Today our school had a visit from AFRIS, Astronomy for Rural and Island Schools.  We got to learn all about space, constellations, light, robotic telescopes and space exploration which was really interesting.

P123 learned about night and day.  P456 learned about the stars adn we learned about Light.  The fun part was when Alexander had to hide behind a container of cola and then the man from AFRIS used a special infra red camera to show that you could see Alexander through tht ecoke on the camera when you could not in real life.

Chris also showed use some beads that reacted to ultra-violet light from the sun. If they change colour it means you need sun cream.

I felt amazed beacuse it was fantastic and it was magic.  After school their was another meeting and parents came in and did you know JK Rowling got Harry Potter names from constellations.  Thanks AFRIS!

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