Have a good weekend

“We were making animal masks from the story Umbrella Bella”. (Logan and Bryce)

“We were dressing up as Pudsey and Blush last week”. (Michael)

“We met an author who wrote Umbrella Bella. She wrote the words. She read the story and we played games with her”. (Hanna, Beth, Amber and Megan)

“This week we were playing funky mummy to practice our doubles”. (Alexis)

Here’s a good game for you to play with your children. http://www.ictgames.com/funkyMummy/index.html

“In gym we have been doing some partner balances.” (Georgia and Ohad)

“We were practising our songs for our nativity. My favourite song is flocks of sheep, and I also like Sorry there isn’t a room” (Abi J and Járed)

“In topic we were talking about needs and wants” (Kayla).

Children in Need 2018 and more…

“We were doing a Pudsey Parade outside on the trim trail”. (Joseph)

“We have been taking pictures in the corridor”. (Euan)

“We were going outside to have a walk around the school”. (Ohad)

“We were raising money for Children in Need by selling Pudsey  pin badges and wristbands.” (Aryanna and Mollie)

“In art we were drawing Pudsey.” (Megan)

“We designed a Rookie Rockstars poster.” (Abby W)

“In maths we have been using our doubles in maths.” (Kayla)

“In PE we were doing stations. We did bowling, football and doing forward rolls and going through the tunnel.” (Járed)

“We were writing a letter to Daisy about the trouble with Christmas.” (Nathan)

“We have been learning about what is bullying or not bullying.” (Rory)

Enjoy our Pudsey Pictures!


Rookie Rockstars, outdoor learning and much more

“We were tasting some of the herbs in our garden”. (Járed and Nathan)

“On our outdoor learning we were finding stones, pinecones, shells, sticks and leaves to make animals with” (Logan and Aryanna).

“We were doing sums on a rekenrek. We were learning doubles.” (Bryce and Kayla)

Here is a link to a game that we have been playing about doubles.


“We were logging on to computers and we were coming back off using the shut down button.” (Georgia)

“We were logging on and off the laptops”. (Joseph)

“On our show of Rookie Rockstars we performed songs”. (Riley)

Happy Halloween!

We have had a fantastically busy, topsy turvy week in p2B this week! With Halloween and Rookie Rockstars going on, we have had lots of fun!

“In art we made some pumpkins with paper, pens and oil pastels.” (Georgia)

“In gym we played zombie tig and in Rookie Rockstars we were making a CD.” (Beth)

“We were at a Halloween disco and everybody dressed up.” (Riley)

“We were writing about what we did at Halloween. I was writing about carving a pumpkin.” (Natsumi)

“With Mrs Given we were making witches for Halloween. The witches were all the same but the smiles were different.” (Liam)


Rookie Rockstars!

“We sang some songs about bullying, about being OK and we were playing air guitars.” (Cameron and Abby W.)

“We were designing a Rookie Rockstar a CD cover.” (Bryce and Ohad)

Hope you can make it to our concerts on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tickets are still available.

We have also been practicing our numbers in French to 20. Here’s a video you could watch at home.

In maths we have been practicing our doubles within 20. Here’s another couple of videos that you could watch together to help remember our doubles.