Orla’s Endeavour!

Hi, my name is Orla and my endeavour this year is interior design. Interior design is when someone or multiple people design a space to the customers standards and its a way of expressing art. I chose this topic because I like decorating or making things because I’m very interested in art and when I’m older I would love to be an interior designer. So far I have done 1 mood board, 1 room design ( on paper ), a power point about interior design and have upcycled an old table of my parents. I still have to finish gluing tiles on coasters, draw another room design and make a 3d model of a room design. I enjoy doing interior design because its a way for me to express my sense in art, colour and show how creative I can be. What I find challenging about my endeavour is time management, because when I was making my table it probably took me about 4-5 endeavour sessions and along with having to paint it at home. At the start of my endeavour I wrote to a famous or well known interior designer named Kelly hoppen, sadly she did not reply, then I decided to write to another interior designer called Jo Hamilton and again did not get a reply so that made it a little harder because I had questions that didn’t get answered. Besides all that I would like to hope that the endeavour fair for me goes good.

Orla Campbell, P6, Endeavour Blog 2019.

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