This week in P2B

“We were drawing hexagons in the air and we listened to a song.” RT

“This week we were doing the genie lamps in art.” HC

“Last week we had groups. One had to go and play sumdog spelling and the other group had do reading comprehension about the badger. One group was reading with Mrs Black.” RH

Nathan, Georgia and Mollie shared at Show and Tell this week.

“When Aryanna’s mum was here, she showed us the mat that you pray on and at the end of the day we got to eat some dates.” AC

“Me, Rory, J├íred, Riley and Megan were going to pick some lettuce. “AJ

We picked potatoes and even a carrot too!

“We were doing science and we were seeing if we could hear our partners in our groups with telephones made out of string and cups. We were learning about vibrations.” MS

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