Solar Punk Outdoors

P67 have been involved in an Education IDL pilot called Solar Punk this term. THE PROJECT-A challenge to design and brand your unique neighbourhood on an island that is based on the principles of the 15 minute neighbourhood rules and Solarpunk movement.

The children became passengers on a shipwrecked boat and had to work together to create Solar Punk Island, turning a section of the island into their own habitat based on ideas of sustainability.

They created designs for architecture, built renewable devices, learned to filter water, made gardens and spent a day practicing skills in the woods and the beach.  See the video:



Philip Reeve and Sarah Mcintyre Visit!

On the 8th of September we got a special visit from someone. They were book authors! Philip Reeve and Sarah Mcintyre came to our school and did some games, talked to us about how to write books, and also joked around with us. They wrote books together like Pugs of the Frozen North, The Legend of Kevin, and many more. We did it in the hall and they had things on the wall where it was like a quest and we had to come up with ideas to make it more exciting to travel through. They also read a bit of one of their books which we all really enjoyed listening to. They came to Islay for the Islay Book Festival. That is where lots of famous authors come to Islay for this special festival.

Over all this was a great afternoon with good fun.


Photography Endeavour

My Endeavour is photography. I have taken photos of my brother playing football, photos of the singing  sands, a few photos of cows, photos of a view from Glenegadale, photos of a stack of stones right next to the lighthouse at the Oa. I am soon going to take photos, get them on to postcards and sell them. I haven`t decided on the actual price yet but I think it will be £1.

Endeavour Cake Decorating


What is Endeavour?

Every term, we get to pick a project to do. It needs to be new learning, ambitious and independent, those are the key things. Since it is a big project, we get to work on it for a while. After the end of all the Endeavour time we have a fair. If some of us had made stuff, we would get to sell it to the parents who decide to come into school.  

For my Endeavour I decided to do baking and cake decorating. I will learn how to make flowers, people, and different shapes to go on top of cakes. Since I’ve never worked with fondant, I will learn how to do it. So far, I have made cupcakes and I’m in the middle of making people out of fondant. I’m really wanting to make a big cake with flowers on top to challenge myself.   

Game Design

What is Endeavour?

Endeavour is a project that must be ambitious you must learn more skills to do with your Endeavour. Firstly, you must make long term planning for your Endeavour. Secondly you must complete your Endeavour Independently. Thirdly you must also Write a letter to who is a professional that does the same thing you are doing for Endeavour. Fourthly you must have something to show in the Endeavour fair. My Endeavour project is game design. Endeavour lasts from April to July. 

What is game design?

Game design is where people make a game using a software of their choice. The game can be anything from a maze game to a space shooter game.  

 I am making my game on Kodu. My game is going to be a maze game where you must collect missiles to shoot at aliens and you get points for killing one you need ten points to get to the next level. 

photo of Kodu

Some of the things I have done are: A prototype game on paper, a start to my maze and some tutorials on how to make my game.  

The next things I must do are to finish my game and to maybe start to make a website and prepare for the Endeavor fair. 

I hope to make a game that people can play. 


Endeavour Wildlife Illustration



Endeavour is a project that you have to work on for a long time. 

Also, the Endeavor that you pick must be a thing that you want to learn or to get better at. 

My Endeavour is drawing I am learning cool ways to draw. Anyway, I wrote to Cathrin Raner she is an artist for children’s books.  

What I have done so far, I have planned what I am doing.  

Before I picked this topic, I was not the best at drawing so I hope I can get better at the end of this topic.  

Theme of the project that I am doing is plants and small creatures. 




Endeavour is when you think of something that you like doing which mine is pyrography. Everyone in p5/6/7 is doing Endeavour. 


Pyrography is when you get a soldering iron and burn art or writing on a bit of wood. Also, I’m planning on making chopping boards, coasters and ornaments for your Christmas tree or your house. Like last year I’m going to make a website but I’m going to make a website but this year I am going to sell some of my stuff on there and the rest at the Endeavour fair. 

How I’m doing pyrography? 

Firstly, I cut bits of wood the day before and put them on a heater to dry. Then I find an image I want to use, then trace it on to tracing paper, and then go over it again quite hard to get led on it. When you have done that put the side you just did and put it on the wood and shade the other side. It should be on the wood. I normally go over it again to make sure I can see the lines. As I’m waiting for the soldering iron to heat up I find bits on the wood that are going to be easy to do or hard to do and how I’m going to do it. When you are doing it pull the soldering iron towards you to make it easier. 


What I plan to achieve is make items to sell at the fair and to get better at pyrography I want to make a website to sell some of my stuff on I want to make coasters, chopping boards and decorations. 

Stickman Wood Adventure!

What an amazing adventure P1,2 had today with our new friends from Bowmore Primary! We had a day filled with stickman activities from raft building to mapping. We loved our packed lunches and were very excited to see what treats we had inside them. We made s’mores and played on the swings. Only a few of us fell asleep on the bus home until we saw a helicopter carrying an electricity pole! Well done team, you were fabulous!



Valentines day in ELCC

Some of us made cards on Valentines Day for people we love ❤️ We all love our families and they love us, we are going to be talking more about our families and who we live with ☺️ UNCRC article 9 – I have the right to live with a family who care for me. 🌟I can talk about who I love and care for. 🦶We will be talking about our families, and who we live with ☺️

The Nativity

P12 have been busy getting ready for their nativity.  They have been busy learning the Christmas Story alongside practising our Nativity this week. We worked as a team to create a Nativity scene in the classroom.

Today we put on our Fireside nativity for all the parents to see.  The hall was packed and we even had the ELC join us as sheep.  We were very proud of what we achieved.  Thanks to everyone who helped!


On the 10th of December, our school held a Christmas fair for the local community to attend. We had lots of merry raffle prizes for adults and children. The nursery and p1/2 had a stall, and p5/6/7 had 4 stalls for each of the tables in the class. The groups that were handling the stalls in p5/6/7 were called:

Santa’s Elves: Chloe, Teddy, Ayla, Evie, Freddy and Sani.

The Gonks: Iona, James, Jacob, Brody, Stephen  and Ellie.

Da Boys on Da Shelf: Aiden, Thomas, William, Finlay, Archie and Alfie

Santa’s little helpers: Rachel, Duncan, Ella, Hugh and Dylan.

These groups made:

Santa’s Elves made Block Christmas Characters, Snowman Face Tree Decoration and Stone Bird Tree Decoration.

The Gonks made Clay Gonks, Scrunches and Block Calendars.

Da Boys on Da Shelf made phyrogrithy cooking spoons and ornaments, Christmas trees decorations made out of blocks and sock creatures.

Santa’s little helpers made keyrings made out of thin blocks, coasters and sock snowmen.

Lots of people came along and we raised loads of money for the school.  There was Santa’s Grotto run by the parent council and also waffles to buy and eat.  Ms Brown did face painting too.  It was a wonderful Christmas Time!

Christmas Fun in ELCC

We love painting and enjoyed painting a branch outside in the garden this morning, we want to make an outside Christmas tree 🎄. We had lots of discussion about ice and how cold it was in the nursery garden. We decided to make our own ice and added some bits of nature from the garden. Our freezer in the nursery was to small so we went and asked Mrs Holyoke if we could use her freezer!

We also went on a hunt round the village to find the Christmas numbers to 6! Fred knew that number 3 was at the Ramsey and Nola knew that number 5 was at Campbells 🎄 ⭐️ we are learning to notice numbers in our environments and all around us. 👣 We have loved looking at all the house numbers and in the windows, we hope everyone doesn’t mind.

ELC Christmas Grotto

The boys and girls had so much fun this morning turning our home corner into Santa’s grotto 🎅 they used lots and lots of tinsel to decorate the tree ☺️🌲 over the next couple of weeks we will add all our Christmas crafts we make to it and also use it to write our letters to Santa 🎅 👣👣To turn it into a post office to send our letters to Santa

Music With Keira

This term Port Ellen Primary have been getting visits from the local musician Keira who has been teaching them how to play some Scottish instruments like the Tin Whistle, Harp and Fiddle. The aim is that at the end Kira will pick the people who are best at playing each instrument and we will all learn a  song all together.

We learnt how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the Tin Whistle, and everyone got a go on the Harp and Fiddle.  Everyone learnt what the different colored strings mean on a Harp and that the thing you play a Fiddle with is called a Bow.  It is very interesting learning new instruments.

The Panto

We are doing a panto this year. A panto is where we do a show for our family and school. The panto that we are doing is Pirates of the Curry Bean!  We have all got our parts. I am Dead Eye which is the narrator. The panto is on the ninth of June in the primary school hall.

The Curry Bean is hilarious. Its where a fearless pirate called Captain Swaggersword buried all his booty in a far distant land. But then the captain vanished! All his treasure lost forever never to be seen again well that is until now…

This is going to be funny, dangerous and a big adventure!  We are learning lines and what to do on stage just now, and making props.  We hope everyone will enjoy the play!


Before You Pop!

Today P12 have been exploring the Emotion Works blue cog – regulation strategies. This helps us think about what we could do before we explode with anger, sadness or excitement. Things that might help us to calm down. We paired this learning with finding out a little bit about Andy Warhol and the POP art movement. We created fizzy juice cans in the style of Andy Warhol and added thought bubbles about different regulation strategies we could use when we needed them.


This year three people called Amy, Gyles and Lynn came in to do Trèoir with us.  This is a project that involves art, music and Gaelic.

To start off we got into a circle in the hall and we all said our names in Gaelic.  My name in Gaelic in Seamus. Then Jyles made a rap song about three deer sitting on a fence trying to make 1 pound out of 85 pence. That was for music.

Then we had to paint pictures of things we see in everyday life like trees, flowers and clouds. We had to draw and paint a tree with a bench and a bush. It also had to be 3D.

Then finally we had to make our own sentence about our picture with a mixture of Gaelic words and English words.  I have enjoyed learning in Gaelic.

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