P2B Week Ending 3.5.19

“We were having a book blessing from Bryce and Michael. The books were called The Smartest Giant in Town and Dinosaur Police.” (Aryanna, Amber and Liam).

“Today we went outside to the P6 planters with Mrs Johnstone. We measured how high the plants went. Then we put some plant food into one of the planters and then after that we will check it again and see which planter has grown faster. If we were not measuring, we were drawing pictures of plants. The name of the plant food was fertiliser. Fertiliser might make plants grow quicker when plants get more food. When other plants don’t get that much they might not grow as fast.” (J├íred, Riley and Alexis)

“We were finding verbs in our books.” (Annabelle)

We have had a very busy week!

Next week we will be reviewing some of the sounds we have already learned. We will be continuing with subtraction within 20 for our maths.

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