Art Styles

My Endeavour  is art  and I’m basing my art on Andy Warhol, Bansky and Keith Harings.

My aims are:

  • to evaluate and improve my work as I go along
  • to organise resources and manage deadlines.

In February I finished  of my planning , then  wrote my letter to Miss Roberts, the art teacher in Islay High School  and also started my research.

In March I looked at Pop Art, Graffiti Art, Modern Art and a little bit of perspective drawing.  I tried to copy these styles of art to understand the process.  I had planned to see the art teacher this month but did not achieve this.

By the end of my Project I hope  to improve my art skills and put on a mini exhibition for the Endeavour Fair in June.

I have done 3 pieces of art so far for my exhibition.

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