Internet Safety

In school with Mr Shakespeare we have been learning about internet safety. He has showed us different websites with fun games to help us. Those games helped us because they had questions about what to do if someone asks you to meet up and other important questions. Mr Shakespeare gave us this site called Thinkuknow and it is really good because it gives you games.The games on that site helps us because they give us three options is you want to delete it, keep it or reply to the message. Mr Shakespeare gave us a book that said all the facts that we need to know about internet safety. There is another site called Scratch and it is really good because you can make up your own quiz. And P567 made a quiz for the P123 in pairs.
Some of the things we have learnt are SMART which is S: Safe, If you are online you should make sure you are playing games you are allowed to play also is you are researching a question you should make sure it is the right thing. M:Meeting, If you are online and you get a message from someone you don’t know saying do you want to meet up tomorrow at lunch time? You say no because they could say they are 12 years old but they are actually 45 years old. Also is you get a really nice message you should know the person before you meet up but first you should check with an adult. A:Accepting, if you are on E-mail and you get a message from someone you don’t know and the send you a message which has a link but the do not mention the link in the message you should not open it because it could give your device a virus. R:Reliable, Reliable is when you are on the internet researching and you go a website that doesn’t sound very true so it wouldn’t be a very reliable website. A reliable website would be Wikipedia. T:Tell, Tell is if you get a nasty message don’t delete it because you could get more mean messages. Instead you should tell an adult you trust.

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