Lego Wedo

On Wednesday the 15th of March P6/7 all over the island went to the high school to do STEM and there were different activities to do.One of the activities was Lego Wedo. What is Lego Wedo? Well Lego Wedo is when you get to make your own robot. There were three different choices and the one I did was like a bumblebee with  a long neck. There were other ones to do as well. To build the robot you had to go on an app on the iPad and you chose the robot that you chose of the sheet and then tap on to it and it will come up with the instructions  to build your robot.

  I learned how to build lego  on my own and how to use the app on the iPad. The skills I use was tinkering because I had to play around with it so that is would work. I also had to use debugging because the programing went wrong and it did not work. I also had to debug the robot because some parts of it were in the wrong direction and in the wrong places.

I think that the one I chose to build was the easiest to make because it was small and it had the least steps and it was not that hard to make.  I felt happy when I had made the robot because I got to build another robot like that but not the same and it was harder.

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