This week in P2B

“In PE we were running to write numbers in 2s, 3s and 5s and 10s” (MS)

“We were running to the end. We had to sit down when we got to 10, 20 or 100. GC’s team won the last round.” (RH)

“This week we were doing a bar graph with how many people liked farm animals. The farm animals were sheep dog, chicken, horse, pig and cow. After we were finished our bar graph we were allowed to make our own with a whiteboard and pen. We got to choose what our bar graph was about. We got to go around the class asking people which one they liked.” (KC)

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday period.

Next week, in maths we will be looking at subtraction. Our sound will be ‘ire’. Homework and reading books will be sent home on Monday.

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