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What does the national ‘Getting it right for every child’ approach to children’s health and wellbeing mean to you?

 ‘Getting it right for every child’ (GIRFEC) is the national policy for improving the lives, health and wellbeing of all children and young people and for ensuring that services such as education and health work together, focussing on the needs of children and young people. The wellbeing of children and young people is at the heart of GIRFEC which asks whether children are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.

We have been asked to help in gathering parent views on their current understanding of GIRFEC and would be very grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to complete this short questionnaire.

This survey is anonymous. Individuals and individual responses will not be identified in the reporting of these findings

 If you want to find more about what GIRFEC means for you or your child, you should ask your health visitor, school or other professional who you have contact with.

 You will find the survey at:

 The survey will close on 1 November 2013

Standards & Quality Report 2013 Questionnaire

Please click on the link below to access the questionnaire. 

Standards and Quality Questionnaire_PC 2013

Please find attached the annual questionnaire for Parent Councils which helps to inform the education service’s annual Standards and Quality report.

I would be grateful if you could work with your Parent Council representatives to complete the proforma and return it to Anne Ross ( by Friday 27 September 2013.

Consultation: Amending the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010

Dear Parental Involvement Officer

 The Scottish Government has today published a consultation paper setting out policy proposals for amendments to the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010 (the 2010 Act). The consultation is available at:

 This consultation takes forward recommendations made by the Commission on the Delivery of Rural Education and aims to clarify the role of Ministers, following the recent ruling by the Court of Session.  This consultation only relates to actions which might require changes to the law.

 The consultation paper invites comments on six areas:

•       The presumption against closure for rural schools;

•       Providing financial information on closure proposals;

•       Clarifying and expanding Education Scotland’s role;

•       The basis for determining school closure proposals;

•       Establishing an independent referral mechanism; and

•       A five year moratorium on repeating a school closure proposal.

 While the Commission’s work related to the delivery of rural education, many of the recommendations it made have implications for the wider application of the 2010 Act, and we want to avoid unnecessarily increasing the differences between how rural and urban schools are treated. Therefore while the proposals set out in Section 1 of the consultation paper, relating to the presumption against closure, only apply to rural schools, the other proposals in this paper would be applicable to both urban and rural schools.

 The Government considers it important to provide an opportunity for public consultation on these proposals and we would be grateful if you would be able to let the Parent Council’s in your area know that the consultation is taking place.  However, the period for the consultation is necessarily shorter than would be normally provided and will close on 2 September 2013.  This is due to the need to move quickly in order to bring further clarity and certainty to the consultation process for school closures.  The Children and Young People (Scotland)  Bill, already under consideration by the Scottish Parliament, provides us with an early opportunity to make changes to the 2010 Act,  and will enable us to bring the changes into force during 2014. If this opportunity is missed then it is unlikely that the necessary changes to the 2010 Act could be made until 2015.

 We hope that the consultation does provide an opportunity for the public to engage with these proposals. This consultation will be complemented by other work with stakeholders and also builds on the extensive consultation carried out by the Commission on the Delivery of Rural Education. 

 We are inviting written responses to this consultation paper by 2 September 2013. Alongside the consultation paper on the Government website, there is both an electronic response form and a Word form, if preferred, to help respondents provide their views quickly and easily. If Parent Council’s wish to respond to the consultation, I would encourage them to complete the electronic response form which is available at:

 This is the easiest and quickest way to respond to the consultation.

 Alternatively responses (with the completed Respondent Information Form) can be sent to:


 School Infrastructure Unit, Area 2-A South,Victoria Quay, Edinburgh. EH6 6QQ

Update on Gaelic Students

Just to update you on Whitehills Gaelic School and Forfar Academy students that competed in the 90th Mod at Aberfeldy at the new Breadalbane School and community campus on the 16th June.  A great day was had with both schools picking up multiple wins in all the categories such as poetry, song, plays, art, conversation and even bible recitation! Little Angels!

We are about to see a change in the teaching personnel for the next school year and plans are afoot to show off the attributes of billingual education with up and coming events to get more pupils and families interested in joining the school. Plans are in the pipeline to offer Gaelic as a language choice for the 1st year Forfar Academy pupils with a Gaelic choir also being talked about. Will keep you all posted

Tapadh Leat.

Parentzone Survey

Parentzone –Tell us what you think about the Parentzone website.

 Parentzone is a website dedicated to providing you as a parent or carer, with the most up to date information about your child’s education.

It provides practical advice and ideas of how you can be involved in your child’s learning as well as essential information on features of Curriculum for Excellence.

If you are a parent of a child aged 3 – 18 we would be grateful if you would complete our short survey to help us ensure that Parentzone reflects the needs of all parents and carers.

The survey should take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete and all responses are confidential.

The survey will close on 30 August 2013

 Many thanks

The National Parent Forum of Scotland Annual Conference – 5 October 2013

Healthy, Happy Children
Date for your Diary: 

A warm invitation to: The National Parent Forum of Scotland’s Annual Conference for parents/carers, Saturday 5 October 2013, Bishopbriggs Academy, East Dunbartonshire.

Featuring: our popular,  inspiring seminars for parents/carers, engaging activities for children and young people, creche, buffet lunch and shuttle bus from Bishopbriggs Station.

Keynote Speaker: The Scottish Government’s Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell MSP, will outline the Government’s plans for Scotland’s children and young people.

Please do come along to this free event and contribute your ideas to our shared ambition for every child to have the best possible childhood in Scotland.

Register your interest with, look out for our September E News Update or visit our website in August for booking information.