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OneNote Learning Tools

Making it easier to read and write

The Learning Tools for OneNote help everyone improve their reading and writing skills, including gifted learners, students with learning differences or a combination of any of the broad range of unique student abilities.

These tools include: Comprehension support, background colour, line spacing, can distinguish between nouns, verbs and adjectives and many more features.

More info can be found via the link below.


Please note the following two prerequisites:

Cannot be installed on computers running Office 2010.

The dictation tool will only be included with computers running Windows 10.

If you would like installed on your classroom computer(s) then please log a call with IT via Ask Fred. Just state the asset number of the computer(s) and the add-on is call OneNote Learning Tools.

capture using-onenote

Eportfolio creation in Glow

eprofile-tileIssue now resolved 09:43 06/10/2016

Please be aware we have noted an issue that when learners select the Aberdeenshire E-Portfolio tile in Glow that if a profile had not been created an error message is displayed.

RM are investigating this issue

If a learner had previously created an E-Portfolio this can be found in the Notebooks folder of the Learners OneDrive

OneNote profiling tile

Great news! At last after direct work from Microsoft and from RM the Template for the digital profiling and profile tool is now available on Glow.


Log into Glow and access the Aberdeenshire App Library ( Shown on above image with red text “New”)

The learner would click on the Aberdeenshire Council E-Portfolio tile, and a profiling template will be created in the learners OneDrive in Glow.

This process takes about 2-3 minutes, so best to only get a few learners at a time to generate the template, or ask for this as a homework task.

Detailed information on using the tile and the profiling and profile process will be emailed to schools next week.



Profiling : Tile Update


We met with RM at the Scottish Learning Festival and robustly enquired to when the tile would be available. RM responded that they were being delayed by Microsoft who have to provide them with the code required to allow the tile to be included onto our site. They are expecting the code to be released this month (October) with the tile completed by November. We can only apologise for the delay.

However…it is very simple to create a OneNote document in Glow or on the desktop and pupils can then record achievements.  When the tile is available the pupils could continue with one they may have created or transfer to the automatically created profile when the tile is selected.

We have and are continuing to run O365 twilights this term.

If you require any further advice or help then please contact Jim or Susan


OneNote Profiling

It is great to report that at last we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the installation of the tile into RM unify that will allow a profiling template to be automatically generated.
Light at the end of the tunnel
The Learning Through Technology team met with RM on Friday. The delay has been caused by Microsoft , but Microsoft are  at last to release the API tools ( tools that allow RM to insert and amend code) that will allow the tile to be made available. Microsoft will release the tools in the next 2 weeks then RM tell us there will be a development time of around 10 days and we will be good to go….at last.

In the meantime simply continue to record any profiling evidence for learners to store in their personal OneDrive account, or in their My Work folder on the school server, ready to load into template.