing this week.
Kai and Mya both liked reading this week and want to be able to read more book.
Ellie likes to use he imagination in the Wendy House.

Today we went outside to the fruit bushes in the playground and counted all the apples from the apple tree. The next job was to collect them and bring them inside so we can use them next week. I wonder what will be made????

Primary 2/3

In maths this week we have continued to explore 2D and 3D shape. We have been investigating their properties, looking for 2D shapes in 3D shapes and grouping them.

In PE we are working on yoga and ball skills.

Finlay – We were trying to throw and catch the ball.
Charlie – I liked doing ball skills because its fun. I liked rolling and catching best.
Owen – I like when we do yoga.

In Art this week –
Benjamin – we have been learning about the Primary colours and the Secondary colours.
Skye – I like mixing the colours up and finding out about the secondary colours.
Ollie – I like mixing colours.
Cara – I like mixing read and blue because it makes purple.

In music
Olivia – I like doing the te te ta with Mrs Teale.

Miley has enjoyed her reading book this week – in ‘the reading book we read the dad wanted to make some jam, it was funny.

Reminders Please bring in PE kits on a Monday.
We are looking for small junk in class for our modelling table.

Primary 3
In our writing this week, we have been sharing our views about our new classroom. We are sharing our own ideas and experiences in our writing and we are thinking about trying to use VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) to make our writing exciting for the reader! We are all trying hard to be this week’s Star Writer!

In PE, we have been developing our ball skills. We have been using basketballs and footballs and applying our new skills into different games.

In ICT this week, we have started to use SUMDOG to help us to consolidate our maths skills. We are enjoying exploring the different games to earn coins!

Have a go at home using your log-in card!

Please bring PE kits.



Primary 3/4

“I’ve really liked reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! It’s really funny” – Brooke L.

“I loved designing my own golden ticket” – Brooke P.

“We wrote a letter to Mr Wonka trying to persuade him to give us the last golden ticket” – Darcie

“I liked writing the letter to Mr Wonka because I would be really excited if I managed to convince him” – Alba

“I liked playing on sumdog. Street racer is my favourite” – Eamon

“I’ve enjoyed playing on sumdog. I’m trying hard to get on school’s best. I won 100 coins yesterday!” – Jack

“I liked playing on sumdog. I like earning coins and decorating my house”. – Rose


Primary 4

We have been learning about the Maasai tribe in topic. We now know that the Maasai tribe of Africa is well known for their traditional handmade bead jewellery. Beadwork has been an important part of Maasai culture for many years. Maasai women set aside time every day to meet and work on beaded jewellery which includes colourful necklaces and bracelets. It is considered the duty of every Maasai women to learn the jewellery making craft. All the tribes’ beadwork is made by the women but is worn by both women and men. We went on to create a repeating pattern inspired by the beaded collars of the Maasai tribe.

In maths we have started rounding numbers to the nearest 10.
Well done to Libby who was nominated by the class as pupil councillor.

Primary 4/5

In maths this week we have continued exploring place value.

Fraser – We have been ordering large numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.
Fern – We have been adding and taking away 10 and 100.
Emma – We have been learning how to add doubles in SAMSON.
Jazmine – I have been learning how to count in 3s, 5s, and 10s.

We have been working well in our new writing groups.
Blaine – We have been describing characters.
Alex – We have been learning how to write an adventure story.
Leah – We have been creating characters and imagining who they are and where they have come from.
Lydia – We watched a video and then used adjectives to describe the characters.

In art we have been looking at graffiti and the work of Banksy.
Zak K – We made our own Bansky stencils.
Nikola – We have been trying to recreate our own Banksy piece of work.
Jake – Banksy is a famous artist who spray paints on walls.
Leo – He uses his art to voice his opinion.
Riley – No one knows who Banksy is or what he looks like.

Wider Achievement
Leo has started to play nine holes in golf.
Alex has learned how to swim under water.


Primary 5

We have been continuing with our ‘Living Things’ topic, learning about invertebrates and food chains. We are working on group power point presentations in ICT. We have completed a vertebrate challenge using midget gems and cocktail sticks. Our creations include a giraffe and a fish!

The introduction of cricket was a big hit on Tuesday, we look forward to Rosy returning next week to teach us more skills.

In art the pupils have created 3D insects.

Freya – ‘I liked painting my insects’.
Becky ‘I enjoyed completing chimney sums’.
Callum – ‘I enjoyed PE’.
Shea – ‘I liked making the sweet models’.
Emily Rose – ‘I liked doing the cricket’.
Ria – ‘I liked hitting the stumps’.
Isla McF  – ‘I liked the textbook work’.


Primary 5/6

Here are some of the things that P5/6 have enjoyed this week.

In maths, we have been continuing with our place value topic as well as working on coordinates.

“I have enjoyed completing my helicopter coordinates in maths” – Alper
“I have enjoyed doing the maths assessment on coordinates” – Hugo
“I enjoyed playing battleships with coordinates” – Harvey
“I have enjoyed doing place value in maths” – Callum

We have continued to work on the rainforest this week, researching animals and plants as well as learning rainforest songs in music.

“I have enjoyed learning about the rainforest” – Coll
“I enjoyed learning about the animals in the Amazon rainforest” – Jesse-Leigh
“I enjoyed learning our rainforest songs in music” – Emma

We continued with writing setting this week and we are starting to get settled into our new class.
“I enjoyed doing writing setting this week” – Skye

Wider Achievement
“I can now play a tune on my chanter” – Callum


Primary 6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6/7

This week, with the P7 having returned from Kingswood we have been having fun sharing our experiences, both at Kingswood and at school with Mr Tyson.. We are planning ahead for a sharing morning on the 20th September when all parents are welcome.
In Maths we have been continuing with number, estimation and rounding, whilst practicing our times tables too.

Mr Tyson has been continuing to work on My World of Work (online skills profile) and the class are starting to develop their own GLOW websites.

Within Literacy we have started Big Writing, with the focus being on narrative writing with Mrs Carlyle and Mrs Campbell.

Cameron has enjoyed ‘‘the whole of Maths this week.’’

Oscar enjoyed moving seats as he ‘’can communicate with different children and make new friends.’’

Jazmin enjoyed working on My World of Work with Mr Tyson and ‘’making achievements.’’

Logan enjoyed working with Mr Tyson making ‘’ his own blog and website that he can keep adding to.’’

Lotti thoroughly enjoyed Kingswood and is’’ looking forward to talking about all the activities that she did at the Sharing Morning.’’ She also loved playing Volleyball with Mrs Carlyle.

Curtis enjoyed Volleyball too.

Amy is’’ looking forward to the Sharing Morning too.’’


Primary 7

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news


Primary 1 Outdoor Learning Activities

Please click on a photograph to open up the gallery.


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