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A bit of drama while on holiday!

Our School Drama Club took a break from their holidays to help out with getting the scenery ready for their performance of Mary Poppins in the Summer Term and having a rehearsal of most of the songs too.

Thank you to all the children and staff who came along – the excitement is building but we’ll just have to wait a little longer till we can see the Show!



P5/6 raise £225 for Macmillan Cancer

P5/6 are so pleased to have raised money for Macmillan Cancer.

Mr Coulthard gave us all one pound and we managed to turn it into £225 by starting our own businesses.

Mrs Grierson works for Macmillan and she accepted our donation on their behalf. It was really interesting hearing about how our money helps people with cancer.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was able to buy the products we made.

Our Weekly News – April 5th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

School and Nursery Inspection
We were informed this week that we will be welcoming an Education Scotland Inspection Team to the School and Nursery very soon after the start of the new term. In preparation for the Inspection there are electronic surveys for parents, P4-7 pupils, staff and partner groups to complete. The link to the parent surveys will be sent out as soon as possible so could I please ask that you check your email inbox during the holidays.

Drama Club
Our Drama Club members from P5-7 have been working very hard on Monday evenings and Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes this term to prepare for the upcoming production of Mary Poppins Jr. Preparations are underway to build the set and props also. We’ve had lots of fun with the painting! Tickets will be on sale after Easter. 


School Uniform order forms for next session will be given out to children on the first day back to school after the holidays. Please note that all completed orders and payments should be returned to the school office by Tuesday 14th May to allow us to have delivery back to school before the summer holidays. 


Easter Holidays
We go on holiday today for our Easter Holiday. We return on Tuesday 23rd April for the Summer Term. Our pupils and staff have worked very hard over the long winter term and I hope that everyone has an enjoyable holiday.

Thank you
D Tyson

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a

This has been the last week of our Bear topic – one we’ve really enjoyed! We welcomed lots of wonderful homework projects into our classroom on Monday, which people have been admiring throughout the week. Thank you to everyone who came to see them on Thursday afternoon, and a big thank you to everyone who helped make our dens! 

Darla: My bear was sitting in my bear den.  
Luke: I made a polar bear den. It was made out of lego.  
Riley: Me and my Mum put bears in it and cotton wool. 

We also finished off our topic by learning more about polar bears. We all participated in the Polar Bear Experiment. We covered one hand in lard to act as the ‘fat’ under the polar bear’s skin. When we put both our hands – one with the blubber covering and one without – in the ice cold water, we realised how the bear stays warm living in the Artic! We really enjoyed this activity! 

Ethan: I liked the way that my hand with nothing on it wasn’t even cold.  
Amelia: We had bags on our hands. We were polar bears.  
Poppy: The loved the fat. It felts so squishy.  
Have a lovely holiday, everyone! 


Primary 1b 

We really enjoyed sharing our bear dens with our friends and families this week. 
Well done to all of the children for their hard work – the dens are fabulous! The children said they had lots of fun making them with their families.   
Ziya: “my bear den had a zip line” 

We have been practising our colours and numbers in French through different games in PE.  
Charlotte: “Vert is green.”  
William “Bleu is blue.” 
Brodie: “Rouge is red.”

Primary 2 

We went outside to look for signs of Spring. We looked closely at the trees and carefully drew exactly what we could see. Then we went back to class and created Spring trees using a selection of media. We also made colourful Easter pictures. 

Cara did really well when she read part of the Easter prayer in church on Friday.  

Ferne was chosen to take part in the silent obstacle course in church. 


Primary 2/3 

This has been the last week of our Night and Day topic and we have been busy building homes for Plop and learning about the stars. 

Maisy – We made houses for Plop in the nature garden. We all looked at each other’s and said what we liked about them.  

Gregor – We worked as a team. 

Aiden – We made clay owls and waited for them to dry to paint them. 

Rory – We have been learning about different types of stars. 

Zoe – The star that I like is the big dipper, I like the shape it is. 

Gregor – It also looks like a baseball cap. 

Lewis – We have been learning about planets that go round the sun. 

Brooke P – We have been learning to order the months this week. 

We have just finished a block of work on gymnastics. 

Alexander – We were jumping, rolling and balancing. I like jumping best because you go high. 


 Primary 3 and P3/4

We loved sharing our Spring Singalong performances with you this week! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have been exploring the story of The Velveteen Rabbit this week and thinking about the signs of Spring all around us. We enjoyed telling our friends about our own special toys that we have at home, just like the little boy in the story.

We worked in pairs on Friday to take part in an Easter Egg Hunt with P3/4. It was our own job to hide the egg from our partner and then think of a clue for them to solve in order to find it. We managed to find some egg-cellent hiding places and we had to make sure that our clues gave enough of a hint, without giving away the hiding place!

Happy Holidays!

Primary 4 

Harry Potter needed our help this week to create a new potion. He had found lots of materials that he could use however the material could only be added to the potion if they could dissolve in warm water. We decided to test the materials after making our own predictions using probability and chance words. Kacie used the words “possible, likely and even chance”. 

To make sure our investigation was fair, we had to make sure things stayed the same. Before we began, we agreed on the following.  

“Amount of water” Alfie 

“Temperature of the water” Leo. 

“How we mix it” Ben W. 

“All stirring the same” Saffron. 

“Time” Amelia. 

“Amount of material” Riley. 

We used words to describe what we saw happening in the beakers as part of our team observation. This helped us better understand the terms soluble and insoluble.  

“Getting smaller and smaller” Blaine. 

“Fades” Amelia. 

“Melts” Pawel 

“Loses its colour” Ben R. 

“Shrinks” Kianna. 

“Disintegrates” Callum. 

“Separates into bits and goes away” Kelvin. 

“Disappears” Lexi. 

To share our findings with Harry we drew him a diagram. Becky made a Carroll diargam and Fraser made a Venn diagram. 

On Thursday we were challenged to create a ramp using junk modelling materials that would make an Easter egg roll as far as possible. In teams we could choose the height of the ramp and surface of the ramp. To do this successfully we had to know about forces.  

“Forces make things move” Adam. 

“Push, pull, friction and gravity are forces” Lewis. 

“Friction pushes against the egg, it’s when two things rub together” Kacie. 

“Smoother ramps had low friction” Leo. 

“Carpet samples had high friction” Freya. 

Wider Achievement 

This week we said goodbye to our fabulous S6 students Erin and Kirsty. Both girls have been helping P4 with their learning and will be missed by all the children. Thank you for all your help! 


Primary 4/5 

This week we listened to the sequel of our class novel Light on Dumyat. It is called The White Stag Adventure and was also written by Charlotte and Alexander’s Grandpa. Half way through, we predicted what was going to happen next. We had great fun, coming up with lots of alternative endings.  

The P5s spent some time researching Scotland’s mountains, beaches and wildlife. They presented what they found to the rest of the class. We have really enjoyed our topic this term on Scotland. 

Brooke – I have enjoyed learning about different landmarks in Scotland.  

Freya – I liked presenting my topic on the Scott Monument to the rest of the class.  

Skye – Learning about The River Dee was interesting.  

Coll – I learned about different types of trees on our trip to Threave Nature Reserve. 

Ollie – I learned that Balmoral Castle has 775 rooms! 

Charlotte – The Glenfinnan Viaduct is featured in the Harry Potter films.  

Lily – We watched the local wildlife enjoying life on The River Dee.  

Lhlyaijana – It was interesting to know that you can’t build anything on a flood plain, unless it is on stilts.  

Wider Achievement 

Skye has been awarded the Jobs and Zero Waste badge at Brownies. Well done.  
Last weekend Freya played at a football festival and won some matches.  
Callum has learned to play the full scale on the chanter.  

Please remember to bring in an empty shoebox for a project we are beginning at the start of next term.  
Our Ferry Science Visit  payment is due to be paid by the end of May. Remember, this can be made in small weekly instalments if preferred.  

Have a lovely Easter break.


Primary 5/6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news.

Primary 6 

Primary 6 have been finishing off their Space science experiments this week. We had a group competition on Monday to see how far we could launch a plastic bottle rocket fueled by water pressure. We made a launch pad too. The thrust made from the air and water pressure when the bicycle pump jumps out of the bottle pushes the rocket the other way.

Some of the rockets shot along the ground but we did have a few lift off. We tried again on Thursday this time trying to get them launch straight up. The best rocket went at least 4 metres up in the air!

We also finished our Feis Rois traditional music sessions this week. Thank you to Ruth and Kate who have taught us many songs such as Herring Heids which is a working song from the Orkney Islands.

Thank you to our families who came along to hear us perform with P5 and P5/6 yesterday. Mr Tyson told us how much he enjoyed the tone of our singing – it was great!


Primary 6/7 

This week P6/7 have been learning more about the Blitz during WW2 – see our Green Screen video to listen to some of the most interesting things that we learned.   

We also have been working on some Blitz inspired art work. We have been learning to mix and blend colours and create silhouettes of the London Skyline. We have included some modern day features of the London skyline also like The Shard and The London Eye as well as Big Ben, London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Our artwork is the backdrop for our Green Screen video.   

For a bit of fun this week we are holding a decorated egg competition! Happy Easter, everyone!   


Reminder that there will be a Mary Poppins rehearsal during the Easter Holidays on Tuesday 16th. Please check your slip to see when you’ve to attend. Remember also to wear old clothes so that you can get involved in the set build too!   

Primary 7

On Wednesday some of the class went to a Cross Country competition: 

Me, Ollie and Rory T won the team event. – Sami 

I think I did really well because it was quite tough and I kept going. – Jayden. 

I came 34th and I’m really proud of myself because I didn’t give up or stop running. – Neave. 

The children have been working really hard at Show Club: 

I have been practicing my song, I am singing on my own and I have been perfecting it. – Morven. 

I know all my words and can now perform without looking at the script. – Ryan K. 

We finished off our Indian elephant art work this week: 

Indian elephants are pregnant for almost 2 years! – Sam. 

We were learning about Indian arts and crafts: 

We learned about henna. We drew designs and I chose to do an elephant on mine.- Daniel  P.  

Wider Achievement  

Two weeks ago I participated in a gymnastics competition. I got medals for 2nd on vault and 3rd on the floor. – Sophie. Last Friday I went for tri-outs for a new squad and I got in. – Sophie.  


The rota for our Sponsored Row and Cycle event will be sent home after the holidays.  
Sponsor forms and raised money should be returned to the school after the event.  
Show Club Easter holiday practice is Tues 16th April. 







P5 on the Pilgrim Road from Carsphairn to Polmaddy.

Primary 5 went on a hillwalk along the old Pilgrim Road which went from Glasgow to Whithorn where St Ninian built the first church in Scotland. The class have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots and discovered that she went along the road in 1563. The road was a grassy track used by people and horses and there are still signs of this very old road today high up on the hills near Carsphairn.

Mr Tyson was very impressed with how the class coped with the unpleasant weather at the start of the walk, enthusiasm, map skills and trying to imagine what it would have been like walking this road 500 years ago!

Please have a look at the photographs and the captions and comments written by P5.

Le Poisson Rouge!

It’s the 1st of April and a chance to play a few pranks.  In France the 1st April is known as ‘Le Poisson Rouge’ or goldfish day. The challenge is to try and stick a paper fish on to someone’s back.

P6 were tricked by Mr Tyson into making a fish shape in the playground and swimming! However they got their own back with sticky fish and also playing tricks like covering his computer mouse so it wouldn’t work!

P6 Space Adventures

Primary 6 have been working on some imaginative writing. Their task was to create a story with a space theme and think about the flow of their story, layout, using speech and the genre. Is it an adventure story. a horror story ……   Click on a link to have a read 🙂

Abi – Mystery Awaits in Space

Cameron – In the Space Rocket

Catrina – My Horror Space Adventure

Cody – The Time Machine

Eilidh – The Story of My Adventure

Ellie – Lisa’s Space Adventure

Lacey – Missing in Space

Logan – The 4 in Space

Molly – Lost in Space

Mylie – This Spacecraft

Seren – Alien Adventure at St Graindens

Teigan – Monday 11th March

Tommy – Cheese and Cracker and the Adventure of Space Shop and Other Stuff

Tyler – Turtles to the Rescue

Eggstravaganza – P3, P3/4 and 4 Spring Concert

Our P3, P3/4 and P4 classes held a dress rehearsal for their Spring Concert with the rest of the school today.

There were a lot of smiles and their enthusiasm with songs, jokes and dancing shone through. We are looking forward to welcoming families and the local community to the concerts next week.


Our Weekly News – 29th March

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

New School App 
The school has subscribed to a new app which is free for all families (and family members) to download. Whether your smartphone or tablet is Apple or Android go to your online App store and search for PSA and look for Primary School App. Download the App and then to finish setup please search for Castle Douglas Primary. 

Once the App is opened the Home page has a news summary and forthcoming events page. There is also  
– a Dates tab which has the school calendar on it (which works!) 
– a News Tab which lists news feeds from our website (including the Weekly News), school Twitter feeds and video clips. 

We hope you will find the new App an improvement from the old one which will no longer be updated. 

Please search for PSA and have a look at our new App. 


School Dinners Spring/Summer terms

Your child has been given a new menu home  this week for use after the Easter holidays. Please note that the cost of a school meal will then be £1.90. 

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1a 
This week we have been working hard on writing independently about our trip to the Doach Woods. We loved looking through the photographs taken on the day to inspire our ideas. In our writing, we’ve been focussing on using our sounds to help us blend and using our tricky words – ‘the’, ‘was’, he’, ‘she’ etc. We wrote about what we liked doing on the trip: 

Ayla: I liked going on the bus. 
Lola: Ted was in the tree! 
Amelia: I saw Ben too! 
We all feel very proud of our writing! 

This week we have also been learning about different types of bears. So far we have learned about brown, black, polar, panda and moon bears. We learned about their habitats, where they are from and what they like to eat. 
Finlay: Polar bears don’t hibernate. 
Jillie:  We can’t wait to learn more about other types of bears! We are also really looking forward to seeing everyone’s bear den designs next week. 

‘Create a Bear Den’ homework challenge is due on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about all the different dens. We will open the classroom at 2:45pm on Thursday 4th April – parents and families are invited to come and look at the bear dens.   


Primary 1b 

We have been learning about different bears and their native habitats. The children drew a world map, labelled the continents/countries and put the pictures of the bears on the correct part of the map. Well done to Conall, Max, Charlotte and Ziya for their hard work drawing the map.  
Elliot: “Polar bears live in the ice.” 
Ziya: “Brown bear – they live in a cave and eat meat.” 
Brodie: “Sloth bear and a sun bear.” 
Zach: “Pandas like bamboo.” 

We have done some super writing about our trip to the Doach woods. Eryithsyai said her favourite part was making a den for Ben and Mya liked climbing the rope. We are working hard to blend our sounds to build words and incorporating some ‘tricky’ words in our writing – ‘I’, ‘the’ and ‘was’.  

Tiffany and her family have made Ben a tag so that if he ever gets lost again, someone can phone the school and let us know – what a fantastic idea!  

We are continuing to work on our adding, with a little help from Tiny Tim! We are working on using the correct vocabulary and using concrete materials to help work out the sums.  

*photographs taken by Ziya and Ellie 

‘Create a Bear Den’ homework challenge is due on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about all the different dens. We will open the classroom at 2:45pm on Thursday 4th April – parents and families are invited to come and look at the bear dens.   

Primary 2 

We have been learning to tell the time-  half past and o’clock. 
‘We played half past and o’clock bingo’- Evie 
‘We knew about analogue and digital clocks. 

Miss Newall read the chapter Dark Is Fascinating in the Owl Who Is Afraid Of The Dark. We wrote describing words about Plop. 
‘Silly’ – Floyd 
‘Funny’- Indie 
‘Happy’- Nell 
‘Frightened’- Mason 
‘Fluffy’- Frankie 
We went outside to look for signs of Spring and drew then painted a tree in detail. 


Primary 3

We have been very busy rehearsing for our Spring Singalong Show and we are so excited to share it with you all next week! Please see below to check the times of the performances and should you have any questions regarding outfits etc, please do not hesitate to ask.
This week, we have been creating beautiful Spring artwork to decorate the school hall. We used watercolours to blend warm and cool colours and we used magazine pages to create a collage.

We have also been developing our skills in working with clay this week. We have created a beautiful Spring decoration – it will be coming home soon!


Spring Singalong Shows
Tuesday 2nd April – 1.45pm
Wednesday 3rd April – 6pm


Primary 4
We have been very busy rehearsing for our Spring Singalong Show and we are so excited to share it with you all next week! Please check the times of the performances. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We have been creating lots of bright Easter egg art work, look out for it in the hall! 

We have finished off our information handling learning in maths. We’ve been taking part in lots of activities throughout the week where we have had to use our skills in new contexts. Emily–Rose and Lexi made a Carroll diagram for their favourite sweets then made a Venn diagram for their favourite games. Saffron sorted letters into two different criteria. Outside we used different criteria to organise numbers, this meant we had to use our number skills too! 

Well done to Kacie, Ria, Ben W, Isla McC and Rylan who all achieved their reading targets this week. 

Wider Achievement 
Riley went up a level at swimming club, he shared his certificates and badges with the class. 

Spring Singalong Shows: 
Tuesday 2nd April: 1.45pm. 
Wednesday 3rd April: 6pm, performers arrive at 5.40pm in costume. 


Primary 5 
In class we have been busy finishing off our Mary Queen of Scots story boards and imagining what it would be like to go back to that time. We also had our Big Writing assessment and have completed STAR assessments on Accelerated Reader.
We have been continuing our work on fractions and time in numeracy. We have carried out surveys in class asking each other our favourite Easter treat and created bar charts.
Mr Tyson has also been in class to speak about grid referencing in preparation for our hill walk trip on Wednesday.
We have had another visit from Feis Rois where we learned about a new instrument with lots of strings. We enjoyed watching the P3, P3/4 and P4 assembly on Friday morning.  

Wider Achievement  
Well done to Alper who is continuing to excel at his boxing classes. He has asked if anyone would like to join his boxing club could they let him or Miss Mackintosh know and he will pass on information on how to join if you would be interested.    
Anna brought in some home learning she has done this week where she has listed all the countries in the world in alphabetical order! She discovered that there are no countries beginning with the letter ‘X’. 

Hillwalk: Wednesday 3rd of April, please can letters and money be returned by Tuesday 2nd April.  
Feis Rois music concert: Thursday 4th April, please can you let us know how many people we can expect to be coming to watch your child perform as soon as possible. Any members of family or friends are welcome.  


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news

Primary 6
In maths this week we have been investigating scales and also map work. We have learned how to grid reference to find a position on a map. 
In ICT we animated planet orbits to show how fast they orbit the sun compared to each other. Have a look at the short video of one of our animations.  
The class has enjoyed the Feis Rois singing sessions this term. Eilidh has liked learning Gaelic words and Tommy has been interested in the history of the songs. We have learned weaving songs and also a song sung by slaves as they tramped bricks in to the ground when making roads. A Scots person living in USA saw this and created a song. The movement of the slaves’ feet led to the Charleston dance! 
Next week we are looking forward to sharing our Feis Rois songs that we have been learning this term. 

In PE this week we were linking with our symmetry skills by creating a symmetry dance. 

We have been also been learning the key features of writing a Science report. Next week will be making rockets and having a competition to see how far they can travel using the information we learned about nose cones and air resistance. 

Wider Achievement 
Seren travelled to Fife to take part in floor and vault gymnastic competition. 
This weekend Fraser is playing rugby against a team from Glasgow on Saturday and then Dumfries on Sunday. 

If you have time over the weekend please decorate a hard boiled egg in a space theme e.g. an alien or astronaut who will be travelling on your rocket on Monday! 

Primary 6/7

In P6/7 we are really enjoying learning about WW2. 
Lexie W ” We learned about the different types of protection uses during the Blitz in WW2.” 
Melissa ” We learned about coordinates in maths plotting our own vegetable garden for the Dig for Victory propaganda campaign.” 
Abbey s ” We have been designing our own propaganda posters. Each poster had to have a catchy slogan, bright pictures and be informative.” 
Hughie ” On my propaganda poster I used the slogan ‘ We Need your Hand to Work The Land.” 
Mati ” We learned about safe shelters called Anderson shelters that people went in during Air Raids.” 
Harris ” We learned that a Morrison Shelter was similar to an Anderson shelter but was kept indoors.” 
Holly ” We learned about the role of the Night Wardens during The Blitz.” 

Leland “In R.M.E. we are learning about Judaism. We have learned about kosher foods and next week we will start to study the Holocaust.” 

Wider Achievement  
Mya danced at the JDRF ball last weekend.  
Brooke has been learning My Land on this Chanter this week.  
Leland is learning to play The Eye of The Tiger on the guitar. 

Remember your outdoor P.E. Kit next Friday for football.  
In P6/7 we will have a decorated Egg Competition next Friday. Please bring in an entry if desired.  
Make sure that the egg is hard boiled before transportation!! 


Primary 7 
We finished off our drawings of the Taj Mahal on Monday. We added a lot of shading. – Morven. 

I am proud of getting my Accelerated Reading target this week – Hannah, Rory L, Isla A, Andrew A, Rory T, Bob, Deacon, Tiana, Chloe and Ryan S. 

I really enjoyed our Indian elephant art this week. – Deacon.  
We found out that Indian elephants have the largest brain of any land animal. – Katherine.  
Indian elephants are a symbol of strength and everlasting. – Hayden.  

In P.E we focused on rolls in gymnastics. The hardest was the backwards roll and the easiest one was the teddy bear roll. – Bob. 

In Samson maths we have learned all the strategies for all four calculations now. I am best at addition. – Sam. 

We have been working with fractions, decimals and percentages this week. I enjoyed using the calculator. – Chloe. 

Wider Achievement  
On Friday I am going shark diving at Deep Sea World. I am nervous but excited.  – Daniel P
Good luck to the boys playing in the Threave Rovers team in their game against Greystone Black this weekend.  

Slips for our Rowing and Cycling event are due in by Tuesday. 


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Please click this link to have  a look at more photographs on our Primary 1 Blog.

Our Weekly News – March 22nd

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

School News

Thank you to P2 and P2/3 for sharing their Comic Relief assembly last week. Our brightly coloured clothing day and sale of red noses raised a fabulous £656.

Well done to our Pupils of the Month chosen by their classes.

Ethan, Brodie, Floyd, Maisy-Leigh, Amber, Jazmine, Leo, Freya, Finlay, Jessica, Lois and Abi, Miriam, Rory T.

This month’s reasons include being kind and helpful. working extra hard to improve their maths and language (reading and writing) skills and for creativity with art and crafts.

(We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. )

Primary 1a 

We have had a very exciting week, engaging in lots of lovely activities to do with our Bear topic. 

Last Friday, we welcomed lots of family and friends to our Teddy Bears Picnic. We had a lovely time sharing our food and eventually getting outside into the nature garden. We love going outside in all weathers! 

Ollie: I liked playing outside and Mum watching. 
Miley: I liked when we had our lunch inside because it was not that good weather. But then it got better and we went out again. 
Kaci: I liked all about playing outside. I went in the mud. 
Kendyl: We sat on the bench and saw the view. 

On Wednesday, Ted went missing from our class! He left us a note in his diary telling us he had gone on an adventure! We decided to make ‘Wanted’ posters to help us find him. We had to describe what he looked like and what he liked to do. 

Skye: I said Ted was cheeky! 
Lexi: I wrote Ted was kind. 
Amelia: I said he was handsome! 

We had a wonderful time yesterday on our Bear Hunt to the Doach Woods. We followed the trail of porridge that Ted and Ben left us. It was quite a steep climb but we all managed it! Thank you to all parents who came along. 

Lola: We were building bear houses! Bear dens 
Ethan: We found Ted! He was in the trees with Ben. 
Iris: I liked when I saw the porridge oats. 
Murry: I liked making the bear caves because we found lots of moss for the couch. 

Our Homework Challenge of Creating a Bear Den is still ongoing. Please check the slip given for details. We made dens in the woods on Thursday so hopefully you’ll have some more brilliant ideas to add to your project!

Primary 1b 

We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared! 

So…….. this week Ben and Ted took themselves off for an adventure without telling us where they had gone! We made ‘Wanted’ posters and stuck them up around the school asking if anyone had seen them. We arrived at the Doach Woods on Thursday morning and Mr Tyson told us he had received a selfie from the 2 bears! We then went on a bear hunt, following the porridge clues, looking for the bears. We found them – in a tree!  

Mya: “we we’ve been on a bus and we been hunting for Ted and Ben and building bear dens.” 
Beth: “We done yoga” “We went on a bear hunt and the boys were trying to get faster and I was guarding.” 
Ellie: “I loved finding Ben” “I love Ben.” 
Ziya: “We been finding porridge at the woods and we found the 2 bears.”
Angus: “I liked building a den with Ben at the woods.” 
Zane: “I liked going on a bear hunt with everyone” “I liked doing the actions when we done it on Wednesday.” 

Conall: “I like doing stuff with Eddie” “We’ve got a football tournament this weekend – it’s a kinda football match thing.” 
Brodie: “I like making boats – testing them if they float.” 
Joshua: “I like playing with Zach, Elliot and Ziya – Avengers.”
“I like playing lego with Conall.” 
Max: “I like building towers.” 

We are pleased to have Ben the bear back as we love playing with him at school. 

Well done to Brodie our Pupil of the Month. 

Our Homework Challenge of Creating a Bear Den is still ongoing. Please check the slip given for details. We made dens in the woods on Thursday so hopefully you’ll have some more brilliant ideas to add to your project! 


Primary 2 

This week we have been learning about o’clock and half pasts.  
“On a digital watch half past is the number 30” – Leigha 

We had an interesting and fun time at Threave Gardens this week. James, the Ranger, was helping us to find out more about nocturnal animals. Nocturnal means that the animal sleeps during the day and comes out at night. 

We made a list of nocturnal animals – owl, Badger, hedgehogs, foxes and frogs. Bears and raccoons are also nocturnal but they don’t live in Scotland. 

We also found out that bats live in tiny holes and they hunt for food when it is dark. 

Frankie – “We wrote our about visit for our Big Writing this week.”


Primary 3

Primary 3 are very excited that we now have froglets! The boys and girls have been writing lovely stories to the froglets and are doing a great job of caring for them.

This week in Art we started to design and create our own Fairy houses for our enchanted forest.

In maths we are learning to divide using our knowledge of our times tables to help us. We are finding this math’s concept rather tricky and we are using our times table dances to help us.


Extra tickets are available for the Easter Show from the school office.

Please bring in your costume for the Easter show in by Wednesday 27.3.19 in bag that is clearly labelled.


Primary 4

We have now added lots of musical instruments and some costumes to our Spring Singalong performance. We are all looking and sounding fantastic! This week we have been focusing on moving on and off stage and the ribbon dancers have been perfecting their routine. P4 have been learning their song lyrics at home.

We have been peer-assessing our Viking writing, learning to give helpful feedback to our classmates as well as identifying where they need to improve. We have also been learning all about the moon landings as we are going to be writing a newspaper report about them next Wednesday.

In maths we have been using interactive games on the board to explore pictograms and tally charts. We went on to gather information through questioning in organised ways, recording and displaying our findings.

Wider Achievement

Sam won a medal in Cumbernauld at Strathkelvin Judo Club, he won two of his fights.

Lexi and Kacie went to Dansarena in Ayr to take their ballet exam. They were both nervous on the day but are pleased with their performances. Well done girls!

Extra tickets are available for the show from the school office.

Please bring your costume for the show by Wednesday 27.3.19 in bag that is clearly labelled.


Primary 4/5

This week we have been presenting our landmark homework projects, to the rest of the class.
Seth – I was a little scared when I was just beginning but then I got used to it.
Leo – At the start I thought I was going to be nervous, but then I wasn’t.
Callum – I was worried that I would make a mistake but now I have done it, it was okay.
Darragh – I learned how to show good expression in my voice.
Hugo – To make a good presentation you need to try and speak clearly.
Charlotte – You have to look at your audience when presenting to the class.

Have a look at the school Facebook page to see some pictures of our presentations. Mrs Findlay was so impressed with the standard of work. Everyone has made such an effort. Thanks to parents for helping at home. Lots of shared learning has gone on and it’s great to see.

Wider Achievement
Maxi – I was awarded my chef badge at Cubs. I made caramel tart and Italian pasta.
Callum – I climbed a tree at a Cubs day out.
Lhylaijana – I have learned how to baton twirl.
Alexander – I was awarded my chef badge at Cubs. I made plum tart.
Charlotte – I have learned how to play the piano with both hands at the same time.

Children should remember to bring their PE kit in on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please also remember Stena Trip payments can be made daily/weekly if desired. Please send in consent forms as soon as possible so that parent helpers can be organised.

Primary 5

In class we have been researching more about Mary Queen of Scots and imagining what it would be like to go back in time to the year 1561 when Mary returned to Scotland. We are writing this adventure in the style of a comic strip.

In gymnastics we have practised balancing and learned many different types of balances in pairs. We were also aiming to have a straight back and hold the pose for at least three seconds.

For Big Writing we have almost finished planning for our assessment and have taken these home to finish off our draft reports.

We have continued to enjoy our music workshop with Ruth who is teaching us to sing and use the ukulele.

On Friday we are emailing authors, illustrators and Katherine Johnson to ask them questions about books and science.

Wider Achievement
Well done to Holly who moved up to SS4 group at swimming!

Any disco money please send this in with your child at your earliest convenience.

Please can children remember to keep taking their Big Writing booklets with them to school each day and especially on Wednesday 27th March which is the date of our assessment.


Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6

We have had another busy week in Primary 6. Here are some of the highlights!

In maths we have been learning about symmetry – Jake liked using the mirrors. Seren and Molly enjoyed putting symmetry into their gymnastic routines. Mylie used her IT skills to make a symmetry poster. Carlie, Lexi and Tyler have been working hard on their mental maths – multiplying by 10 and 100.

We have continued with our science challenges – Lacy is looking forward to carrying on with the space buggy challenge and the whole class have had fun with balloon rockets – successes and failures!

Ryan has enjoyed French this week. He can tell you all about the body parts – en francais!

Well done to Teigan who has earned 7000 tokens on the Reading Wise Programme.

Rhianna can tell you all about longitude and latitude and Emily can explain the 8 points of the compass.

Wider achievements

Meghan, Ellie and Lois have been in Ayr for their ballets exams. Well done!

Tomas touched a snake for the first time!

Primary 7

In maths we have been adding, taking away and multiplying fractions. I think I managed quite well. I did quite well on my test.

Andrew A – In art we drew the Taj Mahal. I learned that it was built in 1632 and finished in 1653. It took 21 years to build!

Rory T – In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about the risks of abusing alcohol. I learned that you had to be 18 to buy alcohol.

Isla L – In P.E we have been continuing with our gymnastics block. This week we focused on Jumping.

Jayden – I really enjoyed lunchtime football this week. We were doing shooting drills.

Cameron – In writing groups this week we had to write a persuasive piece to say why we were most deserving of the chocolate eggs Mrs Carlyle brought in.

Sam – When reading my info trail book I learned that evacuees in WW2 had to wear identity tags to say where they were from and who they were.

We are very proud that we achieved our Accelerated Reader targets this week – Isla A, Andrew D and Elise.

Well done to Elise for winning the Dojo points and to Connor for coming second.

Well done to Rory T for being awarded Pupil of the Month at Friday’s achievement assembly.

Pupils are expected to be at 90% towards their Accelerated Reader target this week.








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