The 3D Printer at Islay High School

On Wednesday 15th March primary 6 and 7 went to the High School to do science and technology.  There was a 3D printer which was really cool.                                                                                                                              We were shown some of the things that they had printed.  There was two little cubes and a shark.  We then went on to the computers.  The computers were on an app where you get to create things in 2D then you can change it to 3D.  When the man was showing us how it works it didn’t work because something was covering the bit where all of the stuff that prints the stuff.

I learned how to use a new app,  how to turn something 2D to 3D on that app and how to add a text box on to your shape.  When I was trying to get the text box on to my shape the writing would only go along the box two letters and then it would move on to the next line. It was because I didn’t make the text box wide enough.  I really enjoyed it because it was something new and challenging.

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