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  1. From a Parental perspective what aspects of school provision do you value most; and

  2. Any expenditure/services you suggest could be reduced (or removed) with little or no impact on educational provision.

  3. Curriculum for Excellence

  4. Assessment Reporting

  5. Finance/School Budgets

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  1. Dear All

    I’m on the Southmuir Parent Council and we are looking at starting an after school club. We’ve done a survey and there is sufficient interest amongst parents and we’ve had an initial discussion at PC. We’ve formed a subcommittee but I was wondering if any other primary has done this/is doing this and has any good ideas or dire warnings we should bear in mind? It would be good to learn from others if possible. Also, can we get any guidance from Family and Support services?

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your question. Tom Davidson from Neighbourhood Services Department is the person who provides advice and guidance on
    Out of School Care Clubs I have spoken to him today about your question and he is happy to offer support. Here are his contact details – Tom Davidson tel- 01307 476070 email DavidsonT@angus.gov.uk.

    All the best, Gillian Strachan, School and Family Support Service

  3. Hi Jane,

    We have started quite a few school clubs within the school during school hours and also after school. Sometimes the clubs are restricted to numbers due to lack of parent support .The following clubs are running at Glamis
    Sewing Club – Tues at lunchtime p4 – p7 parent volunteer
    Gardening Club – one of the vertical groups – every month for p1-p7 parent volunteer
    Guitar Club p6 -p7 lunchtime – class teacher
    Chess Club p4+5 p6+p7 alternate weeks parent volunteer
    Library Club p1-3 weekly paretn volunteer
    Website design – p6 parent volunteer after school

    The following 2 clubs are hoping to start in the next week
    Art and Design p2-p5 – parent volunteer afterschool
    Fun club p1-p3 paretn volunteer afterschool .

    The children enjoy the activities but sometimes find that the clubs which are run at lunchtime during the warmer weather are not as well attended.
    If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me


  4. Thanks Joanne for the information you left re: Breakfasts Clubs – I will investigate further


  5. Thanks Wendy and Gillian. I think someone from our group has spoken to Tom so I’ll check and then take it from there. Wendy, we’re thinking specifically of an out of hours care group rather than an interest group – although now you’ve put the idea in my head, maybe we could combine the two….

  6. Dear All

    This time with my Websters High School hat on! We had a meeting last night and have decided to organise an evening to recognise the achievement of pupils outside the school and are looking at introducting a system of colours. I believe that Monifieth do something along these lines and perhaps others do. If you do – could you contact me as it would be really useful to have a template to work from and learn from what works well. All help gratefully appreciated.

  7. Jane,

    At Carnoustie HS, pupils who have made a significant achievement by representing Scotland in an extra curricular area, be it music, sports, the arts, or whatever at a National level, are awarded an achievement tie.

    So for example, a pupil who has been selected and played football for the junior Scotland team would receive a tie.

    Or all the pupils who have taken part in the Scottish or UK Brass Championships would receive the tie.

    Hope this helps.


  8. Hi Joanne

    I meant to say that at Websters, we kind of gave up with a school or Angus Council website as it just couldn’t respond quickly enough to our needs or be updated frequently enough. We happened to have a couple of very IT savy parents who set up http://www.webstersparents.org.uk. It costs buttons to set up and run and it’s really great having pretty much total control – we link to the school website and them to us. The school has recently taken their website in hand and it’s much better than it was but we won’t be giving ours up yet.

    At my local primary school, we are looking to set up an after school/ out of school club – see Gillian Strachen’s post to me about Tom – he’s your guy I think. Good luck with both!

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