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Free Roald Dahl Party Pack


We are delighted to let you know that the FREE Roald Dahl Day party pack is now available!

The Roald Dahl Day party pack contains everything you need to host a marvellous party – whether it’s in your living room, bookshop, school or library. Remember, Roald Dahl Day takes place on
Wednesday 13th September so make sure you plan your party well in advance.

This year we’re introducing Roald Dahl’s newest hero, Billy, as his story Billy and the Minpins is illustrated by Quentin Blake for the first time. We’ll be celebrating Billy along with all of Roald Dahl’s incredible child heroes, including Matilda, Charlie, James and George.

So, download the pack and take the quiz to find out which hero you are most like and celebrate your favourite with a hero-themed
Roald Dahl Day party!

Click on the link below to download the Free Roald Dahl Party Pack,

Free Download

Brain Pop: Free trial extended to November 30th


Free access to the many thousands of resources on Brain Pop have been extended to November 30th.

This will allow you to try out the resource with your students.

If you think this is a good resource then after the trial please contact the Learning through Technology team for further details

To access the resources, log into Glow and in the Aberdeenshire Launchpad simply click on the Brain Pop tile

If you have an ipad..

Mobile Apps

  • Please let teachers know that they have full access to apps for “BrainPOP UK”, “BrainPOP Jr” and “BrainPOP ESL”
  • Username – “abercc”. Password – “brainpop”. There are no issues letting everyone have the login details via email and your GLOW blog.
  • Free download from the app store. The app will remember the user details after the first login
  • This page gives some more info about the apps –

Office 2016

Office 2016 is now available for free download on 5 personal devices using your Glow login.

office 2016

This is the case for Windows and Mac computers. Please also remember you are entitled to download the Office Apps for any tablet or smartphone.

Click on the the Office download tile on RM Unify and follow the wizard.


TWIG player is now available

TwigPlayer is here, and the Learning through Technology team have logged a call to have the software installed onto teachers computers, however if you use Twig or Tigtag at home you could download the software (link is below) and keep videos to watch offline at more buffering!

Twig World has just released the TwigPlayer, an application uniquely designed for Scottish users of the science, maths and geography resources available from the Twig On Glow, Tigtag and Tigtag Junior websites.

The player allows users to download and play films offline without being connected to the internet.

Everyone can now log into the Twig website of their choice using their Glow credentials, select and download films onto the desktop of the computer they are using and then play them back directly. The films will remain available locally as long as the computer has connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi or ethernet) at least once within 30 days. If a computer has not connected to the internet for over 30 days (e.g. over the school summer holidays), the films will disappear and will need to be downloaded again from the relevant website.

To download films users must first install the TwigPlayer software application for Windows machines.  This is a very simple and quick process, but it requires admin access for the machine that is being used. It may therefore be preferable for the school IT Coordinator or the local authority IT department to install the software via the IT network. Users at home can of course install the software onto as many of their own devices as desired.

Please find below a link to the webpage containing further information about the TwigPlayer (Windows only).  The same information appears on the Tigtag and Tigtag Junior sites for users who log in with Glow credentials.

Brain Pop – Online and app software free trial


  • A safe way for children to study independently
  • A rich multimedia tool kit for teachers to illustrate curriculum concepts.
  • Learning games, lesson support, printable materials, and interactive quizzes
  • Mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence and available through GLOW

Log into Glow and on the RM Unify page , click on the Aberdeenshire Launch pad and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the Brain Pop tiles, simply click to access the resource.

SQA Study Ninjas Free app – but only for a short time-

A huge thanks to those of you who have already given Study Ninja your support by talking about it, sharing it and in some cases buying it.  We are already delighted with the response which has included us creeping in to the top ten in the productivity chart on the App Store.  For just a short window we have decided to make Study Ninja completely free on the App Store, so please share this information with your colleagues, parents and pupils and you can help to make quite a buzz happen during the run-in to exam time.  The link for Study Ninja on the App Store is here for all those iPhones and iPads out there.

For those with Android devices, we didn’t want you to miss out on this offer but it did prove a little more tricky to make Study Ninja free on Google Play.  We do however have a few hundred codes that we will send out and this will allow you to claim a Study Ninja app on Google Play.  Just tell us that you want some codes and we will send them out in groups of ten at a time which you can then pass on to students.

This offer is only available until the exams start for Scottish schools in May 2016 so please don’t delay, share, and hopefully we can see the impact on results in just a few weeks’ time.  Apple Store has no restrictions on volume so you can fill your boots… so to say.  Android does have a limited number available so they will be sent out only until we run out of codes.

Visual Online Dictionary

imageSHAHI is a visual dictionary and is  available  as a free online tool.

Learners or teachers simply  enter the word they require  and the software generates definition texts from the free online multilingual dictionary Wiktionary

The software also generates images related to the word search from Flickr, Google and Yahoo. along with images from Flickr, Google and Yahoo.

Once the word definitions load then there are further clickable links.


Free Office Software for School AND Home

Glow users can now download 5 copies of Microsoft Office. This can be done by clicking on the Download Office Now tile on RM Unify. This tile can be found by scrolling through RM Unify using the arrows on the right hand side of the page (see pic below).

Office can be downloaded on Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices. Office 365 ProPlus is also available for Tablet and Mobile phone users

Apple Mac users now get Office 2015 for Mac

Guidance , prepared by the Scottish Government can be found here: 

If you cannot see the Download tile from your Shared Launchpad, please contact Jim or Susan (In Shared Launchpad scroll to the very end of the available tiles)