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TWIG player is now available

TwigPlayer is here, and the Learning through Technology team have logged a call to have the software installed onto teachers computers, however if you use Twig or Tigtag at home you could download the software (link is below) and keep videos to watch offline at home..no more buffering!

Twig World has just released the TwigPlayer, an application uniquely designed for Scottish users of the science, maths and geography resources available from the Twig On Glow, Tigtag and Tigtag Junior websites.

The player allows users to download and play films offline without being connected to the internet.

Everyone can now log into the Twig website of their choice using their Glow credentials, select and download films onto the desktop of the computer they are using and then play them back directly. The films will remain available locally as long as the computer has connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi or ethernet) at least once within 30 days. If a computer has not connected to the internet for over 30 days (e.g. over the school summer holidays), the films will disappear and will need to be downloaded again from the relevant website.

To download films users must first install the TwigPlayer software application for Windows machines.  This is a very simple and quick process, but it requires admin access for the machine that is being used. It may therefore be preferable for the school IT Coordinator or the local authority IT department to install the software via the IT network. Users at home can of course install the software onto as many of their own devices as desired.

Please find below a link to the webpage containing further information about the TwigPlayer (Windows only).  The same information appears on the Tigtag and Tigtag Junior sites for users who log in with Glow credentials.