Week 2 in P2B

“We were playing Sumdog for the first time. The P7s came to help us. When we were playing with Sumdog we have to choose a game and answer maths questions. If you were really good you got a pet.” (Annabelle and Kayla)



Mostly Postie


“This week we have been measuring blocks. We were measuring how heavy things are. We were measuring in kilograms and half kilograms. We had stations and my favourite station was Mostly Postie”. (Rory, Liam, Megan and Beth).

“We were pretending to be characters from the book called “Giraffes Can’t Dance”. We were also dancing when the characters were dancing in the story.  When we were dancing the teacher invited anyone else to join in. Some people got to be a character and some didn’t. Abby Walker was Gerald the Giraffe.” (Abby W., Járed, Rory (again), Beth (again) and Georgia)

Ohad gave a book blessing to “Library Mouse” by Daniel Kirk. He even created an author box similar to the one in the story. We then got the chance to see ourselves as authors in the mirror and write our own stories. Thank you Ohad!

Alexis also shared a book blessing about  “The Christmasaurus” by Tom Fletcher. We enjoyed reading the prologue in class.

Beth shared a book blessing for “The Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton

Next week we will be learning about capacity and volume in maths measuring and estimating in litres and half litres.


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    1. Thanks for your comment. The children do require a username and password to use sumdog. We will try to have these sent home over the next few weeks.

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