Science Club

On Wendnesday we have after school science club. We got in 3 groups and in my group there is me, Matthew,Charlie and Rhuraidh. We are called MIB.  We have been looking at solving problems to do with flooding.  We made rain guages so we got a big bottle and chopped the top off.  Then we got a measuring jug and poured water in to it and kept marking 100ml.  Then we turned the bottle tops upside down and stuck in the bottle and put the bottle out in the school grounds, and wrote down how much rain there was each week.  We also made pulleys to rescue people from buldings and emergency warning devices which buzzed when the water level rose too high.

We also did chocolate engineering with STEM ambassadors from the High School.  We got milky bars and hot glasses of water and we had to rub the milky bars against the hot glasses of water to make it melt so we could stick it together to make a cuboid.  Then we had to put weights on it to see how much it could hold, I felt very excited.  After when the cuboid broke we got to eat it.  It was very helpful for me because I learned how strong 4 combined milky bars are and that improved my building skills.


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