Charlotte’s Web

“When we were in the PE hall we were playing boomwhackers. Everyone had one. At the end we were in groups of our boomwhacker colours and then we were guided when we were hitting the boomwhackers to make the sound. The colours were green, orange, purple, long red, short red and yellow.” (JL)

“We were logging on to Clicker 7 and writing sentences with the ‘tion’ sound.” (GC)

“We saw a play called Charlotte’s Web yesterday. It was good. There was Charlotte, Wilbur, the mum and dad and Avery and Fern. Charlotte had baby spiders. There was also a spider called Charlotte and she had 514 little spiders. At the end Wilbur and Fern were holding one of the baby spiders. Wilbur and Fern went around with the baby spiders. Some people got to see the baby spiders.” (MS and NP2)

Next week we will be learning more about subtraction and some symbols that we use to help us with our maths. Our sound will be ‘tious/cious’.

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