SPTC – February Backchat from SPTC

February Backchat from SPTC

It may be freezing out there, but there’s always a warm welcome at SPTC! And we’ve been doing a lot of welcoming recently – there has probably never been a busier time for parent calls and emails to our team, many of them with worries about what’s happening in their school or local authority. Shortages of teachers, education service cuts and queries about exams, 1+2 languages or additional support needs help: these are just some of the issues we’ve been responding to. Here’s what else you can read about in this edition

  • Parents’ Voice – we need you!
  • New SPTC resources
  • Lecture and AGM 2015 
  • Chance for your school to win £500

Read Backchat here. Hope you enjoy reading this issue – please let us know your thoughts on any of these or other education issues! All at SPTC