The Healthy Plate

For our topic we are doing food. And we are doing a healthy plate. To  have a healthy plate 45% needs to be  vegetables 30% needs to be carbohydrates 10% protein 14% dairy 1% oil and spread. Scotland is one of the worst healthy counties in the word. Because we eat so much sugar it gets us more heart disease and strokes. Our five a day should be the size of our hand.  So eat a balanced diet!

My Endeavor is Chickens and Hatching Chicks

For my Endeavor I built a little chicken coop for chicks that I hatched.  I built the chicken coop out of wood with nails and mesh. I put a brooder in the coop then I put water in it and food so they won’t die.  I got a box  so they are high up. There is four chicks; 1 boy 3 girls and their names are Chirpy, Cupcake, Wirpy and cheap. I made sways about chickens like what food they eat like grit, oyster shell,  corn laying pelts,  fruit.   Chicks need mushed up chicken food. In their laying boxes they need straw so they can lay nice eggs.  They have now a new home with 2 floors the upstairs in for sleeping and the down stair is for playing and where the food and drink is.  My big chickens have a swing and a ramp.

Chicken Cam

My ENDEAYOUR is chicken so I build a chicken coop because I’m hatching chicks four of them hatch.  Today I bring my phone to school to show everyone the chicks. I have a  camera so I can check that they are fine. One of the chicks are 5 days old the other is two is 4 days old. And the other is 3 days old they will be in there coop for around 6 weeks. So having a camera will help to make sure that they are ok.

by Ben

Dolphins are Back (Not the Sea Creatures…)

Dolphins is swimming club on Islay and is back after a closing for a while. We use to not wear masks but now we need to wear masks. When we get in now we go in the shower for a few seconds. When we get in now we have to spread out in our lanes. When we are done we have to go straight to our lockers so we are not allowed a shower. Now when we are leaving the pool then we put are masks on then go out the fire alarm door to get out now. I’m really happy that Dolphins are back.

by Ben