OneNote Profiling

It is great to report that at last we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the installation of the tile into RM unify that will allow a profiling template to be automatically generated.
Light at the end of the tunnel
The Learning Through Technology team met with RM on Friday. The delay has been caused by Microsoft , but Microsoft are ¬†at last to release the API tools ( tools that allow RM to insert and amend code) that will allow the tile to be made available. Microsoft will release the tools in the next 2 weeks then RM tell us there will be a development time of around 10 days and we will be good to go….at last.

In the meantime simply continue to record any profiling evidence for learners to store in their personal OneDrive account, or in their My Work folder on the school server, ready to load into template.

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