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MIcrosoft Teams for Education (Initial notice for Academy schools only)

What is it? And why would your school want it?

Many teachers are already familiar with OneNote Class Notebooks, just imagine now the ability to create Notebooks for every class with no initial administration. Modern dynamic conversations for each class that the teacher controls. Teachers and pupils do almost everything without leaving Teams. Set tasks/homework as assignments or through Class Notebook – with the advantages of resources being stored and accessed digitally giving opportunities to reduce. All SEEMiS classes automatically set up as Class Teams from Seemis data Access to apps already used such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint online. Personalised views for all teachers and all pupils of all classes, conversations and work. Membership updated as SEEMiS changes at any time during the school year.

Why does a school need to opt in?

It’s necessary to have opt-in directly from schools for this because of the capacity of School data Sync (SDS) to create Class Teams for all SEEMiS class groups – regardless of the level of engagement by each teacher.

How do I opt in my school?

Here are the steps to have this switched on for your school:

Please contact your SLT  to discuss this  (HT’s have been advised of this proceedure)

Complete the form at this link (note that you need to sign into Glow to complete this form and read the supporting documentation):  here

The Form above is a quick set of questions to confirm school buy-in, engagement with the Local Authority Glow Key Contact (Jim Mclean or Susan Sey) and has a link to a supporting document explaining background, risks and options

Once the form above has been completed the national Glow team will process the switching on of Microsoft Teams for all classes for your school.

What to expect?

After receiving the request, your school data will be briefly checked to make sure it is current. If not, the person identified as responsible for SEEMiS data in the school will be contacted. If SEEMiS data is current, your school will be added to the queue for the next sync. Syncs will be done daily but there may be a delay according to demand. When complete all teachers and pupils in your school will be assigned to O365 Groups as owners/members respectively – you will see these appear in Outlook and OneDrive. At this stage no pupils can access the Class Team. As soon as any teacher signs in to Teams – for any reason – all of their Class Teams will then activate and be accessible to all pupils in those classes.


Why opt-in at school level?

The national Glow programme team has decided that there should be an opt-in at school level for SDS. This is primarily because SDS will look to setup all Class Teams for a school regardless of whether or not all teachers are engaged. This will mean pupils having access to the underlying O365 Group immediately and continued access to the Class Team from first use by the teacher. The document linked from the opt-in Form has details of the key risk and what steps can be taken by teachers that don’t want to participate in Teams with their classes.


Please contact Learning Through Technology with any specific questions/requests, there will also be training as detailed below:

Support for Microsoft Teams will be provided from the Learning through Technology Team ( Dates will be confirmed shortly and sign up via ALDO)

The courses on Learning through Technology Teams Website ( )  relating to Office 365, OneNote, OneDrive, Word Online  also include reference to Microsoft Teams for Education.

There is also a free online course in the Microsoft Educator Community (sign in with your Glow email address to gain a certificate, points and digital badges):

And there are guides which can be downloaded and printed if desired from here:

We are currently seeking staff volunteers to be Digital Leaders, and we now have around 60 staff from around Aberdeenshire schools,   if you are interested please email Jim Mclean or Susan Sey. Digital Leader details are on Glow here:

 We have an inaugural Digital Leader event being held in Woodhill House on 15th September details for this event are in ALDO.

If you have any questions about this then please contact JIm or Susan from the Learning through Technology Team


Modern classroom collaboration with Office 365 for Education

Microsoft Teams available Summer 2017 via Glow.

Microsoft Teams for Education,

  • Create Assignments, track progress and grade student work
  • Create tabs and channels within your class team
  • Teams will already be populated with classes from Seemis
  • Dynamic, intuitive interface
  • Add third party apps like Flipboard and Kahoot

Support sessions will be available in August 2017 via Aberdeenshire Events.

Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert Applications

The application process for the MIE Expert programme is now open!

You will need to have registered for the Microsoft Educator Community (MED)with your Glow credentials and a link can be found via the purple MED tile on the Aberdeenshire Glow Launchpad.

Information about the programme can be found here and you can start your  application here – all you have to do is to complete a short self-nomination form and include the URL to their profile on MEC and SWAY/Mix/Video (this part takes just 5 – 10 mins).  I should flag that all nominees must have their Certified MIE badge before they can be selected as an MIE Expert.

Info re becoming an MIE can be found here You only need to earn 1000 points!

There are lots of benefits from joining the programme and opportunites to keep up to date with the latest developments with Microsoft applications, all of which are available to Glow Users.

Please let us know if you have any questions re the above and we will be happy to help.

Pinterest Link here


Famous Five Literacy Competition


2017 marks the 75th anniversary of The Famous Five, Enid Blyton’s best-loved and phenomenally successful book series.

To celebrate this landmark year, all 21 books in the Famous Five series are being re-released in May 2017 with brand new contemporary illustrations from rising star Laura Ellen Anderson.

We’re also inviting you to take part in our exciting competition below as a Literacy Project for your class or an after school club project. We can’t wait to see your stories!


The Literacy competition is open to Primary 5 pupils and they need to create a Sway.

Please click on the link below for more information,

Computing across the curriculum using BBC Micro:bits

Computing across the curriculum using BBC Micro:bits Webinar > Wednesday 9th Nov 16:00- 16:30

These devices were issued (or are in the process of being issued) to all S2 pupils in Scotland. Find out how they can be using across the curriculum by registering for the webinar.

If you don’t have any but would like to use them with your class then they can be ordered at a cost of £13 each.

// Computing across the curriculum with BBC micro:bits


  • Introducing Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Stephen Richards
  • The focus will not be on using devices but on teaching and learning in the subject and using devices to support learning and boost engagement where and when it might be appropriate.
  • How to utilise micro:bits in your own classroom
  • Q & A

Click on the link below to register


Using OneNote Learning Tools to support pupils with additional learning requirements

Using OneNote Learning Tools to support pupils with additional learning requirements.

Webinar > 5th October > 16:00 – 16:30

Register by clicking on the link below,




Microsoft Educator Community

Microsoft Educator Community is an online platform where educators can connect and collaborate.

You can sign up by clicking on the link below and then > Sign Up > Sharepoint > Glow e-mail address and password.

You can also access:

  • Lesson plans
  • Resources
  • Join discussions
  • Courses > Earn Points > Earn Badges
  • Webinars
  • Skype in the Classroom