Port Ellen History

This year for my endeavor I am doing Port Ellen and its history. Endeavour is a long term project that lets us use learn and get better at new skills. Every year you have to have created something that you can show at the endeavour fair. Everything you do is put into a folder and you keep it all year. You also need to plan all year.

Port Ellen has changed allot over the years and I wanted to identify the changes by presenting a timeline, sway and a map of Port Ellen to show where people in the war live. I have learnt about the monuments and lots more changes. WW1 was a big event for Islay having that the Tuscania and Otranto sinking just of the coast. We had a memorial at the start of may where Princess Ann came over to celebrate 100 years since the incident.

I have learnt how to use a timeline on power point. For my endeavour I need to now how to work a computer. I also needed to plan my year and show what my ambitions and aims are. Every week you also need to plan what you are doing.

This year I made a sway on Port Ellen and the changes that took me a couple of endeavour sessions. I also made a map with all the people in the war and where they lived. That was displayed in the Ramsay Hall for the Princess to see. Im also in progress to finishing a time line on power point.

I think to get finished I would need to do some at home but I will hopefully have enough to show on the endeavour fair.

by Jack

Port Ellen - Whisky Cyclist

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