Crocheting Endeavour

This year for my Endeavour I have chosen something that I really like. Crocheting. I really enjoy this Endeavour.

I hope to achieve a blanket, a hat, scarf, granny squares and some little things. So far I have made some squares for my blanket, my scarf, I have made lots of granny squares, a flower, a heart, a very long chain and a coaster. To make all of these there are different stitches of crochet you have to learn. These are some examples of those stitches. Chain stitch which you learn at the start, then you could learn the double crochet which I used to do the squares for my blanket. There is also treble crochet which I used for my scarf and half treble crochet for my hat. There is also single crochet which I used for my finger puppets.  I am really enjoying my Endeavour this year and I have learned lots from the project like how to crochet, to be patient, to be fiddly with my hands and to be ambitious. I have asked my questions and answered my questions. I have learned a lot from this project and when I am finished with it I will still crochet things.


Twirl Crochet Flower by RoseAlida | Crocheting Pattern

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