We had a google meet with Jenni Minto.  She is a member of the MSP and she used to work in the museum in port charlotte.  She taught us about the important about the environment and planet. She has been to COP26 and she passed a speech. Jenni talked with us for a long time on the google meet and showed us cool things about climate change and how we can help the environment. Jenni told us that we have rain forests on Islay but they are not tropical rain forests. The reason Jenni is doing this is to help our future.

help out planet. If we do not stop this out future is gone.  Jenni also grows her own plants to help the environment you should to.  Port Ellen Primary School is inspired by people like Jenni for the things that she is doing to help the globe, she also explained to us about the worlds blanket / the worlds atmosphere. The worlds blanket is a blanket the covers the world and it is called that because of the suns heat that gets trapped inside it. This heats up an atmosphere like a blanket.

By Iona and Mya

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