Nationals in a Nutshell – Launch of a new online resource

Nationals in a Nutshell: Launch of a new online resource for parents/carers
The National Parent Forum of Scotland is launching ‘Nationals in a Nutshell’, a series of subject-based summaries of the new National qualifications for parents/carers. The first batch of Nutshells is available online today on the National Parent Forum website (click the ‘Nationals in a Nutshell’ tab)
or use the link
The Nationals in a Nutshell will be added to over the coming weeks by additional subjects and will be launched at three regional events for parents/carers with a “Qualifications Plus” theme on: –

  • 5 March (East of Scotland – Edinburgh)
  •  13 March (West of Scotland: Glasgow)
  •  20 March (North of Scotland: Aberdeen).
    Iain Ellis, Chair of the National Parent Forum of Scotland, said:

    “We recently held focus groups with parents and they asked for more information about the new qualifications in advance of August 2014, when current S3s will be the first cohort to experience them. In response, we have organised a three regional Qualifications Plus events for parents/carers, with keynote speakers and a panel of experts, plus time for discussion. We have also put together the first in a series of ‘Nationals in a Nutshell’. These set out how the Curriculum for Excellence journey translates into courses for qualifications. Subject content will always be subject content – what is crucial is how it is delivered to young people to ensure that it is relevant to 21st century life and that it engages them and helps them to learn”.

Nationals in a Nutshell

Please click on the link below to take you to a parent friendly approach to information about new National Qualifications. It is not yet comprehensive but is gradually being developed,0,0,0,0


Also, below is a link to the parent information section of the SQA website