Higher Revision Guidelines – New

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has published a series of new Higher Revision guides. These resources provide a clear, straightforward explanation of what learners need to know in order to prepare for the new Higher exams. For each subject, there are links taking you directly to specimen papers, exemplar question papers and sites where you can access other useful information. Please note that these resources are for the new Curriculum for Excellence Highers

 National 5 Revision in a Nutshell

 These NPFS Revision in a Nutshell National 5 subject guides supplement learning and revision in class. They are organised alphabetically, by subject, covering 20 subjects which have exams and for which the SQA has provided relevant past paper questions.


2015 Exam diet gets underway

This year’s exams start today with Drama and conclude on Friday June 5 with Early Education and Childcare. Nearly 150,000 pupils and students are undertaking qualifications. This is the first year of the new Higher examinations, which have been developed as part of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Good luck messages have been issued by national Education partners, read more here;





Parentzone Scotland – Supporting Study

With this year’s exams, including for the first time the new Highers, fast approaching Parentzone Scotland has a supporting study section providing advice on how to support your child prepare for exams, including managing their time, getting organised, studying and keeping well.

the National Parent Forum of Scotland – Upcoming Focus Groups

the NPFS

Central Glasgow Focus Group – 26 May 2015, 7-9pm (venue tbc – city centre)

As part of the National Parent Forum of Scotland’s commitment to support Local Authorities, schools and parents to improve parental involvement, we would like to invite you to an event we are holding to hear about the experiences of you and your child.

We are very interested in discussing how you have found the firest year of the new Higher Qualifications and how the roll out of the N5 Qualifications has progressed.  We value your reflections of how you feel that the session 2014/15 has gone and ways that could help the progression of the next year of pupils sitting N4, N5 and Higher qualifications.

The NPFS will in turn feedback this parental perspective, at the national level, to the CfE Mangement Board, members of which include Scottish Government, Eduaiton Scotland and the SQA.  If you would like to book a place or would like more information please contact our Glasgow representative Joanna Murphy on glasgow@npfs.org.uk.  Travel expenses can be reimbursed.




New Angus Representative for The National Parent Forum of Scotland

” I just want to introduce myself as the new Angus representative for The National Parent Forum of Scotland ( NPFS ).

My name is Kirsty Stevens and I am the chairperson at Airlie Primary School. I will be here for all parents of both primary and secondary schools. If there are any areas of interest that you think the forum should be made aware of then I will be your link.

Several topics end up being national ones that the NPFS can then work on addressing.

I will circulate any information from the NPFS here on the blog so we can build up a better communication network for parents and parent councils. We also require a deputy for this position so if anyone would be interested in that then please get in touch.

For that or any other issues/or for general chat then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch at angus@npfs.org.uk  Thank you!!”

Message to all Parent Council’s from Gillian Strachan

My work with Parent Councils has come to an end as my remit has changed to a focus on Child Protection.  

Alita Spink,  Schools & Learning Support Officer will be taking over my role on a temporary basis. Alita’s contact details are  –SpinkA1@angus.gov.uk  phone 01307 476150

 I wish to thank you  for  representing all parents through your work on the  Parent Council.

 Best Wishes,

 Gillian Strachan


New and Updated Revision Resources for CfE Highers and National 5s

UPDATE:   Visit National Parent Forum of Scotland website

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced Revision in a Nutshell guides for the new Highers (20 subjects) and updated Revision guides for National 5s (20 subjects).  These revision guides contain direct links to SQA specimen question papers, exemplar question papers plus past question papers, where appropriate.   The guides advise learners to check with their teachers to make sure that material is relevant. The guides are primarily intended to provide the SQA direct links by subject in one place, and to give some additional revision opportunities.

20 Revision Guides for the new Higher qualifications  http://www.npfs.org.uk/new-higher-revision-guides/

20 Updated Revision Guides for the National 5 Qualifications  http://www.npfs.org.uk/national-5-revision-in-a-nutshell/