Books From Dr Mark Biddiss

For my endeavour I am doing magic maths and I wanted to find out more about interesting maths facts and maths tricks to play on my friends.  I plan to do a maths magic show.  I found this really great book called Magical Maths by Dr Mark Biddiss so I decided to write to him and ask some questions.

Dr Mark Biddiss was very kind and got in contact with the school.  He offered to send us lots of lovely books he had written and also sent me my own personal signed copies, which was fabulous.   Dr Mark does science as well as maths because he is a mathematician and scientist. I felt very happy about this and now I have lots of ideas for my magic maths show. I am also going to talk to Dr Mark via a video conference using Google Meet via Glow which will be great.


My Teacher Mrs Clark took a photo of me with all the books on the floor (I was also on the floor) and at least it was clean!

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