Islay Walks

For my Endeavour I am doing Islay walks, so far I have walked to: Waterfall Bay, Ben Solum, the Leache, Killeyan and Cliftons Hill. In this Endevour I hope to also walk to the American monument, Ben Vicar, Solum/ Plague Village and Soldiers Rock. For my Endeavour I have made a blog, a Gsuite, I have planned a Walk to Soldiers Rock, I have taken photos of the places I’ve been and I’ve learnt how to read a map. By the End of this Endeavour I hope to Have finished my blog, made a photo-album and finish my research.

In this Endeavour I have learnt how to read a compass and a map, I have learnt how to make a blog on glow and a website on glow. I’ve learnt how to plan a walk and I’ve learnt how to manage my time more successfully.

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