Corn Snake Endeavor project

My Endeavour is corn snake obstacle course. For my Endeavour I need to make a corn snake obstacle course out of scrap and materials from my house. I also made a  poster for my table where I will be presenting my Endeavour at the Endeavour fair. I have not made my obstacle course for my snake yet but I am going to make it through the week. I have changed a little bit of my Endeavour to painting snake stones. I have achieved my long term planner, SWOT analysis, letter, report and research on corn snakes here is a link that I used. and a photo


Rock Pooling

On the second of June the class went rock pooling and we went with Fiona. She brought nets and buckets we found jellyfish, sea snails, crabs, shrimp and sea slugs.

We found most of the stuff in seaweed so we had to swish the nets in the sea weed or we had to pick the sea weed up and move it to a different place and quickly had to get the animals in the net quick so they would not swim away or crawl away.

We found the crabs, sea slugs and sea slugs in the sea weed and we found the shrimp and the jellyfish in the the open area.  It was very interesting.  The sea hares let out a bright pink ink and they were all laying eggs.  We even found a pink sea spider.

My Hero

Our whole class was doing an essay on their lockdown hero and it was about who helped you in lockdown and some people picked the NHS and Sir Captain Tom but I picked my Mum. It was about why were they your lockdown hero and you had to write about how  helped you in lockdown. Also we had to do this at School. We also had to draw a picture of our hero. My mum was my hero because she looks after people with cancer or corona-virus and she works at  a local home for old people. We are entering our pictures in the Royal Mail Competition.

by Dylan

Port Ellen Juniors

Port Ellen juniors is is ran by Grant, Alan, Robert, Joe, Ben and Donald. It is at Bowmore, Astor-tough pitch at 6;00 pm to 7;00 pm. It is so kids learn to get good at football.

The people in my team are James, William, Finlay, Ben, Callum, Cara, Mya, Katie, Kaley and Robyn. The goalies are normally Clallam and James our best player is Finlay. If someone touches the ball with their hands the person sanitizes and we get a new ball.

The bigger ones play 7;00 to 8;00.  it is interesting to watch them play because they play super well and you can get tips off of them, and they play all across the pitch I’ve played a couple of times with them and it is quite hard with small legs.

By Dylan 131 words