The Christmas Fair 2019

On Saturday the 7th of December we had a Christmas fair. Every class has to make nice Christmas decorations.

P 6/7 made Christmas Fairy Houses, Bird tree decorations and Aprons. We also made cupcakes there was some Grinch  cakes, Rudolph and Star cakes. P 3/4/5 made very cute and utterly adorable felt animals! They were also selling bundles of wood  for the fire and they created home made Christmas  games. They also had a bottle stall. P 1/2 put cookie mixture in a jar so you can make own biscuits they also made snow globes.

We had a second hand stall so you could get anything with the change in your purses.

This year instead of lining up for Santa we had tickets and if your number got called out you would go into see Santa. there was still a long cue but you didn’t have to be there you could be eating our cakes YUM!

Mrs MacDonald was in charge of the Raffle there was a children’s raffle but sadly I didn’t win I might win next year!

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