Laphroaig Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 5th December Laphroaig distillery were holding a Christmas fair.   Port Ellen Primary were selling a few items such as aprons, tea towels, shopping bags and cookbooks.  Laphroaig were selling candles, photo frames and hamper tickets. In the school all vice captains and captains were allowed to go up and try sell our items but were taken up in different groups. The 1st group was Morgan, Dearbhla and Harmoni and they sold quite a bit, they sold out on 2 items which was brilliant. Then Aidan, Ellen and I (Orla) were the 2nd group to go take over the 1st group. When we arrived it wasn’t that busy so we didn’t end up selling anything. We got to have a drink when we got there.  I thought the Laphroaig Christmas fair was fun and it was beautifully decorated. Then when we went back to school the 3rd group came and the people were Millie, Jack and Charlet but they sold a few things. I enjoyed the Christmas fair and I’m sure others did too.

by Orla P6

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