Memorial to the Sinking of the Tuscania

Today is the hundred year anniversary of a tragic event that happened on Islay right at the end of the First World War.  The SS Tuscania, carrying 2000 American troops,  was torpedoed by a U-boat 7 miles off the coast of Islay.  Many of the survivors, but even more of the bodies ended up on our shores.  The survivors were rescued and looked after by the locals who took them into their homes, and the dead were buried in graves around Islay.  Today a service is being held at the American monument on the Oa and at the war graves in Kilnaughton cemetary to remember the tragic events of 100 years ago.  The school Gaelic choir will be singing An Eala Bhàn, The White Swan, a song written by a soldier from Uist who fought at the Somme.


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