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P4/5 Stena Cruise

Please have a look at our Gallery from our class visit to Stena on Tuesday. Click on a thumbnail to open up a slideshow.

P2 Rockcliffe Gallery

Please have a look at our Gallery from our class visit to Rockcliffe. Click on a thumbnail to open up a slideshow.



A massive well done to the cast and stage crew of our School Show Club who shared their wonderful version of Mary Poppins with the community this week. It is impossible to convey the enthusiasm, fun and enjoyment through pictures alone but we hope the photographs below share some of the wonderful scenes the audiences were treated to.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic performances 🙂

Our Weekly News – June 7th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

Families are asked to look out for End of Year reports coming home today via pupil post which summarise pupil achievements and attainment over the 2018-19 session. There is also an Opening Evening on Thursday 13th from 5:30 – 7pm for families to come along and for pupils to share more of their class work.

Sport morning is now planned for Thursday 13th, 10am start, should finish by 12:30pm followed by a Big Picnic on the sports field. A text will be sent out early next week for any packed lunch orders.

Next week is also our Sponsored 20/20 Activity Week with classes doing a wide range of activities over the week. This is our main fundraising event for the year and community support is very much appreciated.

Class News

Primary 1a

Poppy: “We met Barnaby bear and he’s friends with Ben and Ted!”  
This week we heard from another bear called Barnaby! He had been on a big adventure.  
Ethan: “He was going to France. He went on a boat.”  
We worked on retelling his story in our writing. We were super independent writers and lots of us wrote more than one sentence! Well done! 

For our maths this week, we learned about different types of clock.  
Hannah: “We learned about digital clocks.” 
Ayla: “We did o’clock times.”  
We’re getting very good at telling the time and using the clocks around us. 

We also looked at the information we gathered on our traffic survey. 
Murry: “We went to the park to see the traffic. The sheet told us how much lorries, cars and tractors.” 
We counted all our tally marks and then made bar charts to show our information. 

We started a mini art project on artists from around the world. We looked at a very famous artist and tried to make our own versions of his work.  
Lexi: “He was called Vincent Van Gogh.” 
Darla: “We made a sunflower.” 

We’ve also been enjoying using our balcony during play.   
Riley: “I liked it when Mrs Sharpe brought the orange bike in.” – thank you! 

*Junk Modelling Morning on Tues (11th) at 9-10:30. Please return the slip to help us know how many people will be attending and organise the event accordingly. Any extra junk that could be collected and brought in would be greatly appreciated!  
*Open Evening on Thurs (13th)  – feel free to come along and see your child’s work. 


Primary 1b 

Zach: “I like playing with Flynn.” 
Elliot: “Me and Kai outside, Angus in Primary 2, we were playing tennis.” 
Kai: “Me and Elliot like playing football.” 
Brodie: “I like playing police with Charlie and Owen.” 
Ziya: “I like playing with Elliot, Kai, William, Angus, Brodie, everybody.” 
Max: “I like playing on the bikes.” 

We used the information we collected in our traffic survey to make bar charts. We counted the tally marks and worked with our partner to count out the correct amount of objects for each type of transport. 
We looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of the sunflowers and were inspired to become artists ourselves and create our own sunflower pictures. We talked about the colours and parts of the flowers and using oil pastels or chalk, worked independently as artists. We look forward to showing you our artwork at the open evening or after school.   
Ellie: “I liked the picture, it had bright colours.” 
Beth: “I like making my sunflower.” 
Charlotte: “I like making my sunflower and mine is the brightest.”  
We have planted our own sunflowers and are looking forward to watching them grow.

Conall: “I like playing football with Eddie and Kai and Zane and Joshua and Hannah and Angus and William and Max and Beth and Charlotte and Mya and Flynn and Ellie and Archie and Jacob.” 

Wider Achievement  
Mya: “I like going to ballet with Beth and Charlotte.” 

*We are really looking forward to the junk modelling morning on Tuesday 11th June 9am – 10:30. Please return the reply slip if you haven’t already. Keep collecting junk! If you could drop it off on Monday that would be great.   
*Open Evening – Thursday 13th June 5:30-7pm.

Primary 2 

We have been learning about floating and sinking. 
Evie says we were predicting what would happen. 
Eilidh says we were using the words certain, never, likely and unlikely to describe what we were doing. 
Nell remembered we were learning about not leaving rubbish on the beach in case animals eat it or get trapped. 
Fern said we were learning about holidays today and in the past at the seaside. 
Cara we found out they didn’t have picnics in the olden days as there was no plastic. 

Robyn and Oona  learned how the grown ups were pulled out to the sea in a bathing machine.
Today P2 are going to the beach at Rockcliffe – look for some photographs next week 🙂

Wider Achievement 
Fern and Cara moved up a level  in swimming. 


Primary 2/3

Lily S – We made turtles. We drew them with oil pastels and put patterns on them.
In music,
Lewis – We have been practising our echoes.
Alexander – Some of us have started sports club.
Zoe – The best part was lots of different races.
Alba – My favourite part was the wheelbarrow race.

This week we have been investigating floating and sinking.
Cooper – I enjoyed testing stuff in the water.
Eamon – We estimated if they were likely or unlikely to float.

We have been researching sea creatures to create our own posters in a group.
Alex – Me and Cameron were making a poster about turtles.
George – My group were doing a poster about an octopus, we used a book to get information.
Jack K – An octopus eats small sharks, sea snails, crabs and fish.
Maisy – My group learned about whales and where they live and what they eat. Blue whales live in icy waters.
Darcie – Me and Abbie found out dolphins can spin 7 times when they jump in the air.

Our music afternoon is on Wednesday 12th at 2pm in the hall.

Primary 3

This week, as part of our ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’ topic, we have been learning about the Grand Canyon. Mr Cormack has visited the Grand Canyon and he was able to tell us his first-hand experience of visiting this natural wonder.
In groups, we carried out an experiment to investigate different types of erosion and the impact that this has on the rock at the Grand Canyon.
We also used watercolour paints to create our own Grand Canyon masterpieces using a variety of colours and blending techniques.

In ICT, we are creating a Powerpoint about the natural wonders. We are learning to insert new slides and images and we are using bullet points to input the facts that we are learning.

Wednesday 12th – Farm Trip – please return permission slips and send extra shoes and a plastic bag for dirty wellies (please see information sheet sent home.)
Thursday 13th – Sports Morning.
Friday 14th – Assembly at 9.15am in the School Hall – all welcome!
Children can wear summer clothes to school on this day, no uniform required.

Primary 4

As part of our Body Topic, we were visited by Lisa from Quit Your Way. She helped us learn more about the effects of tobacco on the body. We have been learning about the lungs and what can happen to the body as a result of smoking tobacco.
Riley and Kacie were scientists and helped put together some of the 4000 dangerous chemicals that are contained in a cigarette. Things like…
“Nicotine, it goes to your brain and makes you become addicted” Leo.
“Tar, it’s black, gooey and sticky. It looked like syrup” Alfie.
“Rat poison, I was really surprised” Blaine.
“Nail polish remover” Saffron.
“Bleach, vinegar and batteries” Amelia.
“There are 4000 different chemicals in a cigarette” Ben W.
Lisa had a sponge which we pretended was a healthy lung. She poured water over it (as if it was oxygen) and Kacie squeezed all the water out. Lisa then put tar on the sponge and Riley couldn’t squeeze any of the tar out, the lung had turned black and wasn’t bouncing back again.
“It was disgusting” Riley and Kacie.

In grammar we learned about onomatopoeia with Miss Wilson.
“Onomatopoeia’s make writing interesting and lively” Fraser.
“Bang, boom, pow and smash are all examples” Becky.
“You made small books of words with pictures to bring them to life” Isla McC.

Wider Achievement

Alfie, Callum, Rylan, Ben W, Leo and Emily-Rose all played for Threave or Saints. It was the Heston Rovers football tournament. We all got a trophy for taking part.

20/20 sponsored selfie challenge on Monday 10th.
Please bring outdoor shoes and a packed lunch for sports day on Thursday 13th.
P.E kits needed on Monday and Thursday for two weeks.

Primary 5

Jack “We have been learning the difference between a proper noun and a common noun.”
Sebastian “A proper noun is a name, place or important event such as ‘Queen Elizabeth’ or ‘Eiffel Tower’ or ‘Christmas’.”
Alper “A common noun is a noun used often to describe a place, person or object without it being the actual name such as ‘teacher’ or ‘dog’.”
Harrison “We have been learning some new connectives such as ‘before’ and ‘until’.”
Cullen “We have been using connectives like ‘nevertheless’ and ‘in order to’.”

Kerys “We have been measuring objects using centimetres and milimetres.”
Emma “Some people did milimetre line segments.”
Emma “We also learned about 3 digit multiplication by 7.”

Health and Wellbeing
Barney “We went to the gym hall to practice for sports day and used the changing rooms.”

Olivia “We were learning how to draw Father’s Day cards with Mrs. Starkey.

Shannon “We have been making electricity posters about what we have learned in our topic so far. Most of us did the dangers of electricity.”

Show Club
Lucy “A few members of the class were in Mary Poppins.”
Yvie “It was really successful.”
Erin “It was so fun doing Mary Poppins and it was an amazing experience being a main character.”

Wider Achievement
Eilidh achieved a yellow belt in karate and went on a two night Brownie residential trip to Yorkshire.
Alper went to Kirkcudbright to do a fun race and won a medal.
Olivia baked a cake for her dad all by herself for his birthday.
Josh got a season 9 umbrella on fortnite.

We have our trip to Tongland Powerstation on Tuesday 25th June. Please can children bring in their permission slips by 17th June. Parent helpers welcome, please message Miss Mackintosh on ClassDojo if you are interested in joining us.


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6

In reading comprehension this week, we have been looking at D-Day and how the attack took place. We read through a passage detailing the event before answering questions on the text. We then looked at the medal that the British soldiers were awarded and created our own medals using the same features.
Carlie – “I enjoyed designing a D-Day victory medal.”
Michalina – “I enjoyed learning about D-Day in our reading comprehension.”

In maths this week, we have been looking at time. More specifically being able to read bus and train timetables to answer questions and calculate duration.
Lexie – “I enjoyed learning to read train timetables in maths.”
Michalina – “I enjoyed reading train and bus timetables to answer questions.”

Mary Poppins
Seven members of the Primary 6 class have been performing in Mary Poppins all week. They have been showcasing their talent with 3 performances throughout the week. Well done Seren, Logan, Teigan, Carlie, Tommy, Lacey and Eilidh!

Tommy – “I have enjoyed being in Mary Poppins.”
Seren – “I enjoyed the atmosphere of Mary Poppins.”
Logan – “I enjoyed being a part of Mary Poppins.”
Eilidh – “I enjoyed learning all my lines for the show.”
Teigan – “I enjoyed everything about Mary Poppins.”

Sports morning is on Thursday 13th of June. The Children will require a packed lunch for the day.
We will be completing our 20/20 sponsor challenge next week. Please can you remember to get your sponsor forms filled in and any sponsors to the school.
Open Evening is on Thursday 13th of June.

Primary 6/7

Lexie White ” We have been presenting our solo talks this week.”
Kalim ” We have been learning about Living and Growing in Health and Wellbeing.”
Noah “I enjoyed my solo talk about my Gravity Racer. I have made this for the Soap Box Derby.”
Aillie ” In maths we have been learning about bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts.”
Miriam ” I enjoyed researching for my solo talk about Marvel Comics and Movies.”
Abbie ” I enjoyed presenting my solo talk and playing my guitar to the class.”
Holly ” We have finished our last show of Mary Poppins.”

P7 trip to Mabie Farm on Tuesday.
P7 2nd Watersports Group on Wednesday.
Proposed Sports Morning on Thursday.
Induction Days at CDHS 19th, 20th, 21st June.

Primary 7

We are proud because we got our Accelerated Reader Target this week. – Jack, Elise, Sam and Sophie.

This week we have been doing our Mary Poppins shows. It has been really hard work but it has helped us to become more confident. – Mia.
We have been learning about a balanced diet. We made posters to give advice to 7-11 year olds to eat better. – Isla A.
For Superscot this week we did the fitness activities. I did really well.- Sophie.
In big writing, I am happy that I finished my story and I think it is quite good. – Jayden.
It was cool to see the photoshopping when we learned about body Image this week.- Rory L.

Wider Achievement
On Thursday I passed my grading in Karate and now I am a Brown belt. – Rory T.
We did really well on the 4th week of the Paul Jones Football Competition in Dalbeattie. We won all of our games. We are excited for the final on Saturday in Kirkcudbright. – Sam.

Show club members party Mon 10th June (3.00-4.30pm)
Mabie Farm trip Tues 11th June.
Watersports group 2 Wed 12th June.
Induction days Wed 19th – Fri 21st June.
Leavers’ Events letters and money due in.

Sports Morning – Postponed till next week.

Sports Morning – Postponed to June 13th.

The weather forecast for this Thursday is not looking good and the rain forecast for today and tomorrow will also not allow the pitch to dry out. Sports morning has therefore been changed to next Thursday 13th which has a much drier and warmer forecast.
Lunches as normal this Thursday.
A text will be sent out early next week to book any school packed lunches for the Thursday.
Thank you.

P6 Operation Safety

P6 pupils went to Stranraer to …. (report and pupil comments to follow)

Our Weekly News – May 24th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

a) Fund-raising Sponsorship Forms.

Please look out for sponsor forms coming next week. This is our main fund-raiser for the year and each class has chosen a challenge involving the number 20 e.g. completing 20 keep-fit activities in 20 minutes. All of the money raised goes to support class activities such as transport costs and we rely very much on the support and generosity of our school community. Pupils are asked only to approach people they know. The activities will take place on the week of 10th June.

b) Please do check our School App and Website for diary dates for School and Nursery events such as Sports Morning.

c) There are limited tickets available for the Drama Club’s production of Mary Poppins. Please call or pop into the School Office to book tickets. The children are working really hard and are very excited to showcase their performance.  


 Class News

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.


Primary 1a

On Thursday, we celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day by learning out in the sunshine. We practised writing our surnames in chalk and created our own clocks out of chalk and natural materials. We then spent the rest of the afternoon in the Nature Garden, exploring skills such as communicating, using our imaginations (we dug a swimming pool!) and creating nature crowns. We had a lovely day! 

We have also been busy practising for our class assembly next week. We hope you can come along and celebrate with us! 

Come along to our class assembly on Friday, 31st May at 9:15am – we hope to see you there! 


Primary 1b

We had great fun celebrating Outdoor Classroom Day. We practised writing our surnames in chalk and made clocks with chalk and natural materials.
Conall: “There’s 12 numbers on the clock.”

We spent the afternoon in the Nature Garden adventuring and making nature crowns.
Ellie: “Mine was beautiful, it had flowers on.”

Brodie has worked hard to build a pond in the Nature Garden and Brodie’s friends are helping him to maintain it.

We read a book called ‘Dear Greenpeace There’s a whale in Emily’s pond’. I wonder if we will get a whale in our pond…..!?
Charlotte says we won’t “because whales live in the ocean”. We must keep an eye out though!
The sun was shining all day – it was wonderful.

We are enjoying practising for our assembly and can’t wait for our families to come and see it.

All the children created an imaginative piece of writing based on the book ‘The Flying Bath’ by Julia Donaldson.
Joshua: The Skipping Statue.”
Willow: “The Flying House.”
Angus: “The Flying Bag.”

Well done to Tiffany, our Pupil of the Month.

Come along to our class assembly on Friday, 31st May at 9:15am – we hope to see you there!

Primary 3

On Thursday, we participated in Outdoor Classroom Day. We enjoyed taking our learning outside and making the most of the beautiful sunny day and our school surroundings.

In Maths, we are learning to tell the time for quarter past, quarter to and five minute intervals. Take a look at the fantastic clocks that we created with natural materials.

In Literacy, we have been reading ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ as part of our Food Glorious Food topic. We used our imagination to write about our own disgusting sandwich and included adjectives and alliteration.

In the Nature Garden, we worked collaboratively to create our sandwiches out of different materials. Would you like to have them for lunch?

Primary 3/4

Leigha – “I enjoyed playing outside in the sun yesterday. I liked to play with the sand”.
Max enjoyed playing outside in the nature garden.
Rhuben – “I liked outdoor classroom day.”
Jazmine – “Me, Tyler, Kaidi, Caitlin, Anna, Lucca and Zak and Coby played a game outside yesterday in the nature garden. Kaidi was the chef and Tyler was a guarder”.
Ruby – “I loved using the clay to make models. I made a mouse and Fern and Emma made a rabbit.”

Lydia – “I enjoyed going to the nature garden to build a den.”

Kaidi – “I played a game and I was the cook. We had to use our imaginations to create different foods in the nature garden.”
Coby – “I liked building dens in the nature garden. I built mine under the hawthorn tree which I now regret as it was a big jaggy so I had to build some shelter from the jaggy bits”.
Fern – “I enjoyed making dens. I made my den with Emma, Kacey, Ruby, Leah, Leigha and Lydia – “We used rocks and sticks”.

Anna – “On Monday I enjoyed learning about bar charts in maths”.
Devlin – “I made slime at nurture group. It was very fun!”
Nikola – “Yesterday I enjoyed playing with the sand and the water tray. I liked the pirate ship. My shorts got a bit wet but they dried in the sun!”

Wider Achievement
Caitlin did the front crawl in the deep end during swimming lessons.
Coby learned how to do butterfly stroke at swimming.
Zak was learning to hold his breath and swim underwater.
Connor and Kyle competed in a football tournament over the weekend.
Leah learned to tie her shoelaces on Saturday.
Well done to all!


Primary 4/5

What a busy week in P4/5! We have welcomed Miss Henderson to the class for the next 5 weeks. She has planned lots of exciting activities to do with us. This week we have continued our Titanic topic by researching first, second and third class areas of the ship. We then planned, designed and created shoe box cabins to represent the differences in class.

Shea – “I found it challenging finding things to use for the third class cabin. I didn’t want it to look too good!”
Callum – “We used tin foil to create a chandelier.”
Skye – “We made bunk beds using plastic and lollypop sticks.”

In maths we have started a new block, learning all about time.
Lily – “When the minute hand moves past the 6 we then say ‘to’ times. e.g. quarter to 5.”
McKenzie – “The hour hand has to be shorter than the minute hand, otherwise you would get confused.”

We have been learning how to write instructions for making a pizza.
Freya – “We have to write each step in chronological order.”
Charlotte – “We watched someone making pizza. Then we had to write a set of instructions for the video.”

In Darragh’s writing group they wrote adventure stories.
Darragh – “We made a plan to help us to write a story. My story was about a magical war.”

Thank you to all those who have paid for our trip to Belfast. Payments are due in next week for those who have not yet done so. Thank you.


Primary 5

In numeracy we have continued our work on division and have started measurement.
We have been learning how to divide by 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers.
“I feel more confident with division now.” – Lacey

On Thursday we were learning how to measure trees in lots of different ways. “I liked the one where you had to estimate how tall the tree was based on the height of my group member.” – Ellie
“I thought that the most reliable way to measure the tree was number 5 which was using a measuring stick and standing a certain distance away from the tree because it was the closest to the number that we got for our first try.”- Shannon

“For outdoor learning we have also been outside doing our spelling words in chalk but we had to make up a sentence and whoever put their spelling words in the sentence would get more points and whoever put the full stop at the end would get a point.” – Lacey

We have continued learning about how to write instructions in writing.
“We were drafting our recipes in writing this week”. – Harrison

We have been doing pick up the pulse regularly. “I enjoy it because you can pick up your pulse and have a chat.” – Douglas

In topic we have learned about static electricity and where electricity comes from.
“We were learning how to make a model atom. We had to get a bit of card, lots of circles in it and they kept getting smaller. Every second one we had to scribble it then cut out into circles.” – Olivia
“We were making our own tv show presentations of what we have learned about electricity and where it comes from in ICT.” – Shannon

In our class novel we’ve been doing activities to speak about spreading happiness.
“Our activities have included making a ‘Brilliant Radiators’ poster and you had to choose people in your life who have been brilliant at radiating happiness and positivity.” – Lacey
“I put Shannon because she makes me laugh a lot!” – Freya
“I put my little sister Leah because when I fall over she comes over and asks if I am okay.” – Kerys
“I put Josh because me and him are really good friends and we laugh a lot.” – Finlay
“I put Finlay because he is kind and helpful and a great fortnite duo.” – Josh
“I chose Finlay because he has been my friend for almost 6 years.” – Barney
“I put Skye and Reece because they are really good friends to me and they are really kind.” – Georgia
“I picked Cody because we’ve been friends for a long time.” – Alper
“I picked Cullen because he always comes to my house and he’s a good friend.” – Jack
“I chose Harrison because I have known him for almost 7 years and he is really funny and fun to be around.” – Douglas
“I chose Alper and Kerys because they always make me laugh.” – Cody
“I chose Hanna and Erin because if I ever needed anything or they wanted something we would always be there for each other.” – Lacey
“I chose Freya and Shannon because they have been kind to me and always stick up for me.” – Holly
“I chose Freya, Holly, Niamh and my pets because they cheer me up when I’m sad, they are “kind to me and they stick up for me.” – Shannon
I chose my cat Rio because he makes me laugh and he’s crazy!” – Olivia

Wider Achievement

“In a puzzle building competition at the weekend I achieved building 750 puzzles. I got a medal.” – Sebastian
“I went on holiday to Turkey and took part in a boxing match. I won the first match but the second one I didn’t because I got kicked in the leg by my opponent. They were both about 12 and 13 years old!” – Alper

There are very limited tickets left for the Mary Poppins shows performed by the school drama club. Children involved from our class are Erin, Reece, Anna, Yvie, Emma, Lucy and Eilidh. If you would like to find out about tickets please ask at the school office.

Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6/7

This week we have been learning about fractions. The Triangles have been learning to find fractions of a quantity. The Rectangles and Squares have been learning to simplify equivalent factions. The Octagons have been learning about the relationship between speed, distance and time.

We learned about the Eat Well Plate and how to classify foods into different groups. This is part of our new topic, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

We have all been set a task to deliver a solo presentation on a subject of our choice. This is a homework task and everyone has been given an instruction sheet.

We are all working hard to meet our Accelerated Reader targets.

P6 Operation Safety is on Tuesday.
Solo talk homework tasks should be underway. If anyone needs support or resources please do ask.


Our Weekly News – May 17th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.


Primary 1a 

Last week we enjoyed having our families join us for our Aeroplane Challenge! Thank you to everyone who came along, watched us test out our planes and helped us measure the distances! 

We read ‘Bear on a Bike’ this week and enjoyed seeing all the different types of transport the bear uses to catch up to his friend, Mouse. We decided to use this to create our own stories. 
Teagan: Giraffe on a skateboard! 
Riley: Puppy on a tractor!  
Darla: Dog on a motorbike. 

In maths this week, we have been looking at telling the time on analogue clocks and have started looking at subtraction.  

Skye: I liked telling the time with the clocks. 
Murry: We’ve been playing with the clocks and the beebots. 
We’ve also been looking at directions – forwards, backwards, left and right – and using the beebots to help us.  

In PE, we’ve started practising the races for Sports Day. We love the beanbag and the egg and spoon!


Primary 1b 

We read ‘Bear on a Bike’ story this week – Zach thought it was “hilarious”! Using the book for inspiration, the children created a piece of imaginative writing with an animal and a mode of transport. We had lots of fun sharing our ideas! 
Flynn: “Snake on a skateboard.” 
Zane: “Gorilla on a aeroplane.” 
Charlotte: “Unicorn in a trolley.” 
Brodie: “Lynx on a skateboard!”
Jacob: “Gorilla on a scooter.”  

In Maths we have been focusing on subtraction, telling the time on analogue clocks and ordeirng numbers 1-20. 
Zane: “Take away.” 
Charlotte: “if you have 2p and you take away 1p, you have 1p.” 

We have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine this week and have spent as much time as we can outside! We have enjoyed cooking in the mud kitchen and playing in the water tray.  

We have been practising our 3 races for sports day. 
Tiffany: “running, beanbag, egg and spoon.” 
We practised the races on the field, trying really hard to stay in our lanes. We are really looking forward to Sports Day.  


Primary 2/3 

Lily S – We have been making string prints of shells and stamping them on paper. 
Alba – If you have a colour you can change it to a rainbow colour. ( we were using paints for our printing.) 

Lewis – We were practising serving in tennis. 
Alexander – and volleys 

Zoe – We made a list of disgusting sandwiches to feed to the seagulls. I put in extra stinky cheese! 
Cooper – I put in rotten custard. 
Gregor – I put in 2 scoops of mud. 

Zane – We have been learning about dividing and multiplying. 
Zoe – The rectangles have started to do multiplication, now we can do sets of and do it with the times sign. 

Lewis – At Mrs Teale we learned another song working on the chime bars and glockenspeils. 
Abbie – We did a new song Big boat, Small boat, Any kind at all boat. 

Wider Achievement 
Eamon won a trophy and a medal at a tennis tournament. 


Primary 3 

Here are our favourite activities from our week at school; 

Ferne – ‘I liked making my own farm. I have a stable, pigs and sheep on mine. I have a greenhouse full of cherry tomatoes’. 

Anya – ‘I was making different times on the big clock’. 

Abi –‘We were doing circuits in PE and I liked playing rounders. We were helping our teammates.’  

Eli L – ‘I have been learning the 5 times table!’ 

Lewis ‘I was dividing – I am good at it now’. 

Wider Achievement  
Ewan received a certificate for his overnight stay at Beaver Camp – well done!  
Ewan enjoyed taking part in all of the different activities, particularly making a telescope! 



Primary 3/4 

Zak – “I learned how to do my times tables in lots of different ways” 

Kaidi – “I enjoyed playing in our new outdoor area.” 

Connor – “I enjoyed learning about foods from different countries. Pizza is famous for coming from Italy”  

Cameron – “I learned how to count in 2s and 10s” 

Cailtin – “I enjoyed learning about coding on the computer. We had to give our character instructions to follow”  

Anna – “I learned about coding”  

Fern – “I enjoyed doing written times tables. I found it hard at first but I used my think board and I found it a lot easier.”  

Jazmine – “I am happy this week because I filled my Accelerated Reading target”  

Wider Achievement 
Kaidi has finished a big book with 67 chapters.  
Ruby and Emma have moved up in swimming.  
Well done to all!  

Primary 4

In topic we are learning about circulation and pulse rate. We felt our pulse at rest and after exercise. Then we made a poster showing activities that affect your heart rate. Finally, we went outside and acted out circulation in a team. 

“We passed a beanbag from the veins to the heart and then to the lungs to get oxygen, we then sent it to the body” Kianna. 

“We threw and caught the beanbag around in a circle and to make it tricky we mixed ourselves up. We had to remember each step of circulation” Becky. 

We linked ICT with our maths topic time and created a calendar on glow. We had to log into Glow and open our calendar on one drive. We then added our important dates like birthdays. We had to search online for dates we didn’t know and add them to the calendar as well.  

“I added when my papa visited and the days when I was staying at my nanas house. I searched for Mother’s Day online and added this too” Callum. 

Wider Achievement  
Ben W played football in Stranraer, he plays for Threave Rovers. 
Holly won a ribbon coming 5th at gymnastics in Dundonald. 
Leo was playing rugby at Moffat. 
Isla McF took part in tennis competition in Kirkcudbright and came 2nd. 


Primary 4/5  

This week we have been learning about different passenger groups on the Titantic . Everybody enjoyed sketching the Titanic and colouring it in with pastels. In Maths we have been multiplying and dividing. 

Wider Achievement 
Charlotte finished her first piano book. 
Callum, Shea, Hugo and Maxi all learned how to light a camp fire at cubs. 


Primary 5 

Erin “We were learning how to do short division.” 
Barney “This is also known as the bus stop method – beep beep!” 

Olivia “We learned how electricity is powered.” 
Lacey “You measure electricity in volts.” 

Holly “We have been learning how to use instructions.” 
Yvie “I was doing synonyms and antonyms in grammar.” 
Kerys “A synonym is a similar word to the original e.g. hot, warm.” 
Anna “An antonym is the opposite meaning of the original word.” 

Jack “We played rob the nest in netball. We had to catch the other group bean bags and the ones in the middle.” 

Yvie “In maths I can divide a three digit number by a single digit.” 
Lacey “I can divide a three digit number with a remainder.” 
Anna “I can now divide by a four digit number.” 

Wider Achievement  
Cody “I can do a bridge in gymnastics.” 
Anna “I can do a walk over.” 
Eilidh “I know my karate grading off by heart.” 
Erin “I landed my handspring.” 
Holly “I am moving up swim club in swimming.” 
Olivia “I can do a stag in gymnastics – it’s a handstand but your legs are bent.” 


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6 

We have continued to work on money this week. Some groups have been learning about credit/debit cards and APR whilst other groups have been working on total cost and trying to find the best buy! We have continued to work on our Samson Maths this week and we are getting some great scores.

“I enjoyed the challenge of maths this week” – Rhianna. 
“I have enjoyed Samson this week” – Tommy. 


We have been doing art with Miss Starkey this week. She has been teaching us different tricks and techniques we can use when we draw self-portraits. We have not completed these yet so will do more shading work to complete them next week. 

“I enjoyed art with Miss Starkey” – Eilidh 
“I enjoyed drawing our face portraits” – Tommy 

In music we have continued to practise the tin whistle. I have included some photos of us whilst we were playing ‘chilled’. We have been trying to learn ‘bingo’ too but will spend some more time on it next week. Eilidh, Carlie, Lexi, Catrina, Cameron and Lacey are really enjoying tin whistle. 

We have been using an atlas to find the capital city of different European countries. We also completed our group presentations this week and all the children did very well! We have got a homework task regarding our topic. 
“I enjoying doing my presentation” – Logan 

We have continued to work on our lacrosse throwing and catching skills. We are getting better with every practice. We have also started to play full games and the third team are watching and evaluating their peer’s performance. 
“I have enjoyed lacrosse this week” – Tyler 


Wider Achievement 
“I am participating in the end of season rugby at the weekend” – Fraser 
“I danced at M&Co during the week” – Mylie 


-Operation safety letters need to be signed and returned 
-Targets were sent home this week 
-PE has moved from a Thursday to a Monday meaning kit is required on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 
-Topic homework has been sent home and is due back on Friday 31st May 


Primary 6/7 

Mya “Today in maths we have been learning about speed, distance and time.” 
Heidi “Distance=Speed multiplied by Time.” 

Jamie-Leigh “The P6s delivered presentations to the P7s about rationing. They made these when we were at CDHS last week.” 

Adam “Bobby and I played in the Paul Jones last night. We won 3 games and drew 1.” 

Abbie “ We worked with Mrs Carlyle and learned about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.” 

Cormac “ His artwork is very abstract.” 

Noah O “ He was the first person to make completely abstract art.” 

Brooke “His painting Broadway Boogie Woogie was based on a dance.” 


Wider Achievement  

Libby cantered on her new horse this week.
Brooke entered a show jumping and cross country competition.
Adam and Bobby played in the school football team.
Noah has a new hamster. 

Primary 7 

This week 24 pupils went to a Watersports session at Carlingwark:
Kayaking was really hard but near the end I picked it up. – Sophie.
I really enjoyed sailing and I might now go with my family to Lochmaben to try it out again. – Morven 

We ordered our P7 Leavers’ hoodies on Thursday:
I can’t wait to get my hoodie, I’m not going to let my mum wear it! – Rory L.
There was a big selection of colours and I’ve chosen sapphire blue. – Bob. 

We had our last rugby session with John too:
We played a game called Chicken Run and we got to level 5. We had to work on running forwards and passing backwards. – Katherine. 

Some of the children completed an engineering challenge: We made straw bridges. It had to span 15cm and had to be strong enough to hold 50 pairs of scissors. In the end our bridge held 2.5kgs! – Ryan K. 

Some of the pupils delivered solo talks this week as well:
I talked about dancing, I also demonstrated tap dancing to the class. – Mia.
I talked about volcanoes. My favourite is Mount Teide in Tenerife. – Daniel P.
My solo talk was on Lego. When my name was called out I felt nervous but once id done it I felt good! – Ryan S. 

Some of the other talk subjects we had this week were; Showing Dairy Cattle, Queen (the band), Titanic, Fortnite, Art, Gymnastics, Luke Shaw and Editing. We can’t wait to hear the rest on Monday! 

Well done to Rory L, Daniel P, Andrew D and Neave who were the Class Dojo winners this week.  

Wider Achievement
A great big well done to the pupils involved in the Paul Jones Football tournament. This week they played their first set of matches in Kirkcudbright. They did extremely well, winning three games and drawing one. Their next round is in Dalry next week. Good Luck!  


Walk to School Week Message

Next week is Walk to School Week and our Junior Road Safety Officers would like to encourage as many children and adults as possible to walk (or cycle) to school. It’s ok to Park and Stride too as not everyone lives in the town. This means you can park a distance away from the school and then walk the rest of the way.

The target is to get over 70% over the whole of next week – let’s go for it!

Thank you from

L&L P6

Our Weekly News – May 10th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School Uniform Orders – If you still wish to order any items of school clothing then please note that the last day for ordering is Tuesday 14th May. 

There are a few remaining tickets available for our Mary Poppins Show. Tickets can be bought from the school office. 

Nursery and School Inspection.
Our Nursery, Learning Centre and School was an even busier place this week with eight Inspectors visiting classes and focusing on our positive Learning Experiences, Attainment and Achievement. It will be quite a few weeks before Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate will finalise their reports and share the outcome of the Inspection and I will let you know when the reports become available.  Could I also please thank parents who kindly responded to the surveys and/or were able to meet with the Inspection Team.

D Tyson

Primary 1a 
This week we invited our families in for Storytime! We read ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers, an author and illustrator we’ve been looking at over the last few weeks. We really enjoyed learning about the boy, his aeroplane, his Martian friend and their adventures trying to get back home from the moon.  

We did some pieces of independent writing about where we’d go on an aeroplane:  
Iris : I want to go to London to see the buses.  
Kendyl : I want to go to Florida.  
Ethan : I want to go to the McDonalds.  
Ollie : I want to go to the Cocobean.  
Amelia: I want to go to Africa. 

We had a fun homework challenge this week, to design a paper aeroplane and write instructions for a friend. We tested our planes with our families!

Primary 1b 

Our Oliver Jeffers story this week was ‘The Way Back Home’. We invited our families in for story time and we loved sharing our new book with them.  
Conall : “The boy and the alien were friends.”
Eryithsyai : “The alien put petrol in the boy’s plane.” 

We thought about where we would like to go on an aeroplane.
Tiffany : “New York.” 
Kai : “Ireland.” 
Eddie : “Football stadium.” 
Joshua : “Lanzarote.” 

The homework challenge this week was to make a paper aeroplane and write a set of instructions so you can teach a friend how to make your plane. We then tested the paper aeroplanes with our families on the field, measuring how far they went. It was a lot of fun! 

Zach: “We’ve been learning how to write our numbers.” 
Beth: “100 + 100 is 200.” 
William: “I like playing with Ziya and Elliot and digging.” 
Joshua: “I liked playing with Elliot, Conall, Kai and Zach.” 
Charlotte: “I like learning our new numbers, our new letters. I also liked learning about our transport.” 
Ziya: “I like brushing my teeth.” 
Willow: “I like playing magic tricks in the playground with Miss Scott with the bark.” 
Archie: “I love my Dad.” 

Primary 2 

We were learning about area. We found four large sheets of paper covered our table and then we found out thirty six small sheets covered the table. We also found out the area of our hands and we made pictures of a certain area. 

Arran I liked doing area because I like guessing how many big sheets of paper would cover the table.
Evie – I liked to estimate how many squares my picture too. 

We looked at shells and we had to draw them with pencils using lots of detail. 
Angus drew a razor shell with lots of spikes. 
Cara brought some whelks and she drew one of them. 
We wrote stories about making sandwiches for a seagull using time openers. 
Morgan thought it was funny when they said yuk! 


Primary 2/3 

We were doing lots of different active spelling activities this week to help us learn our spelling patterns. 
Abbie – I like Boggle because I like making my spelling words. 
Zoe – I like using the dabbers because I like using lots of colours. 
Aiden – I like the sticks because it looked like a robot was doing it. 
In PE we continued to work on tennis skills and this week we started to use the volley shot. 
Rory – You have to hit it straight away before it bounces. 
Alba – We have been doing a number challenge in class. We put a number on the board then we have to write a sum for it. 

We read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Catastrophe this week. We had a vote in class and it has been our favourite one of the stories do far.  
Darcie – We have been learning about food chains. 
Eamon – Something eats something then that gets eaten. So like a chain but with animals. 

Wider Achievement 
Kyle moved up a class in swimming. 
‘I can put my head in the water and turn it to breathe in front crawl now.’ Well done Kyle!


Primary 3 

This week, as part of our Food Glorious Food topic, we have been learning about and tasting some traditional Scottish foods. We have been learning to share our opinion with others and give a reason why. 

Harrie – ‘I liked the shortbread because it was crunchy.’ 
Rose – ‘I liked the porridge because it made me feel like I was Goldilocks in the story!’ 

Nicole and Cara worked together to complete a multiplication and addition challenge in maths. 
Nicole – ‘We had to work out the times table and then add a number to figure out the answer.’Cara – ‘I used my times tables – it made me think a lot!’ 

Wider Achievement 
Amber and Kahlen took part in a football tournament – well done! 
Amber – ‘I was the defender.’ 
Kahlen – ‘I was a middle fielder. We were against other teams’. 

Primary 3/4 

 “I liked playing hockey.” – Cameron.
“I liked tasting the different Scottish foods.” – Emma.
“I liked the irn bru because it was fizzy.” – Jazmine.

“I enjoyed enjoying multiplication in maths. I liked using the think boards so use different strategies.” – Fern  
“I enjoyed making the disgusting sandwich recipe. I liked giving Fern a star and a wish for her work.” – Ruby 
“I enjoyed learning all the different strategies I can use to solve multiplication questions.” – Coby
“I learned that Lockerbie Cheddar is made in Scotland.” – Kacey 
“I learned that sometimes raspberries and strawberries can come from Scotland.” – Connor  
“I enjoyed learning about all the different farms in Scotland. I know that there are poultry farms, dairy farms, pig farms and arable farms.” – Alex 

Wider Achievement 

“At Cubs we did firelighting. I did it all by myself.” – Coby 
Coby, Jake and Rhys took part in a rugby tournament.  
Coby, Connor and Kyle took part in a football competition. 
“It was my first time jumping in the deep end at Kircudbright. I was a wee bit nervous but once I had done it the first time I got better” – Cameron  


Primary 4 

In topic we have been learning about the lungs. We labeled the key parts of the lungs and created a model of them using straws to show the bronchus. 

In French we learned a song to recite the days of the week. We ordered the days and drew a picture of something we did on that day. 

We have continued to learn about time in maths. We have worked on 15-minute intervals as well as 5- and 1-minute intervals. We have enjoyed using lots of our new maths resources to help us learn, especially the bingo games, time tables dominos and clocks. 

In science we have been growing germs on a potato to understand the importance of hand washing and to describe that germs may be present even if they are not seen. We will look at the results of our experiment – yuck! 

For spelling we took part in lots of active stations including outdoor chalks, noodles and chocolate playdough.  

This week we welcomed Miss Wilson to our classroom, she will be helping us with our learning. We are really looking forward working with her this term. 

Wider Achievement 
Emily-Rose won a football trophy. She plays for Threave Rovers and played at Newton Stewart. 


Primary 4/5 

In PE we have been doing athletics.  
‘I really enjoyed the skipping’- Shea.
‘I enjoyed my Superscot but I was tired out’- Jesse- Leigh. 
In Maths we were learning about BODMAS which stands for Brackets, Operations, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. 
Darragh-’It was something new that I hadn’t done before.’ 
In Science we received a letter telling us that we had to build a boat and float it. If it could hold a cargo of more than 6 cubes without sinking it was successful. 
‘It was fun making it and ours held over 80 cubes’-Charlotte. 

Wider Achievement 
Freya went to the Galloway Thistles Football Tournament with her Threave Rovers team and they won the trophy.


Primary 5 

Emma “We finished off our stained glass windows.” 
Isla “I learnt how to draw a lightbulb.” 
Jack “We have been learning about multiplication and division in maths.” 
Barney “I can divide a three digit number by a single digit.” 
Ruby “Me, Rebecca and Holly filmed our own green screen videos in science.” 

Olivia “We were using dictionaries to find the definition of words in our reading books.” 
Erin “Then we had to write our own sentence with the definition of the word in it.” 
Lacey “We found out everything is made of atoms.” 
Ruby “The reason why a balloon sticks to your hair is to do with opposite charges being attracted to each other.” 

Emma “In big writing we did activities like a board game where we rolled a dice and we had to do the imperative verb. We also did hula hooping, how to draw a flower and how to catch a ball – we wrote our own imperative verbs.” 

Wider Achievement 

Summer “Me and my dad walked to Gelston and back.” 
Emma “I won keep the quote for being nice.” 
Freya “I am going to be starting guitar lessons.” 
Lucy “I’m going to start guitar, trumpet or saxophone.” 
Ellie “I got star gymnast for the whole term.” 
Cody “I am able to do a handstand for one second.” 
Georgia “I went silaging with my dad for 6 hours last night.” 
Eilidh “At the weekend I went camping with my friends and we had marshmallows.” 
Yvie “At riding lessons I was riding up to my knee and jumping up to my hip.” 
Anna “Yesterday I landed my handspring.” 

Sebastian “I achieved a silver award for getting reached 600 house points.” 
Anna “I got my gold award for reaching 900 house points.” 


Primary 5/6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news  


Primary 6 


In maths this week we have been looking at money and budgeting. We were showing the inspectors our brilliant money skills as we tried to organise a party with a set budget.  
“The maths challenge was challenging but fun.” – Carly 
“I enjoyed maths this week.” – Michalina 


In writing this week, we have been looking at different photo prompts and discussing the type of vocabulary we would use in this scenario. We then choose our favourite picture and started to write an imaginative story to match. So far we have got some fabulous story starters and we will continue to work on these next week.  
“I enjoyed writing my story.” – Tommy 
“I enjoyed how we have started writing our imaginative story.” – Rhianna 


In music we have started to look at Italian culture music. We have also been improving our tin whistle skills.  
“I really enjoy music in general.” – Tommy 
“I enjoy playing the tin whistle.” – Carlie 

In PE this week we have continued to use our warm up game of Octopus tig as the whole class gets involved and really enjoyed it. We have been practising our throwing and catching in lacrosse as well as some competitive games.
“I enjoyed PE this week.” – Tiegan
“We played octopus tig as a warm up.” – Eilidh
“Rhianna nearly won octopus tig.” – Megan 

Dojo of the Week
Congratulations to Lewis for getting dojo of the week (week ending 3rd May) with 31 points.
Congratulations to Fraser for getting dojo of the week (this week) with 34 points.  

Wider Achievement 
Megan, Ellie and Lois received a merit in their ballet exam.
Teigan is going to a horse riding parade this weekend. 
Fraser is travelling to Moffat for rugby. 
Seren is participating in a gymnastics competition in Dundonald. 

PE kits are needed on Tuesday and Thursday. 
Homework is handed out on a Monday and is due back in on a Friday. 



Primary 6/7 

We have been writing our own Cinquain Poems about The Blitz this week.  

In maths we have been learning to tell the time and read timetables.  

Mya ” P7s attended the Health and Wellbeing Day at CDHS this week.” 
Libby “I made a smoothie with strawberries and melon in Home Economics.” 
Jaimie-Leigh “We did Rugby with John and Mr Kay.” 

Wider Achievements  
Brooke ” I got a new chanter this week.” 

Primary 7 

I had lots of fun doing the activities at the High School on Wednesday. I really liked the Smoothie Making. I used strawberry yoghurt, pineapple juice, melon, banana and strawberries to make mine. – Connor 

I am proud of getting all my questions right in maths this week. We were working out time, speed and distance problems. – Elise. 

I really enjoyed doing the Smoothie Making at the High School because I’ve never made a smoothie before and it was fun cutting up the fruit and using the blender. – Hannah. 

When we went to the High School I enjoyed doing the Sensory Testing because we rated cookies and crisps. It was great! – Rory L. 

At the High School I did table tennis. We learned all the skills such as serving. We got to play rallies against each other and I won. – Bob. 

In maths we were calculating time, distance and speed. Working out the distance was easier than the others because I am more confident with multiplying than dividing. – Andrew A. 

We were working with calendars in maths. I felt good because I understood it. – Ryan S. 

On Tuesday, me Rory and Mya showed the Inspectors around the school . At first we felt nervous but we grew in confidence as it went on . – Mia 


Group 1 Watersports is on Tuesday. All letters and money to be handed in before then.  
P.E kit will be required on Tues, Wed and Fri next week.  







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