Our children have all enjoyed becoming ‘mini-farmers’ in our growing garden. If you have an hour to spare on a Friday morning to help the children as they tend to the growing garden, please let me know.

Our school trip to Briarlands Farm is on Tuesday.

  • Please remember to provide your child with a packed lunch in a named carrier bag if you have not asked for a school packed lunch.
  • Please provide a disposable water bottle.
  • Children should wear a school jumper/cardigan but are free to wear casual clothes on the bottom.
  • We expect the weather to be warm, in which case, please apply sun cream to your child before bringing them to school. However, as the forecast may not be accurate, please also provide a waterproof jacket with hood.
  • No money should be brought on the trip as the children will not be given time to make purchases from the gift shop.

Sports Day is also taking place on Thursday afternoon. Children may come dressed in sports clothes, preferably with a t-shirt of their house colour. Children can take their gym kit home the night before, or they may change into their gym t-shirt at school.

Children have all had the opportunity to select ‘chill’ books from our school collection. This books have been banded according to difficulty level. The children are encouraged to enjoy these at home and at school, and change them frequently. Please make sure that these come back to school with your child so that this can happen.

“We were rolling a dice because we were playing a game. It was a chance game and we had to think of what words we could use for chance. The words were ‘might happen’, ‘might not happen’, ‘probably’, ‘impossible’,  ‘likely’ and ‘possible'” (DG, LR, AM, LH, HC, GC, RH and NP).

P2 enjoyed some buddy reading with the P6s.

“We were planting potatoes and carrots in the growing garden. Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Pérez were helping us.” (JL, RH and AA)

“We had Show and Tell from Járed and Rory. Rory made flowers for the class and it’s on top of the class board. Járed showed us his rock collection”. (RH)

MS and EM shared fantastic book blessings about their favourite stories.

Our sound for next week is ‘ear’. We will continue to focus on subtraction in our maths.


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