Vote the Gender Party!

The gender party is a group that tries to stop gender discrimination. We have made a sway about our group:  in the sway we made a video about why you should vote for the gender party and we put information about our group (manifesto, roles etc). We plan on trying to stop gender discrimination around Islay and out school. An idea we had in our school was for girls to play Fifa and boys to play just dance. Our slogan is: It’s not who we are on the outside, it’s who we are in the inside. We have made a poster for our group and it is on the sway as well as our slogan. We have written a speech which the team leader is practicing. We have not done elections yet but we will be doing them soon. By getting enough votes, we can try to stop gender discrimination in our school, and then the whole of Islay!                              This is our logo:

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