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Smart Notebook Beginner Twilights

I have just sent 3 twilights to the Aberdeenshire CPD Team to be advertised on Aberdeenshire Events.

These are beginner sessions and are suitable for staff who haven’t used Notebook software or just require a refresher.

  • The Gordon Schools    27th April

  • Meldrum Academy      10th May

  • Banchory Academy      15th May

These events will be live within the next couple of weeks so please keep the date free if you would like to register.

SMART Notebook Global Collaboration Project

I am looking for a Primary School who would like to collaborate with a school from the Czech Republic.

I have received a Notebook file with information added by the pupils and they would like some information sent back.

This is an exciting opportunity to share on a Global scale.

Please let me know if your school would like to get involved.