We are learning about Shanarri in class because it is very important to know what we need and what other people need. All our class made a mini movie about shanarri we were all a bit of shanarri what we had to do was pick a section from shanarri i was safe so what we had to do was go outside and make a mini movie about safe then we would put all the videos together and make a movie about shanarri.

There was also people vandalizing our school so we had to send the Ileach writing about the vandalism. I am going to show you what shanarri.

Shanarri Stands For:


Safe: You should have a safe house with a good shelter.

Healthy, you should be allowed to have fruit and vegetables daily.

Active, you should have the right to exercise and go out and play

Nurtured: you should have a right to have a loving family.

Achieving, You should have the right to

Respected, you have the right to be respected by your family, friends and anybody.

Responsible, you should have the right to be responsible and know what to do when you are injured.

Included, You should have the right to be included in party’s and so on.


We were leaning about shanarri. Shanarri is import because its child’s rights and the child’s rights is very important.


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