About Islay – A digital book

As part of our whole school project on marine litter, P1/2/3 are reaching out to other schools near the sea to find out if they find lots of plastic on their beaches too.  Here is their digital book all about Islay.  We hope that you enjoy watching it and see how lovely our island is.  Please comment and let us know if you have what you can find on the beaches near your school.  Thank you, P1/2/3

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  1. Hi
    We also have some marine litter, we try our best to keep our beaches clean though. I loved your digital book, the shipwreck looks really old, I wish I could get a chance to see it. I think your beach is the longest beach I’ve ever seen, 12km is a really long distance! I also like playing in the sea during the summer. Today it is so windy that our ferries to mainland have got suspended.

    Sonia P7
    Burravoe School

  2. Hello. I really enjoyed looking at the book because it taught me about Islay. I liked seeing how much geese came to Islay in the winter. We have the same weather as you do. We don’t have deer in Shetland. I loved seeing the highland cows and the otters. The wind is so bad here the ferries have even stopped! We are excited to speak to you on Tuesday!

    Neil P7 Burravoe School

  3. Hello I really liked watching your book because I liked how the waves were really big and it was really cool how long the beach was how it was 12km long. You did a really good job of it and it was really cool how many geese there was there must have been hundreds of them.

    Alice P4 Burravoe School

  4. Hello
    I enjoyed watching your book because I learned that your Island also gets lots of wind and huge waves alike us. I learned that you had Highland cows and wild goats. Its also amazing that you can stroke the cows! I also didn’t know that your beach was 12km.

    Hannah P5, Burravoe Primary School

  5. Hello!
    I really enjoyed your book you made because it taught me a lot about Islay and all the different wildlife and weather you get there. We get very similar weather to you because we don’t get very much snow either and a lot of wind! I really enjoyed seeing all of the Highland cows and otters because they were really cute. We’re really excited to talk to you on Tuesday! Rosie P7 Burravoe School

  6. The Highland cows are cute. The beaches are cool and they are very sandy. Your book is really cool because of the ferry.

    Filip P2 Burravoe School

  7. Hi
    I really liked your book because you have so many cool artifacts. My favourite one was the highland cows we don’t get any wild highland cows in Shetland we have to transport them from Mainland Scotland. We usually get alot of litter but when we went to look at our local beach there was only one peace of plastic. I enjoyed doing a glow meet with you, you had very good questions.

    Emer P6 Burravoe School

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