Sports Day Fun!

“We went to Briarlands Farm on Tuesday and we went on a tractor ride to see animals. We saw Jess which was a mum pig and she just had 14 babies. We saw one of her piglets and we got to feel the little piglet. When we were going to Briarlands Farm we had our snack before we went on the tractor ride.” (NP2, MS and AC)

“When we saw the 14 piglets they were really cute. We got to stroke the piglet and the piglet was so loud it was hurting my ears. When I stroked it, it was so soft.” (AM)

“We got to feed the baby lambs and we were feeding them milk.” (AA)

“When we went to Briarlands farm I liked when the pig was screaming because it hurt my ear drums. It was funny”. (MC)

“We were learning about a new sound and it was ‘ear’. Did you know ‘ear’ is actually a sound and a word because it is in words and it is a noun?” (JP)

“In maths we were thinking about how to make the same beads on the rekenreks as the teacher had.” (BC)

“My favourite thing in sports day was the football because it was fun.” (LH)

We are looking forward to a busy week next week, with a spanish class, drumming workshops and lots of visitors. We hope that you can come along to one of our events, including sessions on dealing with stress, mindset matters and a numeracy workshop.

Our sound next week will be ‘ure’. In maths, we will continue to work on subtraction.

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