It’s nearly the holidays!!


LW –  Show and Tell

“A farmer came and he was telling us about farms and animals he has on a farm.” LH


“We had Show and Tell with AA. She brought in two certificates. One was for gymnastics.” LR

” We were writing messages to Ohad on Clicker 7″. AW

“We were learning about telling the time with some clocks. We were having fun.” AC

“Abby, Hanna, Liam and I were taking photos of each other when we were at the summer disco.” GC

“At the summer disco Liam took a picture of Abi, Bryce and I. We were kneeling on top of each other and doing piggy backs.” BR

P7s came to our class and H read us a story. Thank you H!

“Beth brought in a joke book and it had lots of jokes in it. She made up her own joke and it was called “knock, knock… who’s there? Doughnut. Doughnut who? Dough not open the door, I’m getting bored!” JP

This week in P2B

“We were drawing hexagons in the air and we listened to a song.” RT

“This week we were doing the genie lamps in art.” HC

“Last week we had groups. One had to go and play sumdog spelling and the other group had do reading comprehension about the badger. One group was reading with Mrs Black.” RH

Nathan, Georgia and Mollie shared at Show and Tell this week.

“When Aryanna’s mum was here, she showed us the mat that you pray on and at the end of the day we got to eat some dates.” AC

“Me, Rory, Járed, Riley and Megan were going to pick some lettuce. “AJ

We picked potatoes and even a carrot too!

“We were doing science and we were seeing if we could hear our partners in our groups with telephones made out of string and cups. We were learning about vibrations.” MS



“We were outside learning with the rocks and sand.” RP

“We were looking for triangles in the playground. We found one at the cone.” BC

“We had to collect 10 different items and make a picture or build something.” MC and AM


“Amber brought snake skin into the class from her snake.” CW

“We were doing less than, equals and greater than on a whiteboard. I nearly completed all of the chilli challenge!” RH

Here are two videos to watch together about greater than and less than.

Next week will be revising fractions, time, money and shape in maths. In literacy, we will be focusing on spelling tricky words. In RME we will be learning more about Islam.

Happy weekend everyone!

Charlotte’s Web

“When we were in the PE hall we were playing boomwhackers. Everyone had one. At the end we were in groups of our boomwhacker colours and then we were guided when we were hitting the boomwhackers to make the sound. The colours were green, orange, purple, long red, short red and yellow.” (JL)

“We were logging on to Clicker 7 and writing sentences with the ‘tion’ sound.” (GC)

“We saw a play called Charlotte’s Web yesterday. It was good. There was Charlotte, Wilbur, the mum and dad and Avery and Fern. Charlotte had baby spiders. There was also a spider called Charlotte and she had 514 little spiders. At the end Wilbur and Fern were holding one of the baby spiders. Wilbur and Fern went around with the baby spiders. Some people got to see the baby spiders.” (MS and NP2)

Next week we will be learning more about subtraction and some symbols that we use to help us with our maths. Our sound will be ‘tious/cious’.

Drumtastic day!

“We were drumming with drums and it was really noisy. I enjoyed it because we got to play the drums. We were playing a game where we were trying to copy Steve but we kept on beating him.” (NP2, JP and AW2)

“We have been using rekenreks for mental maths and we had to guess the way Mrs Black makes a number like 12” (LW)

“We were writing about the setting of Charlotte’s Web. We wrote about what it sounds like, feels like, smells like and looks like.” (AJ, BC and LH)

We watched these videos about feelings this week.


In topic we learned about what needs to happen to food before we can eat it. We watched

Next week our sound will be ‘tion’. We will continue to learn about subtraction in maths.

Sports Day Fun!

“We went to Briarlands Farm on Tuesday and we went on a tractor ride to see animals. We saw Jess which was a mum pig and she just had 14 babies. We saw one of her piglets and we got to feel the little piglet. When we were going to Briarlands Farm we had our snack before we went on the tractor ride.” (NP2, MS and AC)

“When we saw the 14 piglets they were really cute. We got to stroke the piglet and the piglet was so loud it was hurting my ears. When I stroked it, it was so soft.” (AM)

“We got to feed the baby lambs and we were feeding them milk.” (AA)

“When we went to Briarlands farm I liked when the pig was screaming because it hurt my ear drums. It was funny”. (MC)

“We were learning about a new sound and it was ‘ear’. Did you know ‘ear’ is actually a sound and a word because it is in words and it is a noun?” (JP)

“In maths we were thinking about how to make the same beads on the rekenreks as the teacher had.” (BC)

“My favourite thing in sports day was the football because it was fun.” (LH)

We are looking forward to a busy week next week, with a spanish class, drumming workshops and lots of visitors. We hope that you can come along to one of our events, including sessions on dealing with stress, mindset matters and a numeracy workshop.

Our sound next week will be ‘ure’. In maths, we will continue to work on subtraction.

Our children have all enjoyed becoming ‘mini-farmers’ in our growing garden. If you have an hour to spare on a Friday morning to help the children as they tend to the growing garden, please let me know.

Our school trip to Briarlands Farm is on Tuesday.

  • Please remember to provide your child with a packed lunch in a named carrier bag if you have not asked for a school packed lunch.
  • Please provide a disposable water bottle.
  • Children should wear a school jumper/cardigan but are free to wear casual clothes on the bottom.
  • We expect the weather to be warm, in which case, please apply sun cream to your child before bringing them to school. However, as the forecast may not be accurate, please also provide a waterproof jacket with hood.
  • No money should be brought on the trip as the children will not be given time to make purchases from the gift shop.

Sports Day is also taking place on Thursday afternoon. Children may come dressed in sports clothes, preferably with a t-shirt of their house colour. Children can take their gym kit home the night before, or they may change into their gym t-shirt at school.

Children have all had the opportunity to select ‘chill’ books from our school collection. This books have been banded according to difficulty level. The children are encouraged to enjoy these at home and at school, and change them frequently. Please make sure that these come back to school with your child so that this can happen.

“We were rolling a dice because we were playing a game. It was a chance game and we had to think of what words we could use for chance. The words were ‘might happen’, ‘might not happen’, ‘probably’, ‘impossible’,  ‘likely’ and ‘possible'” (DG, LR, AM, LH, HC, GC, RH and NP).

P2 enjoyed some buddy reading with the P6s.

“We were planting potatoes and carrots in the growing garden. Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Pérez were helping us.” (JL, RH and AA)

“We had Show and Tell from Járed and Rory. Rory made flowers for the class and it’s on top of the class board. Járed showed us his rock collection”. (RH)

MS and EM shared fantastic book blessings about their favourite stories.

Our sound for next week is ‘ear’. We will continue to focus on subtraction in our maths.


P2B Week Ending 3.5.19

“We were having a book blessing from Bryce and Michael. The books were called The Smartest Giant in Town and Dinosaur Police.” (Aryanna, Amber and Liam).

“Today we went outside to the P6 planters with Mrs Johnstone. We measured how high the plants went. Then we put some plant food into one of the planters and then after that we will check it again and see which planter has grown faster. If we were not measuring, we were drawing pictures of plants. The name of the plant food was fertiliser. Fertiliser might make plants grow quicker when plants get more food. When other plants don’t get that much they might not grow as fast.” (Járed, Riley and Alexis)

“We were finding verbs in our books.” (Annabelle)

We have had a very busy week!

Next week we will be reviewing some of the sounds we have already learned. We will be continuing with subtraction within 20 for our maths.

Class Newsletter – Term 4

Class Newsletter: Term 4

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you find the following information useful.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Learning in Term 3:

Lots of our work in term 3 focused on our topic about our bodies. The children’s learned about the skeleton and major organs in the body, including the brain, heart, lungs and digestive system. We also learned about our senses. Another focus through this term was on one of our school values, resilience, and have continued to build our resilience throughout the term.

In writing, we were continuing to focus on good quality sentences, with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Children developed their use of connectives such as and, but and because. The children also became better at self-identifying errors in their writing. As a class, we particularly enjoyed writing about some of our favourite stories, including Giraffes Can’t Dance and The Fish Who Could Wish.

In maths, our main focus was fractions. We benefitted from working with a principal maths teacher. We looked at solving fractions problems using practical materials. We also learned about multiplication, money and measurement of length, volume and weight. We continued to develop our mental maths skills, focusing on addition through 10 (e.g. 8 + 4 = 8 + 2 + 2), and doubles and near doubles ( e.g. 7 + 8 = 7 + 7 + 1).

Learning focus this term:

Through our topic Food and Farming we will be learning about:

  • Where food comes from
  • What plants need in order to grow and develop
  • Different types of agriculture in Scotland and our local area
  • Healthy food choices

If you have any experience in this area, please let us know. We would love to have some ‘experts’ come in to share in our learning journey.

Core Literacy:

  • As you are aware, we are continuing with our Read Write Inc programme for phonics and spelling. We are now using Storyworld books and other texts for our reading, along with our class novel, to help develop reading and comprehension skills.
  • We will be discussing the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts, learning about the words that authors use and how it makes us feel and/or the effect it has on the text. We will also be recognising facts and opinions.
  • Our writing lessons will have a focus on imaginative writing this term. We will be writing about a character, a setting and creating a simple story with a beginning, middle and end. We will also be developing our handwriting skills.
  • We will continue to work on our listening and talking skills through Show and Tell, Book Blessings and sharing our news at circle time.

Core Numeracy:

This term will be focusing on

  • Division using practical materials
  • Subtraction
  • Using symbols for more than (>), less than (<) and equals (=)
  • Chance and uncertainty, i.e. how likely is something to happen

We will also be learning about Islam.

Health and Wellbeing:

This term we are learning about:

  • Food and health
  • Relationship, sexual health and parenthood. Details to follow.

Yellow Wing Cuddle on the Couch:

Please help us to promote reading by joining us for Cuddle on the Couch. Come along to the Yellow Wing and spend some time reading with your child.  Details to follow.

School Trip:

This year P2 will be visiting Briarlands Farm on Tuesday 14th May. Your child has received a letter about the trip which includes all of the details.

Lost Property:

We are aware that children sometimes misplace jumpers and other items of clothing. Please ensure that your child’s name is on every piece of clothing that comes into school. Children are given opportunities to find their property in class and throughout the school. If your child comes out of school without some of their belongings, they will be given the opportunity to retrieve their property the next day.

I look forward to working in partnership with you this session.

Kind regards,

Mrs Black

This week in P2B

“In PE we were running to write numbers in 2s, 3s and 5s and 10s” (MS)

“We were running to the end. We had to sit down when we got to 10, 20 or 100. GC’s team won the last round.” (RH)

“This week we were doing a bar graph with how many people liked farm animals. The farm animals were sheep dog, chicken, horse, pig and cow. After we were finished our bar graph we were allowed to make our own with a whiteboard and pen. We got to choose what our bar graph was about. We got to go around the class asking people which one they liked.” (KC)

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday period.

Next week, in maths we will be looking at subtraction. Our sound will be ‘ire’. Homework and reading books will be sent home on Monday.

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